A Take on Hamilton Men’s Khaki Field Black Dial Watch H70555533

Recently, I was looking for a good watch and came upon the Hamilton Men’s H70555533 Khaki Field Black Dial Watch. I was pleasantly surprised by the wide array of features that were included with this watch.

From the time that I first opened it, I was impressed by its outstandingly beautiful appearance and elegant mixture of both metal and leather. In this review, I will be honest about my experience with the Hamilton Men’s watch. I will discuss both the pros and cons of the watch so that you may use this to decide if the watch is right for you.

A Close Look at Hamilton Men’s H70555533 Khaki

A Beauty to Behold

When watch buyers generally purchase a new watch, it is usually because they want a watch that they can use for a wide range of purposes. One of these reasons is generally to be used on formal occasions such as executive work in an office or for an important family event.

One of my favorite parts about this tough watch is that it looks good both formally and casually. I am able to wear this watch both to work and after work while I walk through the park. The watch looks beautiful, and has gotten many positive comments from both colleagues and friends alike. It is one of the best tough watches that is suitable for a wide range of uses.

Key Specifications

The brown leather band that goes around the wrist is comfortable and can be adjusted to different hand sizes by using a steel buckle. The actual material of the leather band is calfskin, which is a comfortable relief from the typical leather materials used on most watches.

The band is 22 mm wide, which is wide enough to support the watch while still feeling comfortable on the wrist. The actual watch itself has a round, steel design that encompasses an elegant black background.

For those with poor vision, the large font used for the clock’s letters helps even those with poor vision to see the time correctly. The watch even tells what the date is, to keep watch owners on track.

Side image of Hamilton Mens H70555533 Khaki Field WatchBack casing view of Hamilton Mens H70555533 Khaki Field Black Dial Watch

Weighing the Good and Bad

The Good

This watch is perfect for those that need a versatile watch that works for a wide variety of purposes. The smooth leather on the exterior helps make it look good for casual occasions, while the steel still makes it appropriate for more formal uses.

The watch is also easy to adjust, and time can be changed by simply turning the wheel. This is a nice relief from the more difficult digital watches that are very popular today.

It is the best tough analog watch even for working outside. This tough watch also comes in an elegant container which means that they can still look beautiful even when not in use. The watch also comes with an authentic warranty that ensures the watch is created by the genuine manufacturer.

The Bad

This watch was so good that it is difficult to come up with a list of disadvantages. However, there are some that have to be mentioned.

While the main attraction of the watch is its simplicity, this may not be suitable for every tough watch afficionado. If you need something that works more than just the basic function of timekeeping, the Hamilton H70555533 lacks in this regard.

Another letdown of this watch is more on the aesthetics rather than its functionality. The watch sports a very visible stitching.

Some owners love it but others are not so fond of it. Personally, I think a finer stitching would make this watch even more awesome.

But again, it is something that’s got to do with personal preference rather than product flaw.

Is this for You?

This watch is recommended for those that need a watch that is useful for a wide range of occasions. If you plan to use your watch both at work and at home can rest assured that this watch can be used for both purposes.

It is a good rugged analog watch for those that need their watch to hold up even through rough use. It is a tough watch built for watch owners that want to look stylish, while still serving its purpose and continuing to tell time.

So, do you think it is the perfect watch that you’re looking for? If not and you are pondering which watch makes the best buy, do check out our pick of the best tough analog watches you can get for $500 or less.

Image credit: Dennis Jarvis

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Freestyle FS85008 Precision 2.0 Classic: A Stylish Entry-level Dive Watch

It can be hard for those of us who are looking for the best tough watch there is without giving up on style. Some of the most rugged watches are not fashionable and many stylish watches are not durable.

It can be hard to find something that is practical and beautiful, that covers form and function both. Freestyle Men’s Precision 2.0 Classic Dive Dual Time Watch seems to come close in satisfying both needs. But does it make a good buy? Let’s see.

Is Freestyle Men’s Precision 2.0 any Good?

Gorgeous Look

Freestyle Precision 2.0 Classic is one extremely attractive watch. Black face with white dial and numerals, the mineral crystal dial window, and blue illumination all make it for an elegant watch. By its looks, it is definitely a watch you could wear out to a fancy event.

