Military watch fans: Casio G-Shock Premiers Military Cloth Band Models

G-shock premiere military band banner

When it comes to military inspired watches, I have to say that G-Shock still owes their fans some explanation. No, it is not due to the lack of toughness that one who is in the army camp would yell about.

It is the lack of style or options that G-Shock is offering to one of their biggest fanbase – the men and women in military uniform!

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The unveiling of military cloth band models will be a delight to folks who are looking for alternatives other than stainless steel or resin type of materials. I know stainless steel is great and classy, but when you are in a camp, no one gives a damn about such classiness. Then there is the resin band option. Casio had done a good job in formulating a highly durable strap but some simply dislikes its appearance.

Casio G-Shock Military Cloth Black GA100MC-1A G-Shock Military Cloth Red GA100MC-2A


I believe the G-Shock military cloth band should fill this gap. It is a common knowledge that nylon-type of materials have been used widely in many aspects of the military – from bag to parachutes – and the latest unveiling is what many tough watch lovers have been anticipating.

What do you think of the latest salvo from G-Shock?

DOVER, NEW JERSEY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2013 — G-SHOCK has again combined rugged functionality and tough style with the latest addition to its ever-expanding range of technically fashionable timepieces: the GA100MC Military Cloth. By incorporating the raw durability of military stripped nylon webbing, an additional suggestion of adventure has been added to the iconic to GA100 series.

Built with G-SHOCK’s Magnetic Resist technology, this watch is resistant to the influence of magnetic fields encountered in modern life, resulting in minimal time deviation that would otherwise affect accuracy. Ideal for the “qualified self” or simply the inquisitive mind, the integrated Speed Indicator can calculate speed over a specified distance, showing readings on a digital display and analog sub-dial. Given the tendency to sleep late on those cool fall mornings, the G-SHOCK Military Cloth Band models come equipped with four independent daily alarms, as well as a snooze alarm to enjoy your lazy morning just a little longer.

Adding a further degree of visual toughness, the military cloth band reinforces the rugged performance of the GA100 model itself. While the collection remains performance driven, the three color schemes allow the fashion-conscious to communicate a little personality: the more reserved black and gray GA100MC-1A, the confident charcoal and orange GA100MC-1A4, and the bold GA100MC-2A in navy and red.

All models are 200M water resistant, shock resistant, employ a reverse LCD display, and feature, 48-city World Time, 1/1000th Sec. Stopwatch, Countdown timer , Auto LED light and of course, 12/24 hour formats for true military timekeeping.

“The Military Cloth Band introductions bring a utilitarian edge to these functional yet fashionable designs,” said Shigenori Itoh, Chairman and CEO of Casio’s Timepiece Division. “The collection nods to the streetwise that enjoy the adventurous outdoors.”

The GA100MC Military Cloth Band men’s watch collection will be available in September for $120 at select fashion boutiques, key jewelers, G-SHOCK NYC Soho store and on


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What watch is strong enough to take on Tiger Wood’s golf swing?

Tiger Woods has had his ups and downs over the last few years, but it seems as if he has finally turned the corner on his adulterous past. Woods, who now has 75 PGA wins to brag about, has dealt with many of his sponsors dropping him due to his relationship issues. Rolex, however, has decided that questionable relationships and decisions have nothing to do with the exceptional ability Tiger has when it comes to golf.

This is not the first time Tiger has been an endorser for Rolex. Back in his early pro days in 1996, Woods promoted the Rolex Tudor line, which is now discontinued. After that, Tiger was a sponsor for Tag Heuer, who dropped him after news of his scandal came to light. While that may have been an issue for Tag, Rolex chose to focus more on Tiger’s golfing history and abilities to make their decision, with a Rolex spokesperson stating that Woods has “a long career ahead of him, and has all the qualities required to continue to mark the history of golf”. This says quite a bit about the impression Woods has made not only in the golfing world, but also to those in the sponsorship world.

Do you know that the watch worn by Nadal during his 8th French Open victory cost £424,000?

