Traser P5900: The Best Entry-Level Tritium Illuminated Watch

G-Shock military-inpsired watches may dominate the recommendation list of tough military watches. But recently, I’ve discovered what appeared to be the industry’s best kept secret.

A small company of 80 employees with strong root in the making of luminous paint, has been making fantastic tactical military watches. It goes under the label of traser H3.

Given the sheer smallness of the company definitely raises plenty of doubt back in the mind of tough watch afficionados. But don’t rule them out or you’ll not know what you’re missing. Especially when you’re looking for an excellent military watch!

Inventor of Gaseous Tritium Light Source (GTLS)

Trigalight is what this invention better known for. It is one of the most advanced illumination technologies found today’s watches.

Compared to the standard illumination, Trigalight has at least few advantages. First, it needs no battery or external sources of energy to operate. This takes your worry off recharging and servicing. Second, it operates naturally unlike some that requires button push to trigger. Third, it glows permanently at 100x brighter than normal illumination and it has a guaranteed lifespan of 10 years.

You won’t believe it, will you? I did not and only changed my conviction after seeing it with my own eyes. But for the sake of curiousity, you can visit the following page to compare the luminosity brightness of watches when powered by Trigalight compared to non-Trigalight illumination.

If there is anything impressive about the traser watches, it has to be their illumination power more than anything else.

If your job requires you to stay underground for prolonged period of time, this is probably the only technology that is good enough for your case. From underground miners to marine conservation diver, this is probably the solution that we’ve all been waiting for!

Traser trigalight brightness comparisonTraser Trigalight color chart

Best Entry-Level Tritium Watch

For someone who’s looking for a watch that offers no-nonsense vision in the dark, Tritium illumination is definitely what you want to be looking at. But there is one problem and it’s a major one.

Tritium watches are not cheap! Take for example Lum-Tec M55. It costs no less than $500.

Compare that with traser P5900 Type 3. It costs no more than a quarter of the Lum-Tec M55. But of course, aside from the illumination feature, don’t expect the traser P5900 to take on M55 in any way.

As an entry-level model, traser P5900 is only equipped with mineral crystal and polyester case. Any rugged watch enthusiast understands that this is not the best material to make a tough watch.

If you’ve just destroyed your watch during an assignment and don’t wish to see the same fate with your next watch, then you may want to skip watches made of such materials. You need to go for watches made of tougher sapphire crystal and more durable stainless steel or titanium materials.

Is traser P5900 Your Choice?

When you’re weighing your options, make sure you’re clear about the choices. traser P5900 is just an entry-level watch that comes with no bells and whistles found in more expensive watches.

If you need a watch that works flawlessly in the dark and you have small budget allocated for that, this might be about the best you can get at its low price point.

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Citizen BL5250-02L: Superb Price, but Superb Watch?

Have you ever wished for a watch that takes care of itself and still deliver top-notch performance? Citizen’s watches featuring Eco-Drive technology fit the bill real well. In this instance, it is the Citizen BL5250-02L leather and titanium watch that we’re talking about.

Let’s see where the Citizen BL5250-02L fares superbly and where it fares less superbly.

What Makes it High on My Recommendation List

You never have to Worry about Battery Replacement

I own dozen of watches, from Casio G-Shock to Seiko to Tags. I’ve come to appreciate a watch that is battery-less more and more.

If you have seen your few hundreds dollars of watch full of scratches after you sent it for battery replacement, I bet you’d freak out just like me. It happened to my Armorlite ISOBrite ISO100. I’m not usually particular about my watches. But still, the ‘bruises’ my T100 suffered after I sent it for a battery replacement were enough to make me scream.

From then on, I always stick to watches that require no battery replacement. Automatic watches are awesome but many at times, I need a watch that I can pick and go without manually setting it. That’s when Citizen’s self-charging Eco-Drive technology comes in very handy. For the curious minds, the video below shows how the much touted Eco-Drive technology works.

You never have to Worry about Setting the Date

Citizen’s perpetual calendar feature is something that not many other tough watches can offer. What is it exactly? It is a feature that requires you to set the date once and it will automatically adjust the number of days that go into each month.

No more worry about looking at the wrong dates. No more worry about having to adjust to the 28, 29, 30 or 31 days in each month. With Citizen BL5250-02L, you only need to set the date once and it will take care of the rest.

I rely a lot on my watch to remind myself of current date. This feature has been working flawlessly and I couldn’t be happier.

So Accurate You never have to Adjust the Time Ever

Aside from the date, Citizen BL5250-02L scores high in terms of accuracy. I have few watches that had been accurate during the first few months of use, but starts to drift significantly after that.

