Victorinox 241444 Chronograph Classic: A Display of Swiss Engineering Excellence

Proudly sporting an arc of text at the six o’clock position and an embellished logo at the 12 o’clock mark, the Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s 241444 chronograph isn’t shy about its heritage.

The timepiece renounces conservative styling by promoting elegance and classic refinement.

The black dial is framed by an inky bezel that’s marked at equal points by a beautifully engraved tachymeter scale.

Combined with the three chronograph subdials, the overall emphasis of the watch is obviously on pairing unparalleled timekeeping with striking good looks.

Victorinox Chronograph Classic: A Display of Swiss Excellence

Product Highlights

All the elements required to chisel the best tough analog watch in the Victorinox class are assembled in the Swiss Army Men’s 241444.

A leather strap with tight stitching hugs the wrist of the man lucky enough to own the wristwatch.

A twist of the same wrist is all it takes to show off the dial and the three elegant subdials as they count off hours, minutes, and seconds with peerless accuracy.

A closer look at the face of the 241444 shows why the Victorinox range always makes it into the rarefied heights of the best tough chronograph watches list.

I’m talking about pure toughness and waterproofing. I’ve personally worn this watch, and it looks good, feels better, all while radiating an assured sense of durability.

This feeling doesn’t come from any sixth sense. It comes from keenly observed details and practical additions as precisely engineered by a Swiss made legacy of top timekeeping engineers.

Just to illustrate my point, a triple-coated anti-reflective coating reduces glare when taking the watch down to its maximum diving depth of 100-Meters (330-Feet).

That coating sits upon a sapphire glass crystal window, a protective layer designed to defend the classic good looks from disfiguring scratches.

What I Love about this Victorinox Classic

A wristwatch capable of combining highly-fashionable style with a rugged stainless-steel case is one thing, but the story doesn’t stop here.

The Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s 241444 chronograph classic is one of my favorite timepieces because of more than class-leading dependability and a reputation as one of the finest watches in a crowded category.

It’s the little things that make the difference, combining to create a competitor for best tough watch in its category.

The 45-mm case hugs my arm evenly, putting the wide luminescent hands on display as they sweep gracefully around the dial.

The timekeeping functions are controlled by a legendary Swiss quartz movement mechanism.

A tiny but easy to see date marker is framed by a small rectangle at the 6 o’clock position, and the silver tone that shades the hands and Arabic hour markers contrasts perfectly with the slate-black dial.

Among the best tough chronograph watches on the market today, this wristwatch acquits itself with typical Swiss authority, delivering style and precision that’s wrapped in one impenetrable stainless steel case.

Quality materials are the only acceptable way of constructing a Swiss made watch, and this fact is delightfully proven right here.

While I found the watch remarkably comfortable to wear for extended periods, some owners have remarked that the edges of the case are quite sharp, as is the crown.

On the whole, the majority of men wearing the 241444 do not find the watch uncomfortable.

The stainless steel case has rounded edges, as does the prominent crown.

Thus, purchase this sophisticated timepiece in confidence, knowing it’s available at a substantially reduced cost from many reputable websites and stores.

Charmingly elegant and tough, the Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s 241444 chronograph classic is high on the checklist of any man looking for a prospective contender for top all-round chronometer, combining a stylish profile with exacting internal movement.

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Alpina Geneve Startimer Automatic AL525B4S6: Simple but Stunningly Elegant Aviation Watch

Alpina watches might ring a bell with watch aficionados out there. This company has been around since 1883, making them one of the oldest watchmakers around.

Although they recently sold and merged brands a few years ago, they are still releasing high-quality products across the board, like the Alpina Geneve Startimer.

To find out whether or not this watch meets the standards of other quality watches on the market, we’ll take an impartial look at the highs and lows of the Startimer.

Introducing Alpina Geneve Startimer: A Watch Made for a True Aviator

Alpina Geneve Startimer Product Highlights

The first thing of real note about the Alpina Geneve Startimer is that it is a true pilot’s watch, which means it is a large watch that really stands out on the wrist.

It is not bulky by any stretch, but it does have a lot of heft. Whether or not it qualifies as the best analog watch depends on one’s personal preferences, but it is certainly a large, attractive watch that is quality constructed.

Another area where this watch stands out keeps with the design theme.

The style of this aviator pilot’s watch really blends vintage style with modern luxury quite well.

For those in the market for the best tough watch they can find, you might appreciate the tough-as-nails stainless steel body and the thick quartz.

You may also appreciate that this watch is water resistant up to 200 meters.

The band of the watch is nothing fancy, but the high-quality black leather used does make this pilot’s watch stand out as a quality piece of merchandise.

The automatic function means no tampering to get the watch to work, and the big-face display is easy to read while the crystal is scratch resistant and really doesn’t show fingerprints or other grit at all.

