G-Shock GWA1000FC-1A Review

Earlier, we have discussed about one Casio G-Shock’s flagship model, the GWA1000FC-2A. It was earlier released as a sequel to two of G-Shock Aviation’s most popular models, the GWA1000-1A and GWA1000D-1A.

Most recently, Casio officially announced the arrival of the its latest addition to this highly popular and well-received G-Shock series. It is none other than the GWA1000FC-1A.

Phew… So many serial numbers indeed. And they are all looking the same.

If you are now feeling fuzzy and confused by all the numbers, then you should read our earlier discussion on how to decipher G-Shock serial numbers.

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A Superb Watch to Begin With

To begin with, the latest G-Shock GWA1000FC-1A is by far a superb tough watch. Being lined up as part of the G-Shock aviation family, you can expect all the toughness that has many aviators coming back for more.

If you are an avid aviator and you often find yourself in a free fall, descending towards the central gravity of the earth, then there is hardly any other watch that can outlast the G-Shock aviation models.

Triple-G Resist

One spectacular feature that characterizes every aviation collection is the Triple-G Resist.

If you are wondering what the triple stands to represent, it is the three most fearful forces on earth namely the Gravity, Centrifuge and Vibration. In order for a watch to earn G-Shock’s Triple-G lable, it has to undergo 3 different extreme tests.

Trust me, they are designed to be so extreme it is almost beyond any logical reasoning.

First, let’s look at the Gravitational force test. The test requires the watch to resist 15G of gravitational force, which is the maximum level that has been spelled out in ISO 2269.

This is the gold standard for any equipments to be considered fit for the aviators.

As for the Centrifugal force test, little detail has been provided on the standard benchmark that is being used.

Third is the Vibrational test. Japan Industrial Standard (JIS D1601 Class 4A) is the benchmark used to measure the vibration resistance. To be exact, it exceeds the 20G acceleration to qualify something as an in-vehicle parts on 2-wheeled vehicles.

Well, all right all right. I know these technical details might sound too much and it can be nauseating for most people. To put it in a more digestable perspective, 12G is the maximum that an aerobatic fighter jet pilot would have ever encountered, 7G was measured during Apollo 16 re-entry and the Formula One (dubbed as fastest jet on land) racer experiences up to 6G.


Since the watch requires little introduction to most G-Shock fans, the question that gets asked most often is what differentiates it from its closest predecessor, the GWA1000FC-2A?

Well, I can tell you that the difference is more of style than substance. But it is one that is very logical if you think of it. Based on the serial numbers alone, you can easily tell them apart.

The serial numbers among the two are identical except for the second last digit. The predecessor is tagged with the digit ‘2’ while the latest addition to the family is tagged with the digit ‘1’.

What does this mean? Refering back to our holy grail of decrypting G-Shock serial number, this digit represents the color of the watch. Digit ‘2’ is used to indicate blue color. In the case of the earlier GWA1000FC-2A, it is more of navy blue casing. On the other hand, digit ‘1’ is used to indicate black color.

Therefore, in plain simple language, the two siblings only differ from one another in terms of their color build.

The Complete G-Shock GWA1000FC Collection

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Rugged or Casual: It’s Your Choice

This is in fact, the main reason why I said it is a logical thing for Casio to release such model. Ask yourself this simple question. If you are asked to choose between a black G-Shock over other colors (particularly ones that are reputed for their extreme toughness), which would you go for?

I am not trying to make judgement here. But I believe majority of you would prefer black. If you are, then the release of GWA1000FC-1A definitely brings you every reason to rejoice.

According to the official tagline, GWA1000FC-1A is designed to project a more rugged look while GWA1000FC-2A is designed to project a more casual look. So, ask yourself what your preference is. Do you want a tough watch that looks really tough or do you want a tough watch with a more subdued look?

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G-Shock GWA1000FC-2A Review

One of the most fascinating members of the G-Shock family is the G-Shock Aviation collection. The Triple-G Resist construct found in each G-Shock aviation watch makes your watch durable against 3 of the most powerful forces of physics: Graviational force, Centrifugal force and Vibrational forces.

Combined together with G-Shock durability, these make every G-Shock aviation watches a lethal timepiece that attracts not only the aviators, but also G-Shock and non G-Shock fans alike. G-Shock GWA100FC-2A has all these attributes that easily qualify itself as among the toughest watches.


Zooming in on GWA1000FC-2A

Earlier, Casio released two aviation models, namely the GWA1000-1A and GWA1000D-1A. These two models are two of essentially the same kind.

The difference between the two is subtle to the eyes of commoners but significant to the eyes of the fanatic.