I’m one who likes to be punctual. Five or ten minutes make a lot of difference. I hate it when I have to keep rewinding my watch every week. Even once in a month is too much!

This is not the case for the BL5250-02L. I’ve owned this watch for about a year. It has not required any adjustment so far.

So Light You’d Forget You’re Wearing a Watch

The case of Citizen’s most popular Eco-Drive watch is made of Titanium. Titanium is generally more expensive than stainless steel and seen as the ‘cooler’ alternative.

Being lighter is another reason why Titanium are increasingly used in higher end watches that are designed for toughness and style. This is the case for the BL5250-02L.

It feels so light on my wrist that I tend to forget that I’m wearing it at times. I know not everyone loves their watch to be light. So if you’re looking for a watch with heavier feel on your hand, this might not be the perfect option.

The Right Size

The size of the watch is just about right. At 43mm, I’d consider it a properly sized large men’s watch. Not too big. Not too small. At least for the wrist size of average guys.

I have a 7.3″ wrist (within the average range) and I found the case and leather band width to be ideal. This watch is my favorite pick if I need a ‘dress’ watch but still maintain the tough and classy look.

Closer view of Citizen BL5250-02LView of Citizen eco-drive bl5250-02l from side

If Not for These, I’d have Given it 5 out 5 Stars

Don’t Expect the Alarm to Wake You Up

Talk to any BL5250-02L owner. The first complain you’ll hear is the alarm being too short and too soft.

If you’re looking to use this watch as your morning alarm, you’d better look elsewhere. I consider myself a light sleeper and there are still too many occasions where the alarm of this watch failed to wake me up.

Shiny Bezel

The second most common dissatisfaction among Citizen BL5250-02L is its bezel being too shiny.

In case you’re wondering why being shiny is a sin, it looks more like the cheaper chrome material.

Only Leather Strap, Please!

No doubt the leather strap attached to this watch is made of heavy duty material. I have it for about a year now and it still looks good.

But again, not everyone is keen on leather. Or some like the flexibility of being able to change the bands as they prefer it. If you prefer a metallic bracelet, you may want to forget about getting this watch.

Dial Face looks Black rather than Blue

The last issue is more of marketing flop rather than product defect. From the description, many buyers (including myself) expect the dial face to be blue.

I remember when I first received it, I thought they had sent me the wrong model. It was only after talking to their customer services and going through the watch reviews that I found this to be the norm.

The face dial looks more black rather than blue. At least for my case, I have no issue with the black dial. It’s just that they could have done better in their product description.

Go Grab It!

To sum things up, Citizen BL5250-02L is indeed a handsome watch that is made to last. It is not perfect in every sense. But it is close to being flawless especially in areas that matter the most.

Go grab it if you need a sturdy watch that will still fit perfectly into your business attire. If your instinct is still holding you back, you may want to take a look at our pick for the best analog watchs in $200 price range.

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The Ultimate G-Shock 30th Anniversary Database

Complete list of g-shock 30th anniversary line up

Any tough watch afficionado is no stranger to G-Shock. It is after all, the pioneer of world’s most rugged (and still wearable) watches.

2013 was the year when Casio’s G-Shock brand turned 30. They’ve decided to celebrate this important milestone with much fanfare. From rap legend, Eminem to World’s famous graffiti artist, Eric Haze to countless other celebrities. They have all been part of the celebration.

Celebration is Great. But…

On top of the celebrities-dominated parties that G-Shock was throwing for their fans around the world, every G-Shock fan has extra reason to be joyful.

It’s the highly coveted 30th Anniversary Limited Collection we’re talking about! Being a G-Shock lunatic I am, I have spent few thousands of dollars on a few model. If I had more to spend, I would had spent it.

But anyway, there is one real pain here. Casio have run the campaign poorly. Even for a G-Shock lunatic like myself, it is hard to keep track of all the models that’ve been released as part of the 30th anniversary collection!

Except for the initial 2 batches (first was Sept 2012 and second was Feb 2013), the release of subsequent models appeared to be sporadic. Except for notable ones like the GDX6900MNM-1 (G-Shock X Eminem), no press announcement was made.

I dedicate this list to all of you – G-Shock fans, collectors and investors – who are trying to grab the complete list of G-Shock 30th Anniversary collection.

Here is the Complete Collection

First batch to kick off the 3 decades commemoration

Following the August 2012 announcement, a total of 5 models were released in September 2012.

