Introducing the Luminox 3180 Steelmark Colormark Chronograph Family of Tough Watches

In today’s buzzing society, many of us are inundated with things to do. Add to that the number of devices we need to have in order to keep up with it all.

The last thing some people want is a gadget to remind us of how little time there is left to take care of our mile-long lists of Things-to-Do; and Heaven forbid we are running out of time!

My goodness, that’s the last thing anyone wants to feel! Well, after sifting through a handful of Luminox 3181 reviews it took only minutes to surmise that this time-telling toy is quite a difficult one to pass up – and may even ease our time-related anxiety.

Researching for a watch is not easy. My experience led to many dead ends. I was able to find lists of the watch’s specs, but when it came to reviews my findings were sparse. Purchasing the watch was somewhat of a leap of faith; but I possess supreme instinct when it comes to these kinds of investments and couldn’t be happier – and neither can my fiancé, for whom I bought the Luminox 3181.

The Steel Colormark Chronograph 3180 Family

Superior Illumination

The 3181 belongs to Luminox’s steel colormark chronograph 3180 family. Every models from this collection features self-powered illumination through its exclusive LLT, ”always visible”, or Luminox technology which brings the device to a whole new level of functioning.

How does it work? Well, itsy bitsy gas lights installed into the gadget’s hands and hour-markers (akin to those used by the US Army) do the trick, resulting in a timepiece that supersedes any of its kind.

Sturdy Casing

Anyone who straps this timepiece around their wrist will feel like a member of the Armed Forces in no time flat. The dial case measures 44m wide.

Its robust stainless steel construction is engraved on the back with the Navy Seal insignia. The case is embellished with a black carbon reinforced PC uni-directional rotating dive bezel and finished with an ultramarine-blue phosphorescent night vision tube.

The light that you see illuminating from the watch is created via radio luminescence process. This means that no external energy is necessary and the watch’s dial gleams in the dimmest of light for 20 years. Holy engineering, Batman!

It’s a Chronograph Watch

It also displays white Arabic numerals every five minutes and is serrated for simple turning. Resilience and reliability are the key elements to this sturdy timepiece.

So if you’re a lightweight, or prefer a watch that won’t constantly remind you that you are wearing one, look elsewhere! This is a serious piece of craftsmanship.

Here’s where it gets a little muddled but I will try my best to describe the Luminox’s hands, markers, light color significance and time-telling details.

It depends exactly on which model we are referring to. As for the 3181, the watch features white hour markers while the hour, minute and second hands radiate blue in the dark (however, the tip of the second hand gleams yellow and green just like the 12 o’clock dot). During the day all of the dial’s features are white.

I have to confess, there is a bit too much going on when it comes to this watch. I did have to have my fiancé teach me how to tell time on it.

So if you are more of a simpleton, once again the Luminox, especially this chronograph series is definitely not for you.

As I come to understand however, minute indices and a circle provide dual hour time in Arabic numerals. Plus, there are 12-hour, 60- and 30-minute counters, and even a date window at the third hour which is sheathed in a scratch-resistant mineral cover for extra security.

On that note, I discovered in a Luminox 3181 review that this intricately crafted timepiece was designed to survive the most threatening of perils imposed by impact and water. So revered in fact, the watch is trusted to be classified as military watches and worn by some of the world’s most elite forces such as the US Navy SEALS, US Air Force Stealth Pilots, SWAT teams, and Police and Rescue Teams across the globe.

The Options

The 3180 Steel colormark chronograph family consists of 6 members.

The basic (I refer to it as original) is the 3181 model which comes with white marker and black rubber strap. Next on the line is the 3182 which is nearly identical to the 3181 if not for the stainless steel bracelet.

Then there is the 3183 which features blue instead of white marker. This is followed by the 3187 which is the clone of the original except for the white dial and black hand markers. If you are a fan of red, the 3195 model is made just for you.

But if white is your favorite color, you may want to look at our comprehensive list of white G-Shock collections that proves to be delight among white lovers.

The last member of the family is labelled 3182.BO which is typically reserved for the limited edition.

In Perspective

Being a chronograph series it is, the Luminox 3181 family is a one-step up from the basic Luminox 3050 colormark series.