Thanks to our earlier article which discussed a simple way to decrypt G-Shock serial number (See: Simple Ways to Decrypt G-Shock Serial Number), you can now easily tell the difference between the GWA1000-1A and GWA1000D-1A just from their serial numbering alone.

This is without even looking at the physical appearance of the watches.

G-shock gwa1000fc-2a triple g resist featureSmart access feature on GWA1000FC-2a4-layer dials on Gshock gwa1000fc-2a

Successor to Popular Aviation Models

Following the huge popularity and success of the GWA1000-1A and GWA1000D-1A models, Casio released a new addition to this specific aviation brotherhood.

In January 2013, came the new GWA1000FC-2A. Again, thanks to our simple decrypt mechanism, you can immediately tell what the difference the new GWA1000FC-2A brings to the table.

Since all the three models start with ‘GWA’ prefix, they are using exactly the same module to power the features, functions and capabilities of the three watches. What does this mean to the laymen? This simply means that expect no difference between GWA1000FC-2A and its two predecessors.

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Next, the case model used for the three watches is that of ‘1000’ case model. Again, what does this mean in simple terms? It means that the three watches are made using the same base casing. You can expect all the case dimension (thickness and diameter) to be the same for GWA1000FC-2A and its predecessors.

Now comes the interesting part where the three models differ. First, the GWA1000-1A does not include any material indicator. Black resin seems to be the default material for G-Shock watches. So, this is not spelt out in the model serial number.

Second, ‘D’ is the material indicator for the GWA1000D-1A. The alphabet ‘D’ is used to refer to stainless steel material for the strap. For the new GWA1000FC-2A model, the material indicator in this case is ‘FC’.

This seems to be the first time that Casio is introducting the ‘FC’ label. From its official site, the strap material is said to be made of ‘Fine Resin Composite’ square elements combined with steel-embedded H-shape elements.

The reason for introducing this new material stemmed to be the heavy weight caused by metal bands and lower durability of the resin bands. The new combination of fine resin composite with steel elements is a trade-off between the two. It is lighter than metal band but more durable than resin band.

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The next difference is the between the new GWA1000FC-2A and its earlier models is the color. ‘2’ is used instead of ‘1’. ‘2’ is used for blue color. In this case, the GWA1000FC-2A combines the navy blue color with black.

The Complete G-Shock GWA1000FC Collection

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My 2-Cents Worth

In short, if you feel that GWA1000D-1A is too heavy but worry about the strength of GWA1000-1A’s resin band, GWA1000FC-2A could be what you have been hoping for. But if you think that the GWA1000FC-2A is going to cost somewhere in-between its predecessors, then you would be disappointed. The price of the GWA1000FC-2A turns out to be the same as that of GWA1000D-1A.

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Review of Casio G-Shock AWGM100-1A vs AWGM100B-1A

Digital watch is a wonderful invention that offers watch seeker the option to move away from the typical watch with analog hand movement. Apparently, not everyone loves the idea of digital and there are those who simply love the combination of analog and digital in a single watch.

You may call them indecisive or whatever, but it seems that the number of people belonging to this group is large enough that even attracted the attention from Casio. The G-Shock AWGM100-1A and G-Shock AWGM100B-1A are two G-Shock models that have been designed mainly to cater to the taste and demand of this market segment for tough watches.

If you are new to G-Shock, it is advisable to get basic understanding about how the G-Shock serial number works. It will help you understand at a glance how to distinguish one model from another and how they differ not only externally, but also internally.

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Looking Back at AWG100-1

The AWGM100-1A and AWGM100B-1A are G-Shock’s improvement to the previously released AWG100-1 model. Just for your info, AWG100-1 is one model that was hugely popular. However, there were several drawbacks that the newer AWGM100-1A and AWGM100B-1A attempted to address.

Atomic Timekeeping

First, all three – AWG100-1, AWG100-1A and AWGM100B-1A – are equipped with Casio’s much touted atomic timekeeping.

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To laymen terms, this simply means that your watch possess a self-adjusting capability. This capability is not limited to small tick synchronization but also encompasses daylight saving.

Ultimately, this means that after you bought the watch, you can be assured of time accuracy and you can even forget about adjusting your watch to take into account the daylight saving as the atomic timekeeping feature does all this job for you.

However, one limitation with the initial the AWG100-1 was that it was not designed to work with all the 6 atomic timekeeping stations spread across the globe.

The 6 stations are geographically scattered with 2 of them operated in Japan, 1 each in North America, Germany, UK and China. The AWG100-1 was designed to work with only 5 of the 6 atomic timekeeping stations worldwide with China being the exclusion.