The 5 models are in collaboration with Eric Haze, the world’s famous NY-based graffiti artist. To be exact, the models are: GF8230A-4, G9330A-4, DW6930A-4, GWM5630A-4 and GWFT1030A-1.

One feature that distinguish these 5 watches from the rest of the 30th Anniversary line-up is their colors. They are dressed in red. They make a lovely mini collection.

Second batch of the commemorative collection

The second batch of the 30th anniversary collection was released in February 2013. 3 models were unveiled. If the first batch distinguish themselves with bold red color, the second batch stick to G-Shock’s traditional black.

The first of the line-up is GW9330B-1. This is a remake of the highly coveted and highly popular GW9300-1.

The next two on the line-up are redesign of the G-Shock classic collection. The two models are GA113B-1A and GA303B-1A.

Remake of the G-Shock Classic Family

If you are a fan of the G-Shock 6900 series and Eminem, you’ll be delighted to hear this. The GDX6900MNM-1 is exclusively tailored for you.

Don’t worry if you’re not a big fan of Eminem. There are still 3 limited edition models to choose from: DW6930C-1, DW6930D-1, GDX6930E-9.

If you love white G-Shock watches, GA110EH-8A (G-Shock X Eric Haze) is what you want to look out for.

DW5030C-1 and GDF100BTN-1 complete this group.

Remake of Popular Frogman

No one doubts the popularity of G-Shock Frogman series. But even to a G-Shock nut like me, I think prices for some of the Frogman watches are still too expensive.

The commemorative GWFT1030E-9 is absolutely gorgeous. There is no doubt about it. But would I be willing to fork out $1700 to get it? I’m afraid I don’t have deep enough pocket to afford it.

But anyway, the initial Frogman installments of the GF8230A-4 and GWFT1030A-1 appear to be well-received. Go around and check. I bet you can rarely find any of them selling anymore these days.

Adding to the two successful models are the GF8230E-9 and GWFT1030E-9. Going back to our G-Shock serial number decryption algorithm, you can tell that these two are largely the same as their predecessors. Except for the color and bezel material.

Metal-Twisted Family

MTGS1030BD-1 coming from G-Shock MT-G family completes G-Shock’s three decades of commemorative line-ups.

This is made for those who need the comfort of resin band on their skin but loves the classy look of stainless steel.

Your Pick

That’s it! You’ve now seen the complete list of G-Shock 30th Anniversary commemorative edition. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of them to love.

If you’re a serious G-Shock collector, I’m sure you’d have one or two of these at home. Looking at the scarcity of some models, I bet you’d earn a profit if you sell yours today!

Image credit: Casio G-Shock
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What does Citizen BJ8050-08E have to Offer?

Citizen BJ8050-08E offers a distinct, sturdy, and environmentally-conscious watch. But does it have what it takes to make an excellent addition to your collection? Let’s take a dive and find out.

Zooming In on Citizen BJ8050-08E Prfoessional Dive Watch

The watch provides divers with a dependable and designed for mixed gas diving. Complete with a 6mm bezel formed of non-reflective curved crystal. The watch provides an economical option perfect for beginner as well as advanced divers.

When deciding on a divers watch, you need to consider several components — water resistance, luminosity, bezel design, materials, dial contrast and the reputation of the manufacturer.

Water Resistance

The Citizen BJ8050-08E features water resistance up to 300 meters. That is approximately 1000 feet.

This excellent coverage makes it suitable for most beginning to intermediate divers. The only exception to this rule is if you plan to make extremely deep dives with specialized equipment and suits, such as when using the Atmospheric Diving System.

Most deep divers max out at about 20 to 40 meters, so the 300 meter tolerance should pose no issues.


You need a watch the provides good viewing underwater. The Citizen Eco-Drive BJ8050-08E provides a non-reflective crystal and luminous accents to provide a clear, easy to read display.

The incandescent light provides quick charging capabilities in outdoor, cloudy, and sunny conditions. The total charge time ranges from 9 hours to 105 hours depending on the degree of available sunlight.

While the watch charges quickly, in consistently cloudy conditions, it may not be possible to completely charge a worn down battery in sufficient time for practical use. So my advice is not to let the battery run out before you take it out for charging.

Citizen BJ8050-08E side viewCitizen BJ8050-08E in outdoor

Bezel Design and Watch Structure

The bezel consists of a unidirectional rotating time-elapsed structure that makes it difficult to lose your timing unless you physically rotate the bezel. The case diameter comes in at 46mm. It is made of stainless steel and complete with a screw-down crown to prevent leakage.