Now that you’ve seen our take on the Luminox 3180 steel colormark chronograph collection, we’ll leave it to you to decide if it is the tough watch that you’ve been looking for.

Does it make the cut to be best buy at its price category? Find out in the battle for best tough watches under $500 class weight.

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Luminox 3050 Colormark Series is Cheap. But is it Durable?

The first time I came across the Luminox 3050 Navy SEAL Colormark Series, I was struck by the quality, durability and strength that exudes from the watch.

With a casual glance, the watch provides a durable and strong look gives the wearer a look of confidence and poise. Upon closer look, the carbon-reinforced case, bezel and crystal materials used in the construction provide durability at an affordable price.

The real strength of this collection lies in the high-quality materials, long list of features and the expectation of a long life. I’ll discuss the major points to consider when deciding on purchasing your watch in this complete Luminox 3050 review.

Major Highlights

Apart from the impressive glow in the dark tubes designed to last 25 years, the Luminox brand of watches host a variety of other characteristics you would expect from a watch designed for the most strenuous and demanding conditions.

Whether you want to wear this watch with a high-quality suit or during your next expedition, the style and comfort afforded by this line of watches will meet your needs.

The Luminox brand of watches comes from a long line of Swiss made watches. You know what the Swiss-made label guarantees – reliability and accuracy.

The total diameter of the watch comes in at 44mm, and maintains water resistance up to 200 meters or approximately 660 feet. It is certainly not the deepest if the best diving watch is what you’re looking for. But for most of us, beyond 200 meters down the earth tummy is unimaginable.

Since the 3050 colormark series is used by the US Navy SEAL, you can expect each watch to be in adherence to the strict quality guidelines put in place by Luminox or the military requirements rather.

The case is reinforced with a lightweight PC carbon material. The unidirectional bezel provides added convenience and PC carbon reinforced materials.

The bezel comes standard with a complete 12-hour half-day cycle fitted with color light tubes and sapphire crystal. The case backing is also PC carbon reinforced materials and the crystal is mineral-based, and hardened to ensure reliability and durability.

The crown of the watch comes with a 316L stainless steel and yet the total weight is only 65 grams. The total case, comes in at less than 17mm.

Special features include a luminous second hand, tachometer, and excellent shock resistance. In all, this is a high-quality watch that is sure to provide you with years of enjoyment, comfort and reliability.

Be Spoiled with Variety of Style and Colors

The complete 3050 series comes in several styles to provide you with a quality watch that fits your preferences.

Models 3051, 3053, 3059 and 3067 come fitted with a black case and your choice of a mixed black and white, black and blue, black orange or black and green dial.

The colormark collection comes with two special editions. The special 3051.BO (Black Option) is fitted with a solid black dial.

But if you are a white tough watch lover, a white casing would certainly bring delight and that’s what you are going to get with the 3057.WO (White Option). If white is your color, be sure to check out our best of white G-shock collection.

The white version also comes with a white band, while the other models comes only in black.

For use in the dark, the dials change color and each provide a different color. The dial of each watch is fitted with a colored light tube with sapphire crystal.

Points to Ponder

Bezel Dimension

For the price and features, the Luminox watch series provides a good investment for your money. Compared with the Omega, Citizen, and TAG Heuer watches of similar quality, this watch provides a nobel Tritium illumination vitals for clear viewing in any condition.

The watch is a must for any personal collection and meets the needs of the most demanding situations, without sacrificing elegance.

One downside is that the watch is a bit larger than other watches from competitors. It’s about 3mm larger than TAG Heuer Formula I. But it depends on your wrist size.

If you have a larger wrist diameter, this would work in your favor instead. The larger surface area provides additional clarity and response in low-light conditions.

The Weight Issue

The one-way bezel prevents you from losing time unless you manually turn the dial backwards and the bezel feels solid as you turn the watch to adjust the bezel’s placement.

The actual numbers on the watch are etched and painted into the surface to provide additional durability and reduce the possibility of the numbers wearing off with use.

While some may pick up the watch and scoff at the lightness of it, since it’s made from polycarbonate and carbon composite materials, the watch actually has remarkable durability and strength.

