Casio G-Shock G9330A-4 Reviews

Started in 1983, G-SHOCK is turning 30 in 2013. To celebrate the special milestone in the brand history, Casio is organizing a year long celebration that give every G-Shock fan all the reasons to cheer.

Following past traditions, Casio picks the most popular G-Shock models, redesigned those models to incorporate the signature of each anniversary theme and commissions an accomplished name in its field to design the anniversary trademark.

For their 30th anniversary, they choose Eric Haze, one of the world’s most acclaimed graffiti artist based in New York City. This is not the first time Eric has been commissioned by Casio.

Their collaboration started 15 years ago and have been working together for countless number of projects. Eric Haze was also the artist who was commissioned by Casio to work on G-Shock’s 25th anniversary logo. The G-Shock G9330A-4 is one model that is part of Casio’s line-up for G-Shock’s 30th Anniversary.

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G-Shock G9330A-4: A Remake of the Popular G9300-1

The G-Shock G9330A-4 limited edition model is a customized edition of the well-received G-Shock G9300-1 model. By the serial numbers alone, you can tell that both G-Shock G9330A-4 and G9300-1 are built using the same 9300 casing.

Since it is to mark the 30th anniversary of G-Shock, hence the model 9330. Behind this number, there is an additional letter ‘A’ which according to our G-Shock decipher guide (See: Simple Ways to Decrypt G-Shock Serial Number), is used to indicate the special design in the face dial of the watch.

The last digit, ‘4’ indicates that the G-Shock G9330A-4 is red in color. Other than these 2 design improvements, all else about G-Shock G9330A-4 and G9300-1 are identical.

One of G-Shock’s most popular watches is the G9300-1 model and this MUDMAN line of watch is just one that has been selected to commemorate the 30th anniversary limited edition line-up. The specially revamped model derived from this popular style is the G-Shock G9330A-4.

As expected, the limited edition model retains all the features that make the G9300-1, a tough watch that is cool and awesome. In place of the Black resin band with neutral face is the Matte red resin band with gold mirror face. The red and gold color theme distinguish the 30th anniversary collection from all other limited and non-limited edition models.

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An Investment Time Piece?

The thing about buying G-Shock’s limited edition watches is that you should see it as an investment rather than liability.

Even at the time of this writing, when the year-long celebration has just entered its 2nd month, prices of the 30th anniversary models sold in the market are already higher than the MSRP recommended by Casio. Click here if you want to find out how much sellers in Amazon are putting their price tag on this highly coveted model.

Before you go, make sure you check out other popular G-Shock 30th Anniversary models. Two of the more popular series that might also be interest to you are the G-Shock GA110EH-8A and G-Shock GF8230A-4.

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Casio G-Shock GWA1000D-1A vs GWA1000-1A

Casio G-Shock GWA1000D-1A vs GWA1000-1A. What difference set the two watches apart from each other? With GWA1000D-1A costing 20% more expensive than GWA1000-1A ($600 vs $500), it is the most logical question that anyone would ask.

Why is the steep price difference between them? What do I pay for the kind of bucks? Is it worth my money?


Both models, GWA1000D-1A and GWA1000-1A belongs to the G-Shock Aviation family. What this means is that design for both watches is tailored for the special needs of the Aviators and they are both assured to be capable of withstanding the powerful force of gravity.

Don’t get me wrong here. Being designed for aviators does not mean that we, non-aviators should not consider this watch for purchasing. They are both great watches and if you love the style and you think that they have all the features that you need, please go ahead.

Just that you need to be fully aware that this would mean that you might not be fully getting the full worth of the special design, unless you regularly take it to the sky for some parachuting or sky-diving.

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Stainless Steel vs Resin Band

Feature-wise, both watches share the same identical specification. The only difference that set the watches apart is only in the band. GWA1000D-1A features Black Stainless Steel wrist band while GWA1000-1A features Black Resin band. Yes, that’s the only difference between the two watch and this is the only reason for the $100 price difference between them.

If you have been a Casio G-Shock fan long enough and own a few in your personal G-Shock gallery, then you would immediately know your preference.

Stainless Steel or Resin band, you definitely have your own experience with them and how they differ. But for a newbie who just started opening their world to the awesomeness of G-Shock, you need to first understand the fundamental difference between the two material when they are used as watch strap band.

G-Shock is best known as top notch tough watches producer. Throughout the years, they have been using specially formulated resin to produce highly comfortable and durable watch strap.

The material used is urethane resin but with a mixture ratio that is determined by their strict standards in order to produce rubber-like material that is neither too soft or too hard. Something that is too soft would be high on the comfortable scale but low on the shock resistance scale.

