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With the coming of the digital era, many processes have been improved. That is technically true for watches as well. The oldest watches were analogue. Analogue watches have a stunning beauty of their own. They represent simplicity and elegance. One look at the analogue watches, offered by famous brands, such as Seiko and Marathon, would confirm the fact. Most people prefer using analogue watches because they are beautiful and come in more variety than digital watches.

Analogue watches also have the ability to use the faculties of our brain and keep it working. Instead of giving in to the digitized media digital systems, it is much better if we practice the different faculties of our brains and make use of them in our everyday life, be it for something small as telling time by looking at an analogue watch. We can learn more about watches as we tackle down the World’s toughest analogue watches.

While it is tempting to jump straight into the discussion, let me highlight one imporant point. Just like in professional sports, boxing for instance, it is not fair to pit every boxer against each other. There are boxers who are naturally of smaller built while there are those who are naturally of more gigantic built. Therefore, it is only fair to divide them into different weight classes and each will have its own champion.

The same is true when we are picking the World’s most rugged analogue watches. What good does it do to you to know of a watch that beats every other watches in terms of toughness but only to cost thousands of dollars? We have therefore grouped all the rugged watches that we could find based on their price tags. In this edition, we are going to pit every watch – either claimed to be tough or recognized as being tough by real users – with a price tag of $200 and below, against each other. If you are looking at price range of $500 and below, the list of contender is found here.

What are the toughest analogue watches in the world today?

Seiko SKX781 - #1 most popular low-cost tough analog watchWorld's best-selling tough watch with analog movement

Seiko Orange Monster SKX781

Now if you are looking for a watch with a price that is just within the reach of your budget but still offers immense toughness and design, Seiko Orange Monster SKX781 is the perfect choice. The price is just between $200 and below making it super affordable.

The case is large and heavy but has a very interesting design, with features like smart bezel and crown guards. The crown itself is at the 4 o’clock position which makes it more comfortable for large watches. The one way rotating bezel also has a very nice design which is part of the global design of the watch the inward curving will protect the actual surface of the bezel and the bezel will protect the crystal and is also a very smooth moving bezel and the 120 clicks are relatively well aligned.

The crystal is rather large and domed but it is a rather strange material listed as Hardlex in some Seiko descriptions. It is not a normal glass but a type of hardened crystal mineral that is used exclusively in Seiko watches. The debate between Hardlex and Sapphire crystal has been raging on and you will find mixed opinions on this. But generally, Hardlex is more impact resistant compared to Sapphire but it is less scratch resistant. But again let me reiterate one point. Sapphire crystal is known to be more expensive than Hardlex and in my opinion, any comparison that ignores the price variable is definitely not a fair one.

Unless the metrics are properly defined such as impact resistant per dollar value or something, I would think it is best to assume that it is one of the best material one can get for a tough watch that is going to cost $200 or less.

You can’t really go wrong with the Seiko Orange Monster SKX781; knowing Seiko and its track record, this watch at this very affordable price range is an absolute steal! You should highly consider this watch if you want to ensure that you are getting a great quality watch.

Marathon WW194013

The next contender is Marathon WW194013. The watch is widely used in high altitude operations in the military and law enforcement. It has a Bi-Directional Time Zone Ring which makes it ideal for tough situations. The most basic features of the watch are the analogue dial with two time scale and are completely water resistant. The stop second feature is specially made for high torque movement.

A rugged and beautiful watch for less than 200 dollarsTop analog watch pick for tough adventurers

The casing is a fiber shell high impact waterproof and dustproof case that has a stainless engrave back and it uses Hesalite crystals to counter excessive external pressure changes making it to be known as one of the world’s toughest analogue watch. Just to give you a bit of perspective, Hesalite is a trademark owned by Omega and according to the official site, this crystal was chosen by NASA in place of Sapphire crystal because it does not break into fragments on impact.

Marathon truly shines with its sturdiness and longevity. Thanks to its waterproof and dustproof features, you are getting a watch that can withstand the rough and rugged lifestyle (if ever you do have that kind of lifestyle).

Luminox Evo Navy SEAL 3051

The main features of the Luminox Evo Navy SEAL 3051 are the carbon reinforced polymers which are injected in the case itself. The 44 mm case diameter makes it an ideal watch to handle heavy situations. The black carbon reinforced case back secured with stainless steel crews gives the watch the toughness it needs to be considered as one the world’s toughest analogue watch.

While Marathon WW194013 boasts NASA’s chosen Hesalite, Luminox has a reputation of making watches that are worn by the World’s most elite force, US Navy SEAL.

Like all other watches it is also water resistant and has a battery life of 45 months. Obviously we need a watch that could definitely last for period of time and comes for just a very affordable price, Luminox Evo Navy Seal 3051 is the perfect fit for such description.

Close up view of Luminox 3051Highly sought after by military servicemen and women

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With a $200 budget for a tough watch, you have these amazing choices to choose from. Have you owned any of these great watches? What is your thought? Which of these should come out as the winner? Do you think there are other models that deserve to be in the list instead? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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  1. The citizen bm 6400 eco drive is tank solid had mine 4 years now stays accurate stays charged easy to read day & night .Screw down crown 20bar water resist ,cant go wrong & pricef for everyone

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