However, for those that want a weightier watch, this might not be the right watch for them.

But for those who need to work with explosives, or constantly find themselves navigating treacherous terrain or working with a handheld compass, the watch provides ample durability without affecting the magnetics of other devices.

The Crown Issue

The crown does pull up, would could reduce the reliability of the water resistance. However, even with the crown pulled up the watch seems to prevent water from entering the watch.

For security, you can push the crown down before entering the water, or submerging the watch for extended periods of time.

In Holistic

Overall, I think Luminox 3050 is a tough watch to beat but it is certainly not the best tough watch around.

But if all you need is a watch that will stand up to abuse and allow you to not have to worry about scratching the outside cover regardless of your work, this watch is hard to beat for the level of comfort, performance, durability, reliability and obviously price.

Now that you’ve seen the ins and outs of the Luminox 3050, do you think the US Navy SEAL made the right decision in selecting their watches? If you’re still undecided and still looking for alternatives, why not check out what are the toughest analog watches you can get in the $200 price range.

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Citizen JY0010-50E Eco-Drive Skyhawk A-T Titanium: Toughness Wrapped in Elegance

The legendary watchmaker Citizen was founded in 1924. Since that time, they have carved out a reputation for themselves as one of the most respected makers of fine watches. In fact, since 1986, they have been the largest watchmaking company in the world.

Citizen is also known for being a leader in the advanced technology of watches, developing the first watch with voice recognition and the world’s slimmest LCD watch.

Citizen may not attract the cult-like following as Casio G-Shock does when it comes to tough watches. But for those looking for tough watch alternatives other than G-Shock, a number of Citizen’s flagship collection is worth serious consideration.

The one model that we’re going to be talking about today is the Citizen men’s JY0010-50E Eco-Drive Skyhawk A-T titanium watch. Let’s get down right to it and see what makes it a fine tough watch.


The Citizen men’s JY0010-50E Eco-Drive Skyhawk A-T titanium watch redefines atomic timekeeping with Eco-Drive technology and radio-controlled accuracy. Radio signals can be received both on-demand and automatically in Japan, China, Europe, the United Kingdom and North America.

This Citizen JY0010-50E review will take a look at the various features that this watch has to offer, pointing out which of these features are the best and worst. This will hopefully give you the information that you need in order to make an informed decision before you purchase a watch.

Where It Stands Out

World Time. This gives you the ability to select the cities where you are interested in keeping track of the time. Therefore, you will not need to constantly scroll through every city to find the ones that you want. In total, there are 43 cities that you can choose from.

Clasp. The double-button clasp is secure and does not come undone when it gets hit by something. However, it is easy to remove when you want to. If you get hot and need to let the watch out a little bit, you can make a micro-adustment with a tooth pick.

This might seem minor but if you are serious about getting tough on your watches, the clasp design is one aspect that you’d want to be paying attention to.

Comfort. In terms of comfort, this watch is smooth and light. Sometimes you even forget you are wearing it.

Looks. Orange blacklight, polished/brushed bracelet, bezel and the orange accents on the dial make this a very attractive watch, and one that you can be proud to wear for any occasion.

Where It Falters

Radio control reception. It is very difficult to sync the watch from a room. The person using the watch will often find it necessary to go to an outdoor location where no buildings are able to block the signal.

As frustrating as it might be, but this is not the only problem you will encounter with this feature. After you have gone out of your way to find a clear location, you will then need to wait roughly 10 minutes for the watch to get into sync.

Quirky functionality: Because the backlight button is the same as the start/stop button, it is not possible to use this watch in the dark.

Your local information can not be seen at the same time as the date and time of your second time zone. In order to utilize most of the functions that are offered by this watch, the user is required to pull out the crown.

Mineral crystal. It is almost impossible to wear this watch on a regular basis and not scratch the mineral crystal. It would have been wise for Citizen to use scratch-proof sapphire crystals instead.

Side view of Citizen JY0010-50E Eco-Drive Skyhawk A-T Titanium watchButton dial of JY0010-50e

A Tough Pick

There are tonnes of Citizen watch reviews but only a fraction discuss about the JY0010-50E. Given the price tag that comes with the watch, this is to be expected.