The dial comes in black and the watch faceplate consists of anti-reflective mineral crystal. The hour markings provide clear readability in all conditions whether on land or water.


The watch consists of a non-custom interface for the band. This means you won’t be able to trade out the equipped band with a new band unless you either purchase a separate adapter or getting a custom band made.

Since the band is made of rubber, over time, it’s possible that the rubber could wear out. This means you must contact the manufacturer for a new band.

The band length is suitable for a mens wrist and comes with a buckle type clasp that while sturdy, could become damaged with time.

Eco-Drives Technology

Citizen watch reviews are beginning to take notice of the new Eco-Drive technology implemented with new watches. These watches use light power stemming from natural to artificial light to power and run the watch.

In normal use, you shouldn’t notice your watch running low on battery and this eliminates the need to purchase replacement batteries. However, if you only take your watch out once or twice a year, it’s possible it won’t get enough light to effectively power the watch.

Powered completely by natural light, you never have to worry about costly and timely battery replacements.

Citizen BJ8050-08E Eco-diver in brand new boxCitizen BJ8050-08E zoom in view


Reviews of the watch show favorable outcomes with most customers appreciating the multi-faceted use of the watch from construction, to deep diving and even as the occasional dress watch.

The watch measures up to the most brutal treatments and comes in at a 18mm thickness, with a large faceplate for easy readability. Initially, the bezel may provide some resistance to turning, but once broken in the bezel provides a reliable and smooth action.

The stainless steel case provides protection from the elements and makes it a contender for more expensive competitors’ watches. While the watch does provide a high level of durability, some customers complain that the watch sits too high off the wrist and seems a bulky for practical use. However, this is also a typical feature of any divers watch and results from the need to withstand 300 meters of depth.

In Summary

If you’re looking for a superb tough watch that requires low maintenance, Citizen BJ8050-08E is one that you’d consider.

If budget is your top priority, I believe there will not be too many options that can rival this watch. If you’re looking for serious contenders within similar price range, take a look at the Battle for Tough Analog Watch Supremacy in $200 category.

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Luminox Sentry 0200 – Impressive Entry Level Tough Watch?

A man’s watch is a small accessory that makes a large impression on anyone he meets. It is a status symbol, and for this reason, he should never sport a watch that lacks in luxury or name.

Wearers can never go wrong with Luminox, a timeless brand dating back 25 years. Used by divers, law enforcement, Navy SEALs, and active sportsmen, the Swiss-made brand has become the standard for illuminated, easy-to-read watches.

With Luminox’s Sentry 0200 series of fine watches, wearers will look stylish, sporty, and high class. This Luminox 0200 review will help you decide whether the line of watches is for you, and if so, the particular model that suits you best.

Check out our ultimate Luminox gallery to view the complete list of Luminox collection

The Features

The Luminox 0200 series is a line of practical watches that offers both luxury and features. Using Luminox Light Technology, these watches are equipped with borosilicate glass capsules that provide continuous luminosity for up to 25 years.

Unlike other watches, they do not require any button pressing to light up, allowing the wearer a great degree of freedom. This is particularly useful in conditions requiring hands-free devices, such as driving and rock climbing.

All Luminox watches are Swiss-made. This means that when you’re buying a Luminox, you can be ascertained of its quality. And because most Luminox collections are designed to be used by military organization worldwide (notably U.S., Germany and Switzerland), they are expected to withstand harsh environments. Needless to say, Luminox military watches are water and shock resistant, with the degree of resistance varying based on the watch model.

The 0200 series is specifically designed for land use. It offers time and date functions with Swiss quartz movement. It is water resistant to a depth of 100 meters, and a pressure of 10 atm.

Looking for Military Watches? Click to See How the Finest Military Watches Battle it Out

Closer view of Luminox land sentry 0201 black specialBack view of luminox 0201

It also features a rotating one-way diver function for diving enthusiasts or deep sea swimmers. The case is made of carbon reinforced polymer, and the black buckle strap is composed of durable silicone.

The three models (0201.SL, 0201.BO and 0215.SL) in this series are identical in every aspect and function except for color and text font. For color lovers, red and light green options are available, and for others, a blackout option as well.

The Reviews

From user testimonials, the Luminox 0200 series is an entry level series that is light, is durable, and functions well. Its luminescent properties are fantastic, and users have no issues viewing the time in the dark.

It is comfortable, and unlike many watches with large, protruding crowns, it does not dig into the wrist. However, some users have found that the knob, which adjusts the time and date, is rather large and comes out if caught on clothing.