It also comes with a wide range of useful features: date window, lap time, alarms, dual times, even a compass, and the previously mentioned luminosity. It is also 200 meters (660 feet) water resistant, so is the perfect watch for divers, surfers, or anyone who likes to be in or around water.

However, these qualities alone does not necessarily qualify the Freestyle Precision 2.0 classic as one of the best dive watches. Do check out our pick of the best dive watches you can get for $500 if nothing but the ultimate is what you are looking for.

Large Casing

It looks fantastic, has incredible functionality, and is tough as nails, but it is not all perfect. First, it is very big, huge even. This can be either a pro or con depending on your own personal style.

I like big watches myself, but this one is pretty large. Its thickness is particularly less than ideal. Big faces intrigue me, but so does sleekness, and sleek this watch is not. Though perhaps sleekness often does not come in pair with the best tough watch.

Box set of Freestyle Mens FS85008 Precision Classic Dive Ana-Dig Dual Time Watch

Issues You Want to Note

There are on top of this some design issues. The digital and analog times are very difficult if not impossible to sync up. A minor issue maybe, but if you’re obsessively compulsive about such things as I am, it can be quite a distraction.

I could see this feature ending up useful, however, for anyone that needs to keep track of two different time zones. Anyone who travels regularly or has loved ones living far away might deeply value this feature.

What seems to have no useful interpretation, however, is the absolutely giant size of the hour hand which ends up obscuring the digital time window for almost half of the day. It’s hard to use the digital display component to keep track of another time zone when you can’t see it half the time.

The size of the hour hand goes along with the sometimes clunky yet still satisfying aesthetic of the watch, but it is definitely a case when form sadly limits function. And even when the digital display is not being blocked by the analog hands, it’s difficult to read except in the most ideal and perfect lighting conditions. The slightest wrong angle makes it nearly impossible to see.

These limitations of the digital display’s legibility, along with its being nearly impossible to sync with the analog time, makes this feature of the watch practically useless. I almost feels like it is just a gimmick. And it’s important to think about the quality of the display when you are searching for one of the best dive watches you can find for yourself or your water-loving friend.

In the End

As you can see, Freestyle FS85008 Precision 2.0 classic dive watch is a beautiful watch but it comes with a number of usability flaws.

If you are simply looking for a watch that is going to earn you compliments when you wear it on your wrist, this might be one of them. But if you are expecting a lot of in terms of functionality, this might not be a wise investment.

Bonus: If you have $200 to spend, which would be the toughest analog watch you could pick?

Image credit: Khairul Nizam

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Citizen BN0000-04H: An Elegant Men’s Dive Watch?

If you’re like me, there are three main things you look for in searching for best dive watches: durability, functionality, and stylishness. Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Promaster Diver (BN0000-04H) is among the highly rated watches.

But does it come close to satisfying all three requirements? Let’s see and find out.

Why the High Rating for Citizen BN0000-04H

Key Highlights

First, the Promaster Diver is very durable, making it a good candidate for best tough watch. The hardened mineral crystal face, stainless steel case, and polyurethane strap all make it extremely tough.

It is also water-resistant up to 984 feet (300 meters), making it one of the best dive watches too, perfect for various water-based activities like swimming, snorkeling, diving, or even just wearing it in the shower.

A Review of Citizen Men's BN0000-04H Eco-Drive WatchBack casing view of Citizen Eco-drive BN0000-04H Diver watch

A Bit More Details

The Promaster Diver is also extremely useful. It has a date function, so you’ll never forget which day it is, and luminous details so you can always tell the time no matter how dark it gets.

Maybe its coolest feature, however, is how it is light powered–it can be fueled by either natural sunlight or indoor lighting. This means that you never have to worry about it running out of juice in the middle of a dive.

You also never have to open it to replace a battery, thus removing a potentially water-resistance compromising operation. The light-powered feature is definitely one of this watch’s most useful perks.

Finally, the Promaster Diver is, in my opinion at least, exceptionally stylish. The black face with white numerals is a classic and classy design that fits any occasion, no matter how fancy.