The number of owners of such expensive watch as this is definitely outnumbered by other watch models in the lower price category. I don’t officially have the number for the satisfaction level. But based on what I’ve been reading and hearing, many owners praise the JY0010-50E as a brilliantly engineered time piece.

It is one of the rare few watches that offer excellent combination of atomic/solar technology and high-quality physical attributes.

It’s Your Call

It might not have hit perfect scores on all the attributes. But if you are looking for a tough yet elegant watch, there are not many alternatives that comes close to matching the Citizen JY0010-50E Eco-Drive Skyhawk A-T titanium watch.

Are you made up about getting a Citizen watch? If not, why not take a look at our pick for the best tough watches in the $500 price range.

Watch Features

  • Movement: Caliber U600
  • Anti-reflective crystal
  • Rotating slide rule bezel
  • Power reserve indicator
  • Universal coordinated time (UTC) display
  • 99-minute countdown time
  • Two alarms
  • Perpetual calendar
  • 1/100-second chronograph measures up to 24 hours
  • Atomic timekeeping technology with synchronized time adjustment available in 43 world cities
  • Synchronized to atomic clock for superior accuracy
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Battle of the Toughest – Best Watches Under $500

Best watches under $500

Tank vs Car: Certainly not a Fair Battle!

The thing with watches is it is a product that is stuck between the gadget and fashion categories. Some watches are designed to be inclined to being a gadget (think Samsung Galaxy Gear). Some watches are designed to be inclined to being a fashion accessories (think Michael Kors watches). Some watches are designed to be in equillibrium.

For this reason, ask anyone to pick the best tough watches and I can guarantee that you’ll never get the same answer every time. Our brains are wired differently and diversity makes the world beautiful.

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The Battle Field is Set for the Best Watches under $500

In this battle edition of the toughest, I limit the price range to around $500. I know this is not the best and certainly not the only way to limit the battle participants.

But I have one good reason for that. In the past, when I was a newbie, I blindly hunt for the ultimate tough watch. It is not that I didn’t find what I was searching for. However, I was badly disappointed when I found out that even with my lifelong savings, I would never be able to afford the watch. Or maybe for sanity sake, I don’t think I would ever let myself part with my money just for the ultimate watch babe.

Since then, I’ve learnt to be more realistic. Later on, I found out that I’m not the only one who had gone through such experience. Many others had the same experience and as in my case, spelling out the budget is the first thing we do when we hunt for a new watch.

Ok! I’m sorry for torturing you with the long explanation. Let’s get down straight to business!

If you have $500 budget and have little time to dig through the piles of reviews and discussions, which 3 toughest watches should you consider? Here is my pick.

#1: Lum-Tec M55

There are several things that you’d have to be looking for to have a sense of how rugged the watch can be.

The Movement

The first thing is the watch movement. Not all watchmakers specify the movement that goes into their watch. Why? 2 simple reasons. It could be the sub-standard quality of the movement or it could be fear of competition. I’ve seen lots of them. More often than not, it is the first reason.

The Lum-Tec M55 is powered by Ronda 515 powertech series and considered as one of the better quality Swiss movement. It is not the top-range movement but do you expect the best movement with $500? If only that is true, I wonder what else could be there to separates a $500 from $1,000 watch.

Anyway, you can see from the technical spec that 515 is an analog quartz movement with no chronograph feature. Also, expect battery life to be around 45 months or 4 years.

Perfect Dial Size

The second thing is watch dial size. The best dial size depends on the size of your wrist. I know you may have a different wrist size than mine. But let’s take the wrist size of an average person. 7″ is the average size.

Beautifully illuminated lumtec m55Back view of top-rated analog watch for 500 budget

With 44mm dial size (excluding crown), Lum-Tec M55 fits in nicely to the average 7-inch wrist size. Neither it is overly bulky nor it is overly feminine (read small).

Question of Toughness

It is built with sapphire crystal, one of the toughest material to be used in a watch. I’ve not tried but according to the spec, you can bring it down 300 meters below the sea and you can expect the Lum-Tec M55 to survive the ordeal.