Something that is too hard would be the reverse. That is why finding the right balance between the two is the essence and that’s what G-Shock has been always good at. (Click here if you are interested to learn more about G-Shock resin band quality)

While G-Shock’s resin band is recognized as probably the best out there, it still comes with its own limitation. The resin chemical composition still makes it vulnerable to degradation when it is regularly exposed to acidic condition, one that usually comes from body sweat and humidity in the region that you’re staying at.

In places where humidity is low, a carefully maintained G-Shock resin band typically last between 4-6 years while in places where humidity is high, you can expect it to be 2 years lesser.

The issue encountered in resin type of band does not apply to Stainless Steel based watch strap. Stainless Steel band is also generally more comfortable for daily usage than the resin band. If you need further justification for the additional $100, Stainless Steel being more fashionable is probably the other reason you can add to the list.

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It’s Your Preference

Now that you know the difference between GWA1000D-1A and GWA1000-1A, ask yourself what is your preference and usage pattern and decide if you’re going with GWA1000D-1A with the extra $100 or you’re going to save the money with GWA1000-1A and probably get another watch for your girlfriend.

Oh by the way, if you’re a hardcore G-Shock fanatic and looking for the Japanese version of GWA1000D-1AJF or GWA1000-1A, they are sold in Amazon, but be warned of its price though. But make sure you know your stuff well before heading to these secondary or collectors market as their prices fluctuate over time. In addition, you need to be extra cautious to ensure the genuinity of the watch and its seller.

If you love these two great series from the G-Shock Aviation family, don’t forget to check out our review of GWA1000FC-1A.

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G-Shock GA110EH-8A Reviews

G-Shock and Eric Haze, began their collaboration in 1999. G-Shock is one of the best known name in the watch industry while Eric Haze is one of the most accomplished and acclaimed artist among his peers.

Not all marriages are made in heaven, particularly marriages involving two giants in their own rights. But when they do get it right, you can expect great surprises. G-Shock GA110EH-8A is one such surprise that came out of the working marriage between G-Shock and Eric Haze.

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Following their past successful collaboration, G-Shock has again commissioned Eric Haze to work on their 30th Anniversary limited edition of watches. Such arrangement happens during G-Shock’s 25th Anniversary celebration and it happens again.

This is only possible for one single reason. G-Shock fans worldwide are loving it and they crave for more of such masterpieces to be designed and produced.

Inspired by Highly Successful X-Large G Series

The core design of G-Shock GA110EH-8A is inspired based on G-Shock’s GA110 X-Large G series. G-Shock GA110 is massively popular among men for one simple reason. The casing of the watch sports a powerful look.

It would make everyone wearing this tough watch appear as mighty as storm trooper. While the appearance of the watch makes it look powerful, its weight is surprisingly light and comfortable on the wrist.

Tasked to remake the G-Shock GA110 model, Eric Haze borrowed elements that made his previous G-Shock watches appealing. One of the element that makes Haze’s previous works stood out is the color.

Adroit blend of red and white has become a hallmark of Haze’s works. This is again incorporated into the G-Shock GA110EH-8A model. And the result? Fantastic. The combination of black, red and white have perfectly complimented each other to build the light, astonishing look of this watch

Perfect White and Red Combination

With G-Shock GA110EH-8A, we now have a watch that looks heavily masculine and bold in colors. While there are few G-Shock watches with white strap, I would consider this to be among the best that I’ve seen so far.

I know a few friends who happened to be big G-Shock fans and have purchased this watch. They absolutely love every bit of this watch. I am envious about the compliments they are getting for this watch they are wearing.

For several times now, I’ve almost jumped into the decision of buying G-Shock GA110EH-8A. However, the one thing that keeps me away is its rather complex functionalities. Based on feedbacks for the GA110, it takes some time and significant effort in trying to figure out and get used to the rich functionalities that the watch has to offer.

The Casio G-Shock GA110EH-8A timepiece is reinvigorating colors from previous Haze models, the 30th Anniversary watch has an iridescent gray finish with red accents, allowing his signature star icon logo to pop off of the watchband. The multi-colored design treatment continues on the dial with elements of red, black and white, enhancing the distinct 3-dimensional effect of the layered dial. It is magnetic and shock resistant and 200 meters water resistant. The band is matte grey made of resin and the dial code is analog or digital. The combination of black, red and white have perfectly complimented each other to build the light, astonishing look of this watch.

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Your Pick

The GA110EH-8A is a no brainer pick only if you are a fan of white G-Shock and you look to G-Shock limited releases as investment. Or maybe your GA110 X-Large G series has just failed and you’re looking for its replacement.