And the stainless steel case, luminous details, and black polyurethane strap mentioned above not only add durability and functionality but also elegance and class. It is an extremely attractive watch to look at and looks fantastic on any man’s wrist.

Side view of Citizen Mens BN0000-04H Eco-Drive Professional Diver Black Rubber Strap WatchClose up view of Citizen Men's BN0000-04H Eco-Drive Professional Diver Watch

It’s Great, but not Perfect

The Promaster Diver is well-reviewed and extremely popular, but it does seem to have at least one major potential design flaw. The screw-down crown uses extremely short screws and several customers have had issues with the crown coming off because of this.

They are unable to ever fully screw the crown back down. This, of course, is extremely detrimental to the water-resistance of the watch, making its status as one of the best dive watches suspect.

You do not want the crown to just randomly pop off in the middle of a dive or at any point while interacting with water. An insecure crown setting is definitely something you must consider while searching for the best tough watch. This potential design flaw makes it difficult to fully recommend this watch despite all it has going for it.

My 2-cents Worth

Ultimately, this is a very good, solid watch. It is well crafted and looks terrific. It is, for the most part, very durable and solidly built, and it’s extraordinarily functional.

It’s light-powered design is a particularly attractive feature. If this were the end of the story, we would be able to enthusiastically say we had found the best tough watch money can buy, or at least one of the best dive watches.

Sadly, the very real problem in its design, the too short crown screws, means that its toughness and water-resistance can potentially become compromised. Barring this unfortunate fate, however, the Promaster Diver seems like an excellent diving watch.

If you are looking for the best professional dive watches, everyone dreams of owning a Rolex Submariner but it is a dream that is beyond the reach of most ordinary folks. Would you rather wait until you can afford it? If you need something affordable and practical, Citizen BN0000-04H Eco-Drive doesn’t look like a bad choice.

Image credit: Esparta Palma

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G-shock’s Latest Camo Series Bring Delight to G-Shock Military Fans

As a long-time owner of a Casio G-Shock, I have to say I’m pretty thrilled by the announcement that Casio is going to be releasing several new lines of camouflage watches. The G-Shock is already the best tough watch on the market for its price tag, but I’ve never really been a huge fan of the matte black and tan tones that previous lines have always come in.

Among G-Shock’s latest unveiling are 2 different camo series: GD6900CM and GD120CM. From the press release, it says “GD120CM is a new formidable case design with a 7-year battery that …. Its large case size (51.2mm) has all the same functionality as the GDX6900CM.”

Again, the latest release seems to confirm the accuracy of our G-Shock serial number decryption. Based on our decryption rule, the two series should only differ in their casing. GD6900CM employs G-shock 6900 casing, one of the most popular from brand. GD120CM, on the other hand, employs G-shock 120 casing which has been used for the XL line-up.

The GDX6900CM camo series (GDX6900CM-5 and GDX6900CM-8) boasts a sort of G-Shock military bent to them, with realistic urban and woodland camoflage patterns. GDX120CM series (GDX120CM-4, GDX120CM-5 and GDX120CM-8), on the other hand, is clearly designed as fashion statements, like the dark red tiger camo pattern.

My Take on the G-Shock Camo Series

So, first thing’s first: these look great. While there are two lines coming out, one in March and the other in April, they look pretty much identical, with the April line being slightly larger and less expensive (we’ll get to why in a little bit).

Like all of Casio’s newer watches, they have the option to switch to a black display with white number text, rather than the traditional digital watch tan/green with black coloration. Like most of their recent innovations, this is meant to play into the Casio G-Shock military aesthetic, as its apparently based off of United States Marines technology that’s easier to see at night.

To be honest, that’s not really necessary because of the built-in L.E.D. light feature, but it looks really modern and attention grabbing.

Casio hasn’t changed very much about the G-Shock’s technological base since their original release, and I don’t really blame them. When I purchase a new G-Shock (which hasn’t happened often, as they take a while to wear out) I’m looking for durability, and maybe a few bells and whistles.

There are two big differences this time around: on a minor note, Casio’s made both of these new lines lighter than their previous watches. That’s good news, because frankly my biggest problem with the older G-Shock watches is how heavy they felt on my wrist.