What you get with the M55 is also Lum-Tec’s highly acclaimed Maximum Darkness Visibility (MDV) technology. If you wonder what this technology offers, it is invented to offer ‘the longest and brightest’ illumination on your watch. Expect markers to glow for more than 24 hours. What do you say?

Good Value for Money

When it comes to finding the best watches under $500, I certainly don’t take it lightly. $500 is a lot of money for ordinary folks like you and me. I know lots of folks have multiple watches lining up in their wardrobe but how often do we splurge for a $500 watch? Once a year, maybe? At least that’s for my case.

One thing about the M55 that’s been highly praised is the 3 watch straps that you’re going to get when you buy it. It comes with brown leather strap, anti-static rubber strap and 316L stainless steel strap.

I need different straps for different purposes. I’d obviously want a leather strap when I’m going out for casual occasions but not when I’m off to work. When I’m off for a jog or a little adventure trip, rubber and not leather would be the obvious choice.

With the 3 straps that come with it, it makes Lum-Tec M55 a highly versatile tough watch.

#2: Victorinox 241429

The mention of Swiss Army definitely brings in the image of the rugged multi-purpose knife. There may be many knife makers, but none comes close to match the reputation of the Swiss Army.

What has Swiss Army to do with versatile and rugged watches? They may not have the cult of G-Shock when it comes to tough watches, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make great watches.

Best value for money tough analog wrist watch for 500 - Victorinox 241429Buckle of Victorinox Dive master 500 241429

Victorinox 241429 is one such watch. As part of Victorinox’s Dive Master 500 series, this watch clocks an impressive 500 meters water-resistance. If this is the most crucial parameter and you need something that survives more than 300 meters down, this would be the better choice compared to the Lum-Tec M55.

The best part about Victorinox 241429 is its gunmetal finish. So if you love wearing something that looks like a stealth military weapon on your wrist, there are not many alternatives you can find at this price range. If you’re specifically looking for nothing but military watches, you may want to check out our pick for the best military watches.

Do keep in mind not to confuse the gunmetal finish with black. It is NOT! If you are looking for a black watch, this is not for you.

With a dial size measuring 43mm, it is close to the M55 and good enough for the average-sized wrist. However, I’ve not managed to nail down the movement inside the Victorinox 241429. If you have, please let me know.

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#3: Luminox 3181

First off, let me begin by highlighting that Luminox watches are Swiss-made and so does the Luminox 3181. The quartz movement used to power this rugged-looking watch is the Ronda 5030.D, which belongs to the Ronda’s special catalogue. I’m not sure how the special series compares to the powertech series, but I have the impression that the powertech series (used in Lum-Tec M55) is superior to the one used for this 3181 piece from Luminox.

One area where Luminox watches (including this 3181 Navy SEAL Colormark Chronograph) fare worse than others is the water-resistance performance. Though it is used by the US Navy SEAL, it doesn’t mean they are able to survive the deepest ocean depth. Bring it down further than 200 meters and you may have to say farewell to your Luminox 3181.

With the 3181 Colormark Chronograph series, you will find Luminox’s proprietary Night Vision Tubes, similar to Lum-Tec’s MDV. While Lum-Tec’s MDV is great, it doesn’t explicitly mention how long we can expect the lume to last. In the case of Luminox, expect it to last for about 25 years. Impressive! Do you have any watch that is more than twenty years old?

With a dial size of 44mm, it is close to the two earlier models we’ve discussed. Coming in at 130g, Luminox 3181 is also close to what you get with the champion, M55. Not too heavy, not too light.

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For $500… The Winner Is…

I’ve picked my winner for the best tough watch if given a $500 budget. You may agree but you may also disagree. I don’t expect everyone with my choice either. As I mentioned from the beginning, watch selection is one that marries technology with aesthetics. So which of the three is your winner?

Looking for options with lower budget? Be sure to check out how the candidates battle it out in the $200 price segment.

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The Legendary Seiko BFK SKA371

It is no secret that when foks are talking about fine watch brands, the mention of Seiko is almost predictable. In the world of rugged (or badass) watches, Seiko may not be the first name that comes to mind but it does not mean that they are incapable of producing some of the world’s toughest watches.