So it’s not a watch you have to worry about cleaning and safeguarding against simple everyday activities.

Back view of Alpina Geneve Startimer Automatic AL525B4S6Brand new box of Alpina Geneve AL525B4S6

Pros and Cons of Alpina Geneva that You need to Know

The Alpina Geneve Startime might meet some people’s requirements for the best tough watch on the market, while others may view it as the best aviator watch to own.

Is the watch worthy of this type of praise? Only individual users can make this judgment.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons to help you get a better understanding about the watch.


A gorgeous watch made of quality material released by a giant of the industry, the Alpina Geneve Startimer certainly comes across well on reputation alone.

This particular offering is durable, water and scratch resistant, has the heft of a true aviator’s watch, and takes a no-frills classic approach in the design.


On the negative side, the watch is not quite as accurate as some. There is a time differential of about -10 seconds a week.

Of course, this does not seem like a lot, but over the course of time, it can add up.

Another area where this watch could really cement itself as the best aviation watch is in its overall functionality.

If more modern features made the cut, such as LCD features and other programmable options, that would certainly add to the overall package.


Those out there looking for the best tough watch their money can buy are going to be quite discerning when it comes to watches.

And that’s a great thing. You should always weigh your options when shopping, examine the pros and cons of every item, and look at the bigger picture.

The Alpina Geneve Startimer is a solid watch with a lot of heft, a classic look and feel, and great durability.

Whether or not it’s the watch for you depends on your personal preferences.

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Tissot PRC200 Chronograph: For Active Men and Women who Want to Be Seen at Their Best

Swiss watches have held onto their reputation for quality over the decades and Tissot has stood out as one of the more highly-regarded manufacturers.

For over 150 years, this company founded by Charles-Felicien and Charles-Emile Tissot has provided accurate and durable timepieces with admirers throughout the world.

Among their offerings are men’s chronograph watches like the Tissot PRC200.

This model possesses a ruggedness and functionality comparable to the best analog watch along with luxurious style.

Tissot Men’s PRC200: For Active Sportsmen who Demand Aesthetic Perfection

Few Key Highlights

Starting with the technical aspects of the watch, the body consists of a 42mm diameter case, roughly 12mm thick, and joined to a 19mm wide wristband.

The whole thing’s built of stainless steel. As you’d expect from a chronograph, besides the analog watch hands, the PRC200 also provides a 30-minute timer, 60-second timer, and a tenth-of-a-second timer.

It even includes a tachymeter for making your own calculations.

Making all the parts precisely work in unison is a Swiss quartz movement.

An additional feature that tells me this is a pretty serious sports chronograph is its water resistance that’s rated down to 660 feet or 200 meters, ideal for scuba diving.

The best tough watch in this category couldn’t perform any better.

Keeping the water out under such high pressure is the job a sapphire crystal.

This synthetic material resists scratching, which is handy when exploring coral reefs.

An In-depth Look

The PRC200 has a style that perfectly blends outdoors strength with formal elegance.

It’s at home at both a race track or an ornate restaurant.

The first thing that struck me about its appearance is the relatively thin bezel surrounding the face.

This feature allows for a larger face with more easily-read dials.

As with many sports models created by Tissot, what appears to be the second hand is actually the 60-second timer.

The everyday seconds are measured by a separate dial located above the six-o’clock position.

Up near the 12-o’clock position sit the 30-minute timer and tenths-of-a-second timer dials, respectively.

Controlling the dial operations is done through the two buttons on the right-hand side of the watch.

These buttons let you do a basic event timing, continuously time consecutive events, and even time a sub-event within a larger competition.

Just below the tenths dial, a numerical day-of-the-month readout is visible.

Finally, surrounding the inside rim of the bezel is the tachymeter.

This stationary feature lets you figure speeds when the distance is known and distances when the speed is known for any racing event imaginable.

Back view of Tissot PRC200 chronograph watchSide view of Tissot T17158652 PRC200

Where It Letdowns

My examination of various customer comments indicates the actual watch is quite solid.

There have been a very few complaints concerning the watch losing time.

One buyer thought it was undersized for a man’s sports watch.

I might also point out that displaying the day without the month is a bit annoying.

The main problem many purchasers have, though, isn’t with the genuine watch, it’s with the not-so-genuine versions.

Tissot watches are very popular in China, making them prime targets for counterfeiters.

There’s apparently enough fakes going around that they turn up in seemingly reputable markets.

Suffice to say, none of the imitations are going to be considered the best tough watch. You’ll need to be careful.

Designed primarily as a sports chronograph, the Tissot PRC200 has all the components necessary for timing any kind of athletic meet.

Its 660 feet water tolerance is a nice extra to have around.