We all know the toughness that G-Shock promises. Ultimately, it is a choice that only you yourself can make the shot.

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G-Shock GD110 series: GD110-1 vs GD110-2 vs GD110-7

Have you heard of the latest G-Shock GD110 series? In case if you’re contemplating to buy the GD110 series, you must be asking yourself the question which of the GD110 watches to buy. The series offer 3 sub-series labeled as GD110-1, GD110-2 and GD110-7. What do they share in common and what do they differ in?

Comparing GD110-1 vs GD110-2 vs GD110-7

The release of G-Shock GD110 series by Casio was targeted towards the running community. That is why you can expect all functionalities to be centered around the needs of a runner. Whether you are just starting out to get back on shape or you are a professional running, the GD110 series got you covered.

First, there is the Lap Memory 60 that comes with fantastic stopwatch and timer. The stopwatch goes into 100-hour with 1/100 second accuracy. Then there is the 24-hour repeat countdown timer.

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Your Keep Fit Assistant

If you are serious about running, you would be interested to keep track and monitor your performance. If you are gearing yourself for an upcoming marathon run, you need to keep track on yor progress over time.

You need to know the time it takes you to run the same distance last week and today. You need to know when was the last time you run the 10 or 20km distance.

Information such as these are definitely critical if you are taking the marathon challenge seriously and you are determined to complete the distance that you’ve signed up for, be it 10, 20 or 42 km. With memory allowing storage up to 60 records, you can easily keep track your running progress over 2 months time.

Lack of Heart Monitoring Feature

While the running features are great, they do not come with heartbeat measurement. This is the biggest drawback of the GD110 series when compared to other running watches like Timex or Polar. So if you are looking for a watch that can help you monitor your heart rate, this might not be for you.

The 3 models: GD110-1, GD110-2 and GD110-7 share the same great features and they differ only in colors.

GD110-1 has a black resin casing with a hint of blue at the foreground. It is perfect for those who love anything but black.

GD110-2 has a blue resin casing with a hint of light green at the foreground. It is perfect for those who love to be bold and different in style.

GD110-7 has a white resin casing with a hint of orange at the foreground. It is perfect for those who love white and simplicity.

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On Last Note

If you love the whiteness of GD110-7, we recommend that you take a look at some of the most beautiful and popular white G-Shock models. All the three – GD110-1, GD110-2 and GD110-7 – are great tough watches but they are nothing but different color variation of an otherwise identical design.

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The Ultimate Line-up of Casio G-Shock Aviation Collection

In a watch lies a 5-motor Though Movement that is encased within a watch body that is made to be extraordinarily tough. So tough that it can withstand even the most powerful force on earth. That force is none other than the earth’s gravitational pull.

That toughness is a hallmark that defines any of Casio G-Shock Aviation series watch.

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Designed for High Flyers

The G-Shock Aviation watch is designed with elites like yourself in mind. It is designed with those who see heights as challenge to conquer and sky is the only limit.

It is designed for Aviators enjoy the feeling of descent from hundreds or thousands of feet above the ground. Whether you are parachuting, sky diving or bungee jumping.

The Aviators’ Game

If you’ve been up the air often enough, you know how exhilarating the feeling can be. But you also know the kind of pressure exerted on your body as you dive from sky back to the earth ground.

If you’re looking for a watch that you can carry with you on your next aviation adventure, there are not many watches out there that can withstand such extreme condition. If you carry just any ordinary watches, chances are they will no longer work when you reach the ground. The pressure is just so tremendous.

Measure of Toughness

The G-Shock Aviation family is designed with accomplished and bold personalities like you in mind. The hand movement of a watch belonging to the aviation family has been specifically designed to permit high speed movement even under powerful gravitational forces, making it among the just few watches that can be worn in the hands of an aviator.

Each G-Shock Aviation watch undergoes the most strenous test that you can imagine. Each watch is tested using special equipment that puts them under pressure that is even higher than human endurance limit.

Most aviator watches will be labeled as Triple-G Resist. Triple stands for the 3 most extreme forces that aviators will normally have to go through.

First is the gravitational forces which requires little explanation. Whether you are a sky-diver, acrobatic / fighter jet pilot or astronaut, contending with gravitational forces will be your everyday task.

For Those Who Love Simplicity

Second is the centrifugal force. This is the force that you have to endure when say your plane is making a dramatic u-turn.

Third is the vibrational force. If you are a sky-diver, you know what the experience is like when your body resistance is rubbing against the air fricition as you make your way down to earth.