More importantly, the premium March line will feature a mind-boggling ten years minimum battery life, virtually insuring that it will survive until you drop it into a volcano.

That’s not as much of a joke as it might seem at first glance: all G-Shock watches are highly resistant to water, physical trauma, and even electric shocks, although I’m not sure how useful that last one is for most people. On a similar note, Casio’s watches aren’t meant for divers, and might suffer adverse affects past 200 Meters in depth… but you can definitely wear them in the pool (or if you’re forgetful like me, shower).

It’s also got the standard suite of G-Shock features, like alarms, satellite accuracy, and time zone options. While using them has gotten more intuitive over the years, I still recommend keeping your manual, as some of the commands you simply won’t be able to guess at without it.

I’m a fair bit nostalgic when it comes to the G-Shock, but with good reason. The best tough watch I ever owned was Casio’s first G-Shock model, and I’m really excited with what they’re now doing with the brand. Who knows? I might even switch out my old one with something in red tiger camo print…

Image credit: William Cho

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Not Sure if Traser P6600 Type 6 Military Watch is Tough Enough? Let’s See…

Traser P 6600 Type 6 military watch review

The Traser P 6600 Type 6 MIL-G is a robust high-quality tactical watch. It is made in Switzerland to the exacting standards set for the best military watch. Originally built to military grade spec MIL-PRF-46374G, this watch, designed for military and professional use, is being worn both on-duty and off-duty by soldiers, firefighters and emergency services personnel all over the world.

Considering a Traser P 6600 but can’t decide? We’ll put this watch under the microscope and see if it is a real worth of an invesment or merely a hype.

Is Trasser P 6600 a Great Military Choice?

It Lights Up even the Darkest Space

The watch face is equipped with a unique illumination system called trigalight that is designed to operate for at least 10 years. Trigalight runs independently from the battery and does not depend on solar charging. Because of this innovative system, the watch face is easily readable both at night and in the dimmest darkest situations.

Powered by a steel-encased Ronda 517.6 DD quartz movement, the Traser P 6600 Type 6 MIL-G sits in a nicely-sized black carbon-fiber and resin case, 13 mm thick and 45 mm in diameter.

Good Water- and Scratch-Resistance

A scratch-resistant dome of mineral crystal protects the face along with a screw-down crown that contributes to a water-resistance factor good to a depth of 660 feet or 290 PSI. This is regarded as the gold standard for any best military watch of this type.

The bezel is made of PVD-coated black steel, rotates in both directions and has ratchet stops and a green dot at each hour with an orange mark at the 12 indicator.

Swiss made certificate for Traser P600 tactical watchTraser trigalight brightness comparison

Easy Time Telling

The watch face is black with hour markings and three hands for hours, minutes and seconds. The MB-Microtec H3 hour and minute hands are illuminated in green; the sweep hand for seconds is not illuminated. A day and date display appears at every third hour, displayable in either English or German.

The trigalight illumination system is unique to Traser watches, employing tiny sealed air-tight tubes filled with tritium gas that continually emits electrons that cause the luminous inner surface of the tubes to glow with a cold light. No exposure to sunlight is needed to trigger or rejuvenate the process.

Tough Nylon Strap

The Traser P 6600 Type 6 MIL-G comes with a black nylon strap that can stand up to any abuse. The strap closes firmly with a stainless steel buckle. A black rubber strap is also available as an option.

The rubber strap option is designed for those who found that the nylon strap can get smelly and collect stains and that the rubber strap is superior for work that involves contact with messy substances. Either strap could be considered a useful feature under the standard for a best military watch.

Some Minor Caveats

Weighing in at 80 grams with the standard nylon strap, the Traser P 6600 Type 6 MIL-G comes with a 2 year warranty from the manufacturer. This warranty period can be extended an additional year by registering the watch online at the Traser web site.

There are two caveats for the buyer, though — the battery cannot by replaced by the buyer and must be replaced at a warranty center; damage to the mineral crystal dome is not covered by the warranty.

Most owners of the Traser P 6600 Type 6 MIL-G have said they’d like to see the sweep second hand illuminated just as brightly as the hour and minute hands.