Truth be told, Seiko BFK SKA371 stands among the legendary timepieces ever made. This review is going to bring to light the kind of tormenting torture that owners of SKA371 have put it under (and it survived!).

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Warning: The revelations that you are about to read are brutal and they are not for the faint hearted.

Don’t be deceived by its calm appearance

First of all, Seiko BFK SKA371 is an analog watch. At one glance, no one can tell for sure the real ruggedness that this watch has been made with. It does not boast the flashy bulky features that make Casio G-Shock watches so intimidating to other ordinary wristwatches.

Combination of the fact that Seiko is not particularly best known for producing monster watches and this model being an analog watch it is, most folks would doubt the real toughness of the SKA371.

BFK SKA371 in boiling waterClose up view of Seiko BFK SKA371

But based on the various stories and tests shared by some owners, SKA371 may not have the most fearsome look but it has a fearless heart that will see it through any extreme treatments thrown at it.

The most sadistic test that I’ve seen endured by SKA371 is found here.

There is a dozen of tests that were carried out and you could head on there if you want the detailed set-up that goes into every test cases. It is one long thread and for the benefits of those whose time is precious, here is a summary of what I deemed as more interesting test cases and results.

Let the Wheel Roll Over It!

This is better known as load bearing test. During the test, the BFK SKA371 was placed on the floor and it was rolled over by a Honda Odyssey. The test is equivalent to exerting 1200 pounds of load into this pity watch.

Surprise, surprise! The glass showed no sign of crack and it doesn’t crumble under that much pressure.

Let It Freeze to Death and Heat It Up!

Yes, you heard it right. In one test, the BFK SKA371 was put right inside a freezer (and next to a German sausage). It was left to freeze for close to 24 hours.

If the sound of leaving your Seiko inside the freezer sounds crazy enough, what was done to thaw the ice around the watch would be lunatic.

After the watch is taken out, hot water was poured to defrost the ice and the watch was dropped from chest-height to complete the ice defrosting. In another round of test, the frozen watch was placed straight to the hot and steamy dishwasher after it was taken out of the freezer.

Guess what the result was? The watch came out unscathed. Accuracy and precision remains intact!

Seiko SKA371 placed in dishwasherThe legendary Seiko frozen to death

Let It Spin!

To test the watch’s durability against centrifugal force, it was attached to a ceiling fan and was left spinning. It sounds crazy to me and this test should be nowhere close to what G-Shock’s aviation watches have to go through in their tests. But it gives you an idea on the built quality of the hand movement.

As expected, the watch passed this test with flying colors. All the hands remains as one piece.

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In this review, we have Seiko BFK SKA371 has surpassed all the most important traits that define a watch as real tough watch. Priced at slightly above the $200 mark, this is one of the real deal in terms of dollar for dollar comparison.

Having passed the above endurance tests (and with flying colors), I believe Seiko BFK SKA371 is a beautiful beast that is worthy of every consideration when one is looking for a watch that is stylish, elegant and fearless!

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Who are Suunto watches made for?

Suunto watch reviews

A Watch that Catches Up with Time

Check the time. Don’t ask why – just do it. You checked your phone, didn’t you? Or, you would have, if you didn’t have the time in the upper-right corner of this screen.

This illustrates an important point about today’s world. Technologies (and computers in particular) have more or less taken over as our primary sources of information. For any type of information, from the time, to the weather, to the latest in physics, mathematics, and chemistry.

What does this mean for you? That you have the entire corpus of human knowledge at your fingertips.

Innovation is Key!

What does it mean for watchmakers? Well, for them, it means that they have to innovate – quickly and dramatically – in order to catch your eye for long enough to get you to see their products. This is in order to get you to react positively enough to buy it.

This is no small feat, considering watches have to contend with smartphones in terms of convenience and usability.


Obviously, when it comes computing horsepower, it’s pretty much impossible for a watch to beat out a computer. Nonetheless, there still exist few niches that will ensure the relevant existence of watches, at least for the near future.

That is what specialized watchmakers like Suunto has attempted to do. In order to maintain their competitive edges, they have introduced a great deal of toughness and smartness into their watches.