The newer AWGM100-1A and AWGM100B-1A are able to work with all the 6 stations.

5 Daily Alarms

The other shortcoming of the AWG100-1 is the single alarm that many find too limiting. I’m not sure why would anyone need so many alarm. The AWGM100-1A and AWGM100B-1A comes with 5 daily alarm functionality.

This means that you can set one alarm that will wake you up every morning. One alarm, err, to remind you to take your lunch. One alarm, err, to remind you that it is time to knock off. And you still have room for two more.

Whether or not having multiple alarms is important, I think it depends on every individual.

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Auto-LED Illumination

The next shortcoming that is being addressed in the newer AWGM100-1A and AWGM100B-1A models is the lack of ‘auto’ LED illumination built in the AWG100-1 model.

‘Auto’ here refers to the automatic light ambience sensor that once it detects the level of light is too low, the LED illumination will be automatically turned on when it sense a flicker on your wrist.

While this sounds like a cool feature, some complain about it being overly sensitive while some absolutely love it. Personally, I don’t find it much of a use.

Time Telling Made Easier

The other thing that is being improved in the two newer models is the materials used to make the hands and markers. Neo-brite luminuous material is used to make the hands and markers which should make them glowing and visible in the absence of light.

Compared to their predecessor, the newer models is equipped to handle 31 World time zones compared to 29 in the earlier model.

On Battery Life

The original AWG100-1A performs better when it comes to battery life. The approximate battery life when fully charged (and without subsequent exposure to any light) is 7 months compared to 6 months for the two newer generations.

On Weight

Lastly, all three models come in identical dimension but the newer models are slightly heavier (at 56.4g) compared to their predecessor (at 54.3g).

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Now that we’ve discussed all the improvements found in the AWGM100-1A and AWGM100B-1A, the next natural question is how do the two differ?

This is where our G-Shock serial number decipher guide comes in handy. Just by looking at the serial number alone, you could easily tell that both of them are identical in all aspects except for their face dial.

The AWGM100-1A uses silver stainless steel casing and grey face dial. The AWGM100B-1A uses black stainless steel casing and black face dial. Yes, the difference between the two G-Shock models is down to this simple feature. Nothing more. Nothing else.

Price-wise, both models come with the same price tag. During their launches, the MSRP for both AWGM100-1A and AWGM100B-1A is $150. On and off, if you are lucky enough, you would be able to buy the two watches at a price lower than their MSRP with some of the online retailers.

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Casio G-Shock 6900 Series

We have earlier discussed about the Casio G-Shock serial numbering and how to decipher what each part of the serial number means.

This time round, we are going to present the Top 5 list of Best-Selling G-Shock 6900 series. I will talk in a while on what is our criteria for picking up the top 10 winner. But before going into the Top 10 list, there is a newcomer to the G-Shock 6900 family that I believe many of you would be thrilled to see.

It is none other than the GB6900AA-1. What is special about GB6900AA-1? Find out below.

Bluetooth-enabled GB6900AA-1: A technology whose time has come?

The G-Shock GB6900AA-1 is among the latest wave of breakthrough that G-Shock is offering to fans worldwide.

The worldwide dominance of Apple’s iPhone is undeniable. With hundreds of millions of smartphone users scattered across the globe, there is definitely going to be plenty of G-Shock fanatics who own an iPhone.

The race towards a truly wearable smart watch has just started and GB6900AA-1 is one small attempt in this direction. Using Bluetooth connectivity, it is able to communicate with the iPhone.

Expect the Basics

We are only at the beginning of a new computing era and honestly speaking, the features and capabilities of the watch is limited only the basics.

At the very least, GB6900AA-1 is able to notify you of incoming call or email. This alone, is cool, but only if you are among technology early adopters.

I’m not sure how big a deal it is to you to be able to receive call notification when you still have to go to the phone to pick up the call. I’m not sure how big a deal it is to you to know you have an incoming e-mail when you still have to go to the phone to read and reply to your e-mails.

If you find these features to be a big deal, then I’m sure you’d be thrilled with G-Shock’s latest innovation with the G-Shock GB6900AA-1.

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Before going into each of the G-Shock 6900 models, I will spell out the criteria used to pick up this exclusive club of the G-Shock 6900 collections.

There are 3 basic indicators that I used to rank the popularity of each watch. The first indicator is the number of customer reviews that are found online. More number of reviews means more people have bought and tried the watch. All the G-Shock 6900 watches are sorted by the number of reviews they have received.

This is an important foundation for the next indicator. The next indicator is the average rating for the watch. The average rating has to be at least 4 stars. Anything less than 4 stars will be eliminated from the list.