Since it’s not aimed to go neck-and-neck with the ritziest Omegas or Rolexes, it can make an affordable alternative.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, just be sure it’s the legitimate variety.

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Hamilton HML-H69419363 Khaki Field Green: One of the Finer Choice for Military Men and Women

Hamilton Watch Company is a maker of fine watches popping onto the scene in 1892.

However, they did not make their big splash until World War I, when the company started developing wristwatches for soldiers to use in the field.

Keeping proper time was crucial to ground soldiers and to battle strategies, and no watchmaker was as reliable as Hamilton in the trenches.

Their excellent craftsmanship propelled the American-based brand to new heights in the second World War and beyond.

And today, Hamilton still creates top-shelf military wrist watches, such as the Hamilton Khaki Field Green Dial.

Is Hamilton Khaki Field Green a Top Military Watch?

Hamilton Khaki Field Green Dial Highlights

One cool aspect about the Hamilton Khaki Field Green Dial is that you can actually shop for a variety of styles and colors.

The classic green dial with greenish-brown (khaki) band and stainless steel case is a superb-looking watch, but there are also options with brown or black leather.

For the classic green dial, which we will speak about in this review, it has that classic military, in-the-field look about it.

The green band and green dial play very well, looking much like an Army uniform.

So, right off the bat, the watch impresses with its aesthetics.

Another area where the Khaki Field Green Dial stands out is in its quality construction.

Those looking for the best tough watch out there may appreciate a military watch.

The hand movements are mechanical, so you know the time will be reliable.

Using the age-old movement methods, there are no batteries or solar issues to worry about.

The tough-as-nails sapphire crystal face also protects the watch from scratches and cracks with a material that is much stronger than typical quartz.

It is also a lot clearer, like comparing acrylic to basic glass, so the watch visibility is at a premium, even under direct sunlight.

The Hamilton Khaki Field Green Dial was also constructed to take a beating.

Through the mud and the muck and the water, this watch will still continue to work.

It is water resistant up to 50 meters, and you won’t get any type of sand or grit inside of the watch case itself.

Image of Hamilton Khaki Field Green Military WatchDimension of Hamilton Khaki HML-H69419363 Military Watch

Pros and Cons You Have to Consider

Hamilton has been doing things the right way for over a century, but every popular wristwatch on the market has its highs and lows.

Even the best touch watch money can buy has its pros and cons. In this respect, the Khaki Field Green Dial is no different.


Its pros are really prominent. First and foremost, the watch is everything you would expect from the best military watch.

It is sleek in size while still having the heft of a quality piece of machinery.

It is water resistant, has a scratch resistant surface, and the movement of the watch keeps time about as well as anything on the market.

So, if you have to be back at barracks by 0600, you know you will never be late on account of your watch.


Where the Khaki Green Dial could use some more work, perhaps, is in its overall construction and appeal.

The khaki band is nice, and the leather options are also nice, but this is a watch that’s just aching for a stainless steel band.

This might be impractical if the actual use for the watch is military based, but it sure would look better in all stainless with that dark green face.

It’s also a little on the simple side. Having a calendar or some type of timer or alarm feature would really set this watch off.

Even a compass would be a great addition for a military watch.


Is the Hamilton Khaki Field Green Dial the best tough watch on the market? It’s up to you to make that particular call.

The general information about the quality, strength and accuracy of the watch above is to allow you to make a more informed decision.

Whatever you decide to do, just remember to research the watch in question before purchasing.

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Tissot T Touch Expert: Made by the Expert for the Experts

When people go looking for the best tough watch their money can buy, they often look at the Swiss for products.

This is the case with people who are fans of the Swiss watchmakers Tissot.

Founded in 1853, Tissot has been churning out quality, reliable products for well over a century, and one of their newest releases is the Tissot T Touch Expert.

Though how, exactly, does the Tissot T Touch stack up as a high-quality watch?

Tissot T Touch Expert: Only the Expert Knows what’s Best

One of the first things to notice about this watch is that it is incredibly attractive.

More than keeping time or finding the best tough watch available, nobody wants to wear an ugly watch.

That’s just out of the question, and it’s why you don’t see anyone wearing weird wrist pieces.

Tissot T Touch in particular has a very classic look and feel to it.

It is a simple stainless steel watch, but the black face behind that quality quartz really makes it pop.

It looks rather on the ultra-expensive side, ala Rolex or Patek Philippe. However, it’s not exactly in that class.

It’s a very refined-looking watch that uses stainless throughout its construction.

Not only are the band and body stainless, but the hands of the watch face are also stainless.

The use of stainless throughout the entire construction also gives the watch a lot of heft; i.e. it feels like a quality piece of machinery in your hand.

It’s also a hybrid watch, meaning it blends the classical movements with the modernity of LCD function.

By pressing the “T” owners can access various functions of the watch, such as a timer and alarm, compass, and calibration features.