So, what kind of tough watch can stand up to the powerful golf swing of Tiger Woods? That would be the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date II. This 41mm perpetual day-date watch is only available in gold and platinum, and was designed to handle the brutality of Tiger’s swings, even though he does not typically wear the timepiece when he is golfing. Instead, his watch has a special place in his bag so that it does not throw off the delicate balance of his swing.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date II in platinum is enhanced with an officially certified superlative chronometer. This mechanism is a precision movement that is designed to make it better than any other watch available. Most superlative chronometers are sent to the prestigious Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres, a Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute. Watches that contain these movements are generally given specs that are in the range of minus 4 seconds to plus 6 seconds in their timekeeping accuracy. Rolex, however, takes their specifications a step farther.

Do you know what watch is worn by the World’s greatest female racer?

Rolex sends their chronometers to COSC in order to get the certification for their timepieces, but once the chronometer is returned after testing and certification, Rolex retests and adjusts the movement so that it meets their even stricter demands of being accurate within minus 1 second to plus 5 seconds each day. This helps Rolex create a timepiece that exceeds the industry standards, making it worthy of being worn by Tiger Woods.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date II worn by Tiger Woods is an amazing example of Rolex’s dedication to expert craftsmanship. If you are interested in wearing this amazingly elegant and superlative timepiece, you can get one of your own for a mere $34,750. If you think the price tag is a little hefty, there are other Rolex Oyster Perpetual models that fetch lower (but not necessarily low enough for some people) price.

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The watch that Danica Patrick is wearing on her wrist

Danica Patrick began her racing career at the age of 10, when she began go-carting. From there, her experiences with racing have continued to grow, showcasing her amazing ability behind the wheel.

Danica Patrick has become known worldwide for her feats in racing, including the designation that she earned in 2005 when she became the first woman to lead a lap of the Indianapolis 500. Her abilities also helped her in 2009, when she finished 3rd, which is the best finish that any female driver has ever achieved in this prestigious race.

Probably the Best Female Racer

In 2010, Danica broadened her horizons by making the jump to Nascar racing, where she was able to finish higher than any other woman in history at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. While Danica has a rather rocky season in her rookie Sprint Cup Series, she does not let it bother her. Her goal right now is to learn, and continue to improve her skills so that she can once again reach the superstar status she earned in other forms of racing.

Even with her disappointing finishes as of late, this has not stopped her from garnering some great sponsorships, one of which is the pioneering watchmaker Tissot. Tissot was founded in 1853, and has become widely respected as a creator of high tech timepieces that incorporate advanced functionality and special materials into their watches to create some of the highest quality pieces available. The difference between this company and other prestigious watchmakers is that Tissot strives to provide their high quality luxury at a price that is significantly more affordable than any of the other Swiss watch brands available.

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The Tough Watch on Patrick’s Wrist

Patrick has been a brand ambassador for Tissot for quite some time, and they continually provide her with classic designs that can handle the rigors of racing, while still maintaining their quality and timekeeping abilities. Danica’s most recent Tissot watch is the Tissot PRC 200, a classically designed timepiece that combines elegance and sportiness effortlessly.

The Tissot PRC 200 is a limited edition watch that features counters and a tachymeter that belie its more athletic nature. However, the white leather strap and elegant dial give this watch an elegance that makes it equally fitting at the hottest gala as it is behind the wheel of a racecar. The watch also incorporates Danica’s car number 7 along with her logo on the back of the case. This engraved design also features Super-LumiNova® properties that ensure that it will shine in even the darkest of conditions.

This Tissot watch also features a scratch resistant sapphire crystal, a quartz movement, and is water resistant up to 200 m/660 ft. There are also orange details such as the number 7 and other accents that pay homage to Danica’s racing colors so there can be no doubt that this watch was made just for her. There are only 4,999 of the Tissot PRC 200 available, so you might find it a bit difficult to get one of your own.

If you’re looking for great tough watches, check out our ultimate shopping guide for the latest and popular tough G-Shock watches.

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Mind-boggling fact about the watch worn by Rafael Nadal at the French Open

While Rafael Nadal was amazing enough on the court at the French Open when he used his mind blowing, top spinning backhand against his opponents, it is the item on his wrist that has many heads spinning.