This Suunto watch review will highlight to you what features you can expect in the latest Suunto watches. More importantly, understand the specific purposes that each feature has been designed for.

The Alternatives to Timetelling

It’s interesting that watches are no longer primarily tools of time telling. They obviously serve that purpose, but they’ve taken on additional specialized features, as well. Before we discuss those, though, let’s take a look at the basic traits of tough watches that modern manufacturers have started focusing on.

Look Matters!

The first is visual appeal. In the past, only watches belonging to the most prized category like Rolex and Jaeger-LeCoultre has to beef up the aesthetic appeal of their watches and rugged watches used to be associated with the bulkies and uglies.

But this is quickly becoming a thing of the past and makers of rugged watches like Suunto seem to have grasped this trend.

That is why if you read Suunto watch reviews, you’ll hear customers rave about the way their Suunto watches look more than about how well they function.

Well, don’t be mistaken here. The fact that customers are loving the aesthetics of Suunto watches does not undermine the great features and functionalities of their watches.

To me, it simply speaks volume on how far they have attempted to make wristwatches appealing once again.

Survival of the Toughest

Another aspect of watches that’s received a lot of attention is durability. The toughest watches on the market used to be those made for the military, surfeits of which were released to the general public.

Every watch offered by the brand will be water resistant, shock resistant, bump resistant, and shatterproof.

This is watchmaker’s ways of providing you with a functional backup to your phone or computer, both of which are significantly more fragile than just about any watch.

Again, Suunto watch reviews are full of people mentioning the surprising degree to which Suunto watches can withstand damage. People have dropped them into water, hit them on the wall accidentally, and one review even mentioned a watch that had been slammed in a car door, and survived.

Designed with Dedication in Mind

While Casio G-Shock still remains as today’s undisputed tough watch champion, other makers have been making good progress when it comes to making their watches rugged.

Suunto is one such brand. Taking the game one step further, the brand has established good rapport with the sports community.

Three Suunto watch series that are highly popular among outdoor enthusiasts are the Suunto Core, Suunto Vector and Suunto Elementum.

But if you’re looking for a timepiece to assist your performance training, Suunto core watch reviews are not what you’d want to be looking at. Instead, you may want to focus on Suunto Ambit, Suunto Quest and Suunto M-Series Collection.

If you’re a diving enthusiast or professional diver and looking for a good dive computer, Suunto’s award-winning D-Series dive computer collection is something you need to seriously consider.

Intelligence & Access to Wealth of Information

Multi-purpose Assistant

These basics are more or less expected of watches built these days. Like we mentioned above, many watchmakers are equipping their timepieces with special functions that your phone doesn’t offer, and that other production companies don’t include on every model.

These are typically geared towards the more outdoorsy folk. Features include altimeters (which detect your height above sea level), barometers (which measure air pressure and are useful for determining the probability of rain or storm) and compasses. In some advanced models, even GPS and tide clocks that tell divers and surfers when low and high tides are looming or leaving.

While none of this sounds useful to the average user off the bat, most people who buy a watch equipped with these extras not only enjoy them, but become rather dependent on them. It’s almost the same way we become dependent on the feed of information we get from our technology.

Looking at Suunto watch reviews, you’ll notice that people who bought watches coincidentally equipped with these feaures – i.e., people who didn’t really want barometers or compasses but just happened to buy a model that featured one – actually use them quite frequently.

I’ve ever met one woman who spoke strongly about the Suunto watch that she had. She went on to describe how she’d check her Suunto watch’s barometer before going out to work, as it would be an easy way for her to tell if she would later need her Tylenol for her joint pain. And then there is another Suunto watch owners who mentioned how he eventually used the compass on his watch far more than he’d initially anticipated, as it made it significantly easier for him to find his way around his home town on foot.

Where Suunto Stands

At the end of the day, relevance of watches as timekeepers are being eroded with the emergence of smart mobile devices. But, that doesn’t make watches themselves obsolete.

Suunto have innovated in all the right ways. They are making tougher, smarter, more versatile timepieces that do far more than just keep track of the day and hour.

Image credit Suunto
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