Wearing the watch is also quite comfortable. With many stainless bands, they tend to catch arm hair and sometimes even skin in the link gaps.

The Tissot T Touch is designed much tighter, meaning there isn’t any open space between bracelet links.

This might not be an important feature for a lot of people, but for anyone who’s ever been pinched by a cheap watch, a high-quality bracelet is a must.

Brand new box of Tissot T Touch ExpertView of dimension of Tissot T Touch Expert Watch

Knowing the Pros and Cons

Of course, all watches have their pros and cons. Even a watch that someone might consider the best of all time still has negatives to speak about.

That’s just the way things are. So, with the Tissot T Touch Expert, there are some things that are good about the watch, and some that aren’t so good.


As previously mentioned, a really solid note boding well for the Tissot T Touch is its classic appeal and overall attractiveness.

It’s really a gorgeous piece, with the black face and steel inlays playing very well with the stainless body and bracelet.

When the metal and quartz catch the light, the watch shines and glistens like a million-dollar high-roller piece, which is really cool.

Another relatively strong aspect of the Tissot T Touch is in its hybrid construction.

Watch aficionados might truly prefer pure classics, but there’s something about a quality timepiece that also offers modern functionality that’s refreshing.

Tissot didn’t take itself too seriously by attempting to recreate a pure early 1900s watch; they let their hair down and actually added more features for users to appreciate via their LCD screen and its multi-function capabilities.


Where the watch really begins to go downhill is with the learning curve required to use it properly.

It comes with a thick instruction manual for a watch, and you have to press the “T” in certain intervals in order to get the hang of the functions.

This can be really annoying when trying to use the timer or calendar features.

A small complaint would also be the color of the LCD screen.

It kind of clashes with the glossy black face, when perhaps having white or yellow LCD lights would have been a better choice.


The above review was simply an overview of the Tissot T Touch Expert.

Everyone must make their own decision when searching for the best analog watch for their money.

The goal was to lay out the high and lowlights of the product, to better help you make an informed decision.

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Alpina Diver 300: Probably the Best Dive Watch Companion for Ladies

Finding the best tough watch that will fit your wrist so perfectly that you don’t even notice it as you’re wearing it is a tough task that even I have trouble identifying at times.

The watch under review here is known as the Alpina Seastrong Diver 300.

For those that may not be aware, dive watches are ones that can be worn up to a certain amount of meters under water and are generally water resistant, which can prove useful for a number of reasons.

I wore the Alpina Seastrong Diver 300 to test it out and the following is my review of the highlights of the watch, as well as the pros and cons.

Alpina Seastrong Diver: The Perfect Companion for Serious Lady Divers

Noteworthy Highlights

The Alpina Seastrong Diver has a number of notable highlights that are important when searching for the best tough watch.

For instance, the stainless steel frame is quite durable and definitely scratch resistant.

The battery life is advertised as being 45 months. While I haven’t worn it nearly that long, the battery has held up so far, which is always a good sign.

The overall aesthetic of the watch is really sleek and sophisticated, with the black in the case juxtaposed nicely against the silver of the rest of the watch.

The watch itself consists of a one-directional rotating diving bezel, as well as a water resistance of just over 600 ft.

The crown and case-back are also screw-in, which allows for easy maintenance.

Pros and Cons

There are really a lot of things I liked about this watch.

For one, while many dive watches are often somewhat uncomfortable to wear, the design of the Alpina Diver 300, which consists of a stainless steel frame, actually makes it quite comfortable to wear.

There are no hard edges and the way the back of the watch rests against the skin is really nice.

The stainless steel strap outfitted to the case is nothing amazing, but does the job adequately.

While I would have preferred a rubber strap instead, the steel strap is more durable and works wonders for the aesthetic of the watch.

The stainless steel composition itself is very durable, which can be quite useful in a number of situations, especially for those that want to take it under water.

The bezel located on the side of the watch case is easy to turn and has worked perfectly for me.

That being said, there are also some aspects of the watch that I didn’t quite like.

While the 600 ft. water resistance is quite useful and is a decent number, there are many watches out there with higher water resistance levels, which are more useful for those that dive at greater depths.

This isn’t a huge negative for me, but can be for others.

As mentioned previously, I would have also preferred it if the Alpina Diver 300 had come with a rubber strap instead, as I feel as though the watch would have been even more comfortable with that.

If they had more variants of the watch, I feel as though it would be all the better for it.

These negatives are definitely not deal-breaking for me, but they could prove useful to know for anyone that is searching for the best tough watch on the market.

Overall, this watch comes with a wide array of features.

That being said, I merely want for this review to provide some help to anyone that reads it.

You should weigh the pros and cons and make the decision that is right for you on whether or not to purchase this watch.

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