The Price Tag

Richard Mille RM 027In June 2013, Rafa has vindicated himself to stand among tennis’ all greats by winning his 8th French Open title. After his latest victory, he has gone one step further and accomplished what no other man in the history is able to. To tough watch enthusiasts, knowing what Rafa won during his spectacular victory will be interesting. Rafa won his eighth French Open crown while wearing an RM 027 Tourbillon made especially for him by Richard Mille. This extravagant timepiece may seem like your ordinary black plastic watch, but the hefty price tag of over $525,000 is definite proof that this is not the case.

Richard Mille, a Swiss luxury watch maker, decided to design a watch for Nadal in 2010, but the current version is by far the most expensive. The RM 027 was the latest in the line of creations that are designed to provide the best solutions available in the world of Haute Horlogerie. Mille’s goal was to create a luxury timepiece for Nadal that could withstand the extreme stress of Rafael’s tennis playing. The finished product was designed to show off the performance, shock resistance, and excellence of craftsmanship provided by the Richard Mille watches.

So, how on earth can a watch actually be worth so much money? I mean, after all, it’s just there to offer a convenient way to tell time, right?! Well, this watch is actually pretty amazing when you consider what it has inside, and the fact that it can stand up to the bumps and jostling that it goes through every time Rafael Nadal plays a game wearing it. Oh by the way, in case you are not aware, Nadal is known to have played some of the most physically intense game in the history of tennis.

What goes inside the watch

The RM 027 Tourbillon is a mechanical watch, meaning it does not require a battery of any kind. Instead, it uses the movements of the wrist to keep it running. It is also controlled by a tourbillon escapement, which transfers the energy of the movement of the wrist in order to keep the appropriate time. This type of watch mechanism was developed around the end of the 19th century for use in pocket watches, and seems an unlikely match with a sport such as tennis.

Richard Mille spent many hours researching materials that were both lightweight and resistant to extreme shocks, and there were several that Nadal tested out before his current watch was created. The RM 027 Tourbillon is made from titanium, LITAL®, and carbon based composite, which all work together to create a super technical watch that is the equivalent of wearing a Formula One car engine on your wrist when compared to all the other watches available.

The fact that this is a Tourbillon style watch, yet it can handle the jostling and extreme bumps that it receives when Nadal is on the court makes this a very unique watch. If you were hoping to get your own amazing $525,000 timepiece, they are no longer available – Mille only made 50 of these extravagant watches total. However, if you feel that you simply must have something like it, you can opt for the RM 035 Rafael Nadal Chronofiable® Certified, which comes in at a cool $106,324.80.

Haute watchmakers such as Richard Mille may put such exorbitant price tag to the watches that they’ve tailored for sponsorship, but the true price remains questionable to most people. Owning such a watch may be the ultimate dream of each and every one of us, but let’s be more realistic okay? If you are looking for watches that are rugged enough for your sporting needs and fit in to your budget, check out our ultimate tough watch comparison table here.

Image credit: Forbes
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G-Shock Summer 2013: Prepare Your Wallet For These Garish Colors

Casio is releasing new G-Shock models with “garish” colors (their term, not mine). I don’t know about you, but to me they are not “garish” whatsoever.

I might even say that they have muted colors (see the picture below). Nevertheless, they are beautiful beasts. I especially love the GA110BR-5A and will definitely get that model for my collection.

If budget permits, I would love to get GA110GW-7A to add to my white G-Shock collection. But I also like the AWGM100GW-7A.

Gosh… I know for sure that Amanda would love the AWGM100GW-7A as she is particularly fond of contrasting colors and this bezel. Anyway I also reproduce the press release below if you are interested to read more.

So, what do you think of this new garish colors? Are they garish enough for you? Will you buy one? Two? Or six of them? Leave a comment to let us know.

DOVER, NJ, July 16, 2013 — Casio G-SHOCK is set to release a new lineup of Garish Color timepieces this July. The recent assortment of Garish Color watches come in black and white as well as brown and gold tones with subtle bursts of metallic. Devised to withstand immense shock and water resistance, the latest run of Garish Color models are perfect for the long summer days by the beach as they are equipped with advanced performance technology perfect for an adventurous summer lifestyle.