Changing the date and the time are relatively easy operations. However, changing the day can be a bit tricky.

All Things Considered

All in all, the Traser P 6600 Type 6 MIL-G is an excellent choice for professionals who need a timepiece that can withstand the serious rigors of all types of severe environments.

Unlike most G-Shock military-inspired watches that do away with battery replacement, Traser P 6600 requires you to turn to the professional authorized center for the replacement. Some see it as a design flaw while others see it nothing more than just a trivial matter.

So what do you think? Are you going to put your bet on this highly rated military watch from Traser? Or are you still considering the alternatives? If you are, you may want to check our pick of the finest military watches and see where this model stands among its peers.

Photo courtesy of DVIDSHUB

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Is Traser P6506 Commander a Really Superior Military Watch?

Traser P6506 Commander Military Titanium Watch Review

To our heroes in uniform, a military watch is an important piece of equipment. It needs to be tough and reliable, while not being so heavy that it obstructs the movement of the user.

The best military watch would combine all three elements with extra features like illumination. It’s important to research these watches carefully, because at the higher end, they can cost hundreds of dollars. That kind of price tag proves to be prohibitive to some.

But price aside, if the watch fails at a critical time, more is at stake than just the price of the watch. Losing the use of a watch can be critical when wandering around alone at night in the woods or when diving.

While G-Shock military-inspired watches may be the most popular among servicemen and women, Traser has recently emerged as increasingly attractive alternative, particularly among those who don’t wish to bump into someone else with the exact same watch.

Traser P6506 Commander Military Titanium watch is one of the more often talkabout alternative. How worthy as a tough watch contender it is? Let’s find out.

What Makes Traser P6506 a Great Watch

Designed for Servicemen and Women

Traser P6506 watch is aimed at military servicemen and women. It has a brushed titanium case that is 43 millimeters in width and a standard 22-millimeter nylon NATO band.

The dial window is sapphire crystal, which is scratch resistant and very durable. The movement is a Swiss Ronda 175 quartz. The watch is black with tritium illumination. It is rated water resistant to 600 feet.

It fulfills two of the necessary conditions for being the best military watch for its price range right away by using the durable materials of titanium and sapphire crystal. The potential weak point is the nylon strap, which might need replacement under prolonged rough use.

The Commander is also lightweight, another point in its favor. The tritium illumination is of good quality, staying lit for as long as it needs to during the night. If visibility in the dark is really important to you, you may want to consider Luminox 3180 Navy SEAL Colormark or Lumtec M55.

Trigalight illumination in Traser P 6506 Commander ForceTraser P 6506 Commander Force

It’s not an Ornamental Watch!

Being a military-grade watch, the Traser Commander needs to stand up to rough conditions and a variety of environments. This is not an ornamental watch, in either its design or its purpose. Buying this watch expecting luxurious wrist candy will lead to disappointment. But to rugged watch lovers, its rugged looks gives it a certain visual appeal.

It’s easy to make this watch into a daily user due to its toughness and versatility. It’s true that it is marketed as a watch for the military, but anyone who goes through a lot of potentially hazardous travel, like hikers, climbers, swimmers, or similar would benefit from the hardiness of the build quality.

In addition, the Commander’s illumination also makes it a good choice for anyone who needs a good nighttime watch, like photographers or hunters. I am not surprised to see that this watch as earned a reputation as the best military watch among actual military professionals.

The build quality is excellent. The features are no more and no less than what the military needs, and in particular the light weight makes it suitable for a plethora of missions.

A Final Look

This watch has won praises and recommendation from both military professionals and hobbyists or amateurs who spend a lot of time roughing it. Even more so is among those who need a reliable night watch.

Although it is not marketed as a diving watch, the Traser Commander is meant to be water resistant for 600 feet. I consider the Commander a strong jack of all trades watch. It’s not the best watch for diving, or navigation, or ornamentation, but good enough to do anything and strong enough to last for years with rough use anywhere on Earth,

So, do you think Traser P6506 Commander Titanium Watch is packed with all the right stuffs to be your battlefield gear? If you’re still unsure, be sure to check out which watches are most coveted among military professionals.

Photo courtesy of The US Army

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