If you think that the gravitational endurance is all a G-Shock Aviation watch has to offer, then you are mistaken. As part of the G-Shock brand identity, each watch is stylishly designed to give a rugged, masculine and sporty look. And the best part of the entire thing?

G-Shock Aviation watches are not dirt cheap, but they are not expensive if you consider the features, capabilities and toughness. The MSRP for watches in this series range from as low as ~$300 to as high as $600 or more.

The Smartest Aviation Series

Tough Solar + Atomic Timekeeping

Physical toughness has always been the core of any G-Shock watch, from the Frogman series to the Master of G. Casio G-Shock hoped to raise the bar further by introducing ‘soft features’ that promise to make your watch even tougher.

The tough solar feature that is now found in increasing number of models is impressive. It is designed to be so efficient that it can convert even illumination from fluorescent lighting into electric power.

Another feature that sets tough watches from G-Shock apart from the rest of their peers is the atomic timekeeping.

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Time drifting and accuracy may not be a problem that commonly plagues automatic watches. But if you demand extreme accuracy without having to do anything about it, self-adjusting capability of the atomic timekeeping technology is Casio’s answer for you.

Keep in mind that not all G-Shock Aviation series watches are equipped with these features. If you are looking at older models, you are not going to find these features on them. If you are looking at more recent models, there is a high chance that they come with these features.

Image credit Frank Kovalchek
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G-Shock Classic Series

Year after year. Decade after decade. Casio’s G-Shock line of watches continue to grow and expand a fanatic base of fans and followers. Who is to blame since no other watch brand has come close to what G-Shock has to offer even till today.

While G-Shock watches continue to evolve and advance over time, one thing remains. The core philosophy of the watch makers behind the brand remain unchanged. The pursuit for perfection in offering tough watches that are shock resistant while at the same time unique and fashionable, is still very true even till today.

If you just get yourself familiar enough with their watch collection, you will see what I’m talking about. Through the Casio G-Shock Classic collection, Casio combines the timeless classical design with the latest technology sophistication, both that have been the signature of G-Shock brand of watches.

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Within the Casio G-Shock rank of watches, there is the G-Shock Classic series. As the name implies, this series is designed to be less fanciful when it comes to style and exterior display of the watch.

But this does not necessarily mean that G-Shock Classic watches are behind in terms of technology and features compared to the rest of the G-Shock lineage. If you look at the Classic collection that has been popping up over the years, you would see that they always feature state-of-the-art watch technology.

The biggest differentiating factor of the G-Shock Classic family compared to the other G-Shock families is probably the usage purpose that it is designed for. Unlike the other G-Shock series like the Aviation, Master of G and Frogman, where they were particularly designed as perfect companion to your harsh outdoor adventure kind of activities, the G-Shock Classic lineage is designed more for general purpose usage.

It retains the basic functionalities and features that have become the hallmark of any G-Shock watch such as shock resistant, water resistant and easy-to-use stopwatch.


Although G-Shock classic watches are designed for general purpose use, there is no compromise when it comes to toughness and durability. That is why G-Shock classic watches are highly popular in the army camps and among the military, not only in America but also in many countries the world over.

As intended for generic users, the price of classic models are in the affordable range of between $70 to $250. I do not constantly monitor its latest price, but buying G-Shock classic watches from online retailers such as Amazon may give you some savings from the normal MSRP.

Well, there is a chance that you were so unfortunate that the G-Shock classic model you’re looking for is not selling that much lower compared to its MSRP. In the worst case, you might end up with 0% to 5% saving.

However, there is also a chance you were so fortunate that the G-Shock classic model you’re looking for is selling for much lower compared to its MSRP. At best, you might end up with savings of up to 45%. The choice is entirely yours to make, but my advice is try to be open to new models if you see the bargain for the model that you want is not good enough.

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Among all the classic collection, GA200BW-1A is the most popular. It is a classic watch that is both an analog and digital black watch in one piece.

The other popular series is the G-Shock classic 6900. The DW6900MS-1 G-Shock military watch and its sibling DW6900SB-8 are the two most popular.

Going back to our serial number decryption guide, one can expect minor difference between the two. Both are essentially identical in almost every aspect except for the dial design and color.

The last digit for DW6900MS-1 is ‘1’ which indicates that it is black in color. The letters ‘MS’ indicates that it boasts military inspired design. On the other hand, DW6900SB-8 carries ‘8’ as the last digit to indicate grey color. While both models are using the same bezel that makes G-Shock 6900 series so well-loved, the DW6900SB-8 features a unique mirror metallic grey color.

This is something that is not commonly found in most G-Shock watches.

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