The third indicator that I’ve used is well, my personal flair or taste.

#1: DW6900-1V

Sitting on top of my G-Shock 6900 best seller chart is the G-Shock DW6900-1V. The DW6900-1V belongs to the G-Shock Classic family.

Based on the customers who have purchased the DW6900, one thing is clear. The single most important feature that makes DW6900-1V a best seller is its durability and well, price.

Compared to other G-Shock watches, the DW6900-1V is far from being the most sophisticated in terms of features.

This G-Shock 6900 classic watch is not the most beautiful G-Shock available (If you’re looking for G-Shock watches that look great, try the G-Shock Limited Edition collection).

You can get the DW6900-1V from many authorized G-Shock retailers, but Amazon is where you would most likely find the best deal. Other than its low price, positive feedback from customers who have purchased the DW6900-1V from Amazon is the Free and fast shipping time.

#2: GW6900-1

Do your own survey around and I think you would eventually end up agreeing with me that DW6900 is one of the most loved and best selling G-Shock 6900 watch, probably of all time.

However, when it comes to features and functionalities, it is still bare to the basic. The G-Shock GW6900-1 is a step-up improvement when it comes to feature. From the look and feel, it is not immediately clear how the GW6900-1 differs from the former.

Both GW6900-1 and its sibling model are built using the same case design. The additional features found inside the GW6900-1 are the Solar charging and Atomic timekeeping.

With solar charging, you can say goodbye to battery replacement. Once fully charge, the battery on the GW6900-1 can typically last between 6-9 months before the next charge.

With atomic timekeeping, it ensures that your watch is automatically synchronized every night when the chip inside the GW6900-1 picks up from one of the 6 global atomic transmitting stations.

#3: DW6900NB-7

The third best seller from G-Shock 6900 series is the DW6900NB-7. Again, by going back to our decrypting methodology, we can immediately tell from the serial number that DW6900NB-7 is going to be alike to DW6900-1V in almost every aspect except for two things.

First, the additional ‘NB’ label is used to indicate that DW6900NB-7 is using different dial. This difference turns out to be the mirror metallic dial used in DW6900NB-7.

Second, the last digit ‘7’ is used to indicate that this model is a G-Shock white watch. Aside from this, features and functionalities of the two watches are the same.

#4: DW6900MS-1

Next down my list of best selling G-Shock 6900 watches is the G-Shock DW6900MS-1 model.

Similarly, DW6900MS-1 is a cosmetic modification of the DW6900-1V. The DW6900MS-1 is a G-Shock military inspired series.

This sounds logical because there are large number of military personnel choose G-Shock because of its ruggedness and toughness. Unlike the original shiny resin band, the band used in DW6900MS-1 is stealth with black finishing that is also applied to the watch case.

Another subtle cosmetic modification found in the DW6900MS-1 is in the big ‘G’ button found on the watch. The button is ion plated and instead of silver finishing, it is made to black finishing.

If you are specifically looking for military watches, be sure to check out our pick for the best military watches. Find out if this watch makes it to be among the finest.

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#5: DW6900CB-1

Fifth on the chart is the DW6900CB-1 model. If the DW6900MS-1 draws its inspiration from military fashion suit, the DW6900CB-1 is aesthetically design to give you more casual but yet bold look.

G-Shock DW6900MS-1 still retains the resin band, but it is now combined with gold face. Black and gold makes such a perfect combination which makes this G-Shock 6900 black & gold watch such a beauty. Sufficient contrast between the two colors make it easy to read the time on your DW6900CB-1 watch.

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How G-Shock Frogman Watches are Built for Maximum Toughness

Introduction to G-Shock Frogman Collection

If you’ve ever worn a wrist watch, I’m sure you are no stranger to the name Casio G-Shock. The brand symbolizes toughness that no other watch makers can rival. Yet, only a limited handful of fanatic G-Shock fans know that there is the Master of G series that is made tougher than the other G-Shock families.

Master of G series are tougher than the rest because their designs have been tailored for extreme purpose needs. The G-Shock Frogman is one line from the Master of G collection that has been extremely popular.

The reason? It is because like its name suggest, the G-Shock Frogman has been designed to survive on land, muddy soil and underwater.

If you are in a profession that requires you to be operating under such condition, Casio Frogman would be the ideal choice. You don’t have to worry about condensation or corrosion as Frogman watches are well protected to prevent water from coming in. The case design has also been especially designed to prevent dust and sand from wreaking havoc to your watch.

Or if you simply want a watch that requires minimal ‘babysitting’ and yet still able to last for a decade, you have the answer in Casio Frogman’s watches.