This causes the date and time to change, hurting its reliability. Many others have experienced defective units, which questions the effectiveness of Luminox’s quality control. Some users have mentioned the watch line’s intolerance to moisture as simple as sweat, which causes it to stop functioning.

It has been suggested that because this is one of Luminox’s entry level watches, it is more prone to quality issues, and customers are advised to explore warranty options before making their purchases.

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The Final Look

To recap this Luminox 0200 review, the Luminox 0200 series of watches is an excellent entry level line, and not only looks sleek, but also performs its job satisfactorily. Each model has the appearance of a sturdy, high quality watch, and is manufactured by a well-reputed company known for their tough watches offering.

It comes in a variety of colors, so customers can choose the watch that looks the best on them. However, customers should realize the tier of this watch line, and realize that it does not offer the quality that Luminox’s higher lines offer, or the luxury of a Rolex.

It also does not offer protection in extreme conditions. These are features usually found in Luminox’s more specialized lines. Finally, because of its quality control issues, customers should be wary of choosing this watch if it does not come with a warranty.

All issues aside, for all wearers alike, the 0200 series is a good entry-level rugged watch. If you need a hard core watch to support your extreme lifestyle, this Luminox series might not make the cut.

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What to Expect from the Luminox Original Navy SEAL 3000 Series?

The Luminox Original Navy Seal Watch has been developed to provide reliable service under the most extreme conditions. Using the unique Luminox Light Technology, these watches have cutting edge luminescence which is Always Visible.

In fact, rather than using luminescent paint which has to be recharged and loses visibility over time, they use tiny gas light tubes that are always on. They do not need to be recharged, nor do you need to push a button to activate illumination like required by some battery operated watches.

Made with durable materials and to exacting standards, I was excited to complete my own take of the Luminox 3000 review.

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Traces of the Great Luminox Technology & Design

Luminox watches use a proprietary illumination that includes hand applied gas tubes on the hands, face and bezel if necessary. This technology and time consuming application method creates a watch face that is always readable. The light bars are always lit, making the watch visible in the darkest situations, 24 hours a day for more than 25 years.

The Luminox 3001, Original Navy SEAL Watch

The original watch in this series, the 3001 maintains its repitation of quality and durability. Constructed of a stainless steel case painted black with a polyurethane band with an adjustable buckle closure, this watch is also water resistant to a depth of 200 meters.

It has a polyurethane black bezel that is unidirectional and also has the Luminox accents to ease in use. The precision Swiss movement keeps accurate time and is protected by a scratch resistant saffire crystal with an anti-reflective coating.

The Luminox 3001 BO (Black Out) Navy SEAL Divers Watch

This variation of the original Navy SEAL watch features all black features with Luminox accents for visibility and stealth. The BO features a black rubber case and bezel for improved shock resistance and noise reduction.

This makes this watch a favorite of many covert units and law enforcement, not just the Navy SEALs.

The Luminox 3003 Original Navy SEAL Divers Watch

The 3003 version of the Luminox Navy SEAL watch is similar to the model 3001 with some exceptions. This watch has a blue watch face with polyurethane case, bezel and band. The face is marked for both standard time and military time, making conversion simple.

The luminescence is bright, making the watch visible at all times and making it easily readable.

Zoom in viewing of Luminox Original Navy Seal 3001Image of dial in Luminox Original Navy Seal 3001

Things to Keep in Mind

When considering a Luminox Navy SEAl watch, you should be sure to completely research your purchase.

Some things that may weigh on your decision are the construction of the bezel, the Navy SEAL propeganda that is included, the extra brightness of the luminescence, and the polyurethane strap.

The bezel, while durable, can wear smooth over time because it is constructed of polyurethane. The watch was designed for Navy SEALS and is packed with information promoting the SEALs. I don’t find this particularly offensive, but some may. Especially when the purchaser is a member of another service or law enforcement, who have adopted the watch as standard equipment.

Luminox became famous by being Always Visible, which may be an issue on stealth operations. The bright light bars are highly visible and may require being covered. The Polyurethane band is functional and quiet, but you may want to invest in a more durable band if you are tough on your watch.

Luminox original navy SEAL 3000 series - blue dial optionBack plate view of Luminox 3003

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A Great Overall Package

As seen from the eyes of a tough watch afficionado, I have to say the Luminox 3000 series offer a great overall package.

In the end, it is about personal flair and preference, a question which you have to answer yourself. If you are a Luminox fan, be sure to check out the other popular series, namely the 3050 Colormark and 3180 Steelmark Colormark collections.

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