Two of the new models, the GA110GW-7A and GA110BR-5A, showcase a layered analog and digital display and come in either white with a black dial or brown with a gold dial. Like all GA110 models, the GA110GW-7A and GA110BR-5A timepieces both demonstrate 48 City world time display, 1/1000th second stopwatch with speed indicator, flash alert, 24 hr countdown timer, and 12/24 hr time formats.

The DW6900BR-5 features the iconic digital case for G-SHOCK, has a metallic gold mirror dial and a brown resin band. In addition to its shock resistant case, it is also 200M water resistant and has a multi-function alarm and 1/100th Sec. Stopwatch.

Another great style is the full analog GAC100GW-7A chronograph that has a simple, yet intricate dial set within what is quickly becoming a popular case for G-SHOCK. The dial utilizes metal parts to create a variety of levels that makes the information displayed easy to read. Features for this model include a large screw lock crown, 200 meter water resistance, 1/20th sec. chronograph, date display and magnetic resistance along with shock resistance.

The final two models in the Garish color line-up utilize color blocking of black and white for a panda look. They feature white cases, black bands, black dials and metallic displays. These men’s watches are composed of the AWGM100GW-7A and GW6900GW-7 models. Both of these models feature Tough Solar Power and Multi-Band 6 atomic time keeping, to keep the watches running and precise. Additional features include: 48-city world time, 5 daily alarms, full auto LED light, 1/100 second stopwatch, countdown timer and 12/24 hr format.

The Garish Color models are the latest additions to G-SHOCK’s highly anticipated summer collection. Flawless for the warmer months ahead, the DW6900BR-5 will retail for $99, while the GW6900GW-7, GA110GW-7A and GA110BR-5A will retail for $150. Rounding out the delivery are the GAC100GW-7A, which will retail for $170, and the AWGM100GW-7A, which will retail for $180. All timepieces are available this July at select Macy’s, select fashion boutiques, key jewelry stores and G-Shock’s Soho store in NYC and


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Review of GW4000-1A vs GW4000D-1A

The G-Shock GW4000-1A and GW4000D-1A are among the latest collection from Casio G-Shock Aviation series. The first question that would definitely come to mind when you compare the two models is what features, functionalities or capabilities contribute to the $100 different between the GW4000-1A and GW4000D-1A.


The Band Materials

Referring to our G-Shock serial number decryption method, you can easily tell that both GW4000-1A and GW4000D-1A are identical in almost every aspect except for their bands or straps.

Notice the additional letter ‘D’ on the latter model. This additional letter ‘D’ is used to indicate the band material used for the GW4000D-1A model. This letter is used for stainless steel band material type.

For the GW4000-1A, the band material used is the normal black resin that is the defacto type of material used in every G-Shock watch.

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The Price Difference

This band material difference attributes to the $100 MSRP difference between the GW4000-1A and GW4000D-1A. Again, the choice is entirely your preference to make.

Some guys like the heavier feel of the stainless steel material while enjoying what is supposed to be stronger durability. On the other hand, some guys prefer the black resin option because it is lighter but at the trade-off with durability.

Should You Wait?

If you are among the undecided because you want a durable watch but feel that a stainless steel G-Shock watch would be too heavy, you might want to put your patient to the test a bit longer.

At the time of this writing (January 2013), Casio has released a new GWA1000FC-2A. The GW1000FC-2A is supposed to be the jack of all trades as it combines both resin and stainless steel material together.

But do not take my word as a guarantee that Casio will repeat the feat for the GW4000-1A and GW4000D-1A though.

The Dial

Wait a minute. There is another difference between the GW4000-1A and GW4000D-1A, though I consider it more of a cosmetic rather than substantial.

The GW4000-1A features orange highlights to its dial face. It is claimed to be an additional safety feature as it allows you read the time reading more quickly and easily.

Unless you are a true aviator whose almost daily job is to make thousands of feet descends to the earth, I think this is a subtle feature. It differentiate the two, but it is not something that contributes to the $100 price difference.

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My 2-Cents Worth of Advice

If you need a tough watch right now and dislike the idea of waiting in uncertainty, then you need to decide for yourself what is best for you.

Unless you have specific problem or bad experience with G-Shock resin band, I would think it is wiser to save the $100 and go for the GW4000-1A rather than the more expensive GW4000D-1A alternative.

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