Alpina Geneve Startimer Automatic AL525B4S6: Simple but Stunningly Elegant Aviation Watch

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Alpina watches might ring a bell with watch aficionados out there. This company has been around since 1883, making them one of the oldest watchmakers around.

Although they recently sold and merged brands a few years ago, they are still releasing high-quality products across the board, like the Alpina Geneve Startimer.

To find out whether or not this watch meets the standards of other quality watches on the market, we’ll take an impartial look at the highs and lows of the Startimer.

Introducing Alpina Geneve Startimer: A Watch Made for a True Aviator

Alpina Geneve Startimer Product Highlights

The first thing of real note about the Alpina Geneve Startimer is that it is a true pilot’s watch, which means it is a large watch that really stands out on the wrist.

It is not bulky by any stretch, but it does have a lot of heft. Whether or not it qualifies as the best analog watch depends on one’s personal preferences, but it is certainly a large, attractive watch that is quality constructed.

Another area where this watch stands out keeps with the design theme.

The style of this aviator pilot’s watch really blends vintage style with modern luxury quite well.

For those in the market for the best tough watch they can find, you might appreciate the tough-as-nails stainless steel body and the thick quartz.

You may also appreciate that this watch is water resistant up to 200 meters.

The band of the watch is nothing fancy, but the high-quality black leather used does make this pilot’s watch stand out as a quality piece of merchandise.

The automatic function means no tampering to get the watch to work, and the big-face display is easy to read while the crystal is scratch resistant and really doesn’t show fingerprints or other grit at all.

So it’s not a watch you have to worry about cleaning and safeguarding against simple everyday activities.

Back view of Alpina Geneve Startimer Automatic AL525B4S6Brand new box of Alpina Geneve AL525B4S6

Pros and Cons of Alpina Geneva that You need to Know

The Alpina Geneve Startime might meet some people’s requirements for the best tough watch on the market, while others may view it as the best aviator watch to own.

Is the watch worthy of this type of praise? Only individual users can make this judgment.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons to help you get a better understanding about the watch.


A gorgeous watch made of quality material released by a giant of the industry, the Alpina Geneve Startimer certainly comes across well on reputation alone.

This particular offering is durable, water and scratch resistant, has the heft of a true aviator’s watch, and takes a no-frills classic approach in the design.


On the negative side, the watch is not quite as accurate as some. There is a time differential of about -10 seconds a week.

Of course, this does not seem like a lot, but over the course of time, it can add up.

Another area where this watch could really cement itself as the best aviation watch is in its overall functionality.

If more modern features made the cut, such as LCD features and other programmable options, that would certainly add to the overall package.


Those out there looking for the best tough watch their money can buy are going to be quite discerning when it comes to watches.

And that’s a great thing. You should always weigh your options when shopping, examine the pros and cons of every item, and look at the bigger picture.

The Alpina Geneve Startimer is a solid watch with a lot of heft, a classic look and feel, and great durability.

Whether or not it’s the watch for you depends on your personal preferences.

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