The last Frogman model released in 2014 is the limited edition navy-themed GF1000NV-2. It was released with a price tag of around $700. But less than a year later, this model has become increasingly hard to get. As of my last check, it is fetching in the neighborhood of $1.2k.

If you are looking to buy a Casio Frogman not from investment angle, the highly popular GF8250ER-2 or GWF1000-1 will be the ones that you want to be looking at.

The G-Shock GWF1000-1 and GF8250ER-2 might have been released for a few years now but until today, they remain two of Casio G-Shock’s best-selling models.

Can the Frogman be Used for Diving?

All Casio Frogman watches meet all the technical specification for scuba diving. The video below shows the water test that is being carried out before each Frogman watch can earn its water resistant rating.

If you are a passionate diver and happens to be a G-Shock fanatic, the Frogman watches would be the perfect option.

However, G-Shock Frogman watches are not the only tough watches designed for diving use. For the casual divers, the other affordable alternative would be the Suunto’s line of dive watches. However, if you are a professional diver, you may want to check out our pick of the Top 3 diving watches.

Looking for the Best Buy below $200? Find out which 3 watches are Rated as the Best

Unique Characteristics of the Frogman Collection

There are few features that characterize a Frogman watch. First, all Frogman watches are Solar Powered or more commonly branded as Tough Solar Power.

It is not clear what the term tough is supposed to represent. The principle behind is pretty simple. Most of us have probably grown up with a solar-powered calculator that constantly recharges itself without requiring any battery replacement.

G-Shock’s Tough Solar Power works very much in the same way. It is able to convert not only solar but also fluorescent lights into energy that is sufficient to recharge the watch battery.

This means that if you buy a Frogman collection, you are virtually assured of ‘eternal’ battery lifetime and you’ll never need to replace your watch battery.

Looking for specific G-Shock model? Try our ultimate G-Shock collection database

Made as a diving watch, all watches labeled as Frogman will be in compliant to the ISO 6425 divers’ watches standard. To qualify as ISO 6425 compliance, a watch has to be water resistance for up to 200 meters.

In fact during the testing, these watches underwent pressure testing at depth of up to 250 meters. So, unless you are trying to break World’s diving record, it is good enough for most folks (like myself).

These two features alone were enough to propel the popularity of the initial G-Shock Frogman models. Later on, to strengthen its grip among hardcore divers and outdoor adventure lovers fans, two additional killer features have been added to all Frogman watches.

The two features are the Atomic Timekeeping and the Tide & Moon Graphs. G-Shock’s cult-like following seems to grow with every introduction of new features and the same applies to the Frogman line of watches.

That Unique Asymmetry

Another feature that makes G-Shock Frogman stand out from the rest of the G-Shock watches is the asymmetrical design of the watch case.

This is a bold design from Casio that not many other watches have managed to follow suit. The next time you bumped into a G-Shock watch and it does not look symmetrically balanced, you can be assured that 95% of the time, it is a Frogman line-up.

Timeline & Evolution of the Frogman series

I am a guy who is always fascinated by history and evolution. To help give you some perspective on the different G-Shock Frogrman models that have been released over the years, here is a list of G-Shock Frogman watches that have ever been made and sold in the market.

If you are aware of any model that is not found on my list, do drop me a line and I’ll be more glad to add into the list and I’ll thank you for that.

2010 Collection: GF8250

In 2010, a new addition to the Frogman collection was introduced. The new addition was the GF8250-9 model. Applying our G-Shock serial number decryption technique, the casing used for the watch is numbered 8250.

The color code is ‘9’ which is used to represent yellow. The GF8250-9 quickly turned into one of G-Shock’s most loved model.

Hence, the GF8250ER-2 model was released subsequently. With earth tone color combination, the GF8250ER-2 turned out be even more popular than its successor.

Due to the popularity of this model, it was selected as one of the base model for G-Shock 30th anniversary celebration and the G-Shock GF8230A-4 is the special limited edition model that uses this base design.

2009 Collection: GWF1000

In 2009, Casio released a new Frogman model that came equipped with the Atomic Timekeeping function. The new model was labeled with GWF1000 series.

There are many variants to this series, but most of them present nothing but cosmetic touch up to the basic GWF1000-1 model. As you can tell from the serial number, they are using the 1000 casing as the base.

For Military Watch Fans Only: G-Shock Premieres Military Cloth Band Models

2001 Collection: GW200

The Complete Line-up of GW200 Family
The Frogman GW200BC-1The Frogman GW200CF-7Yellow G-Shock GW200GM-9The Rugged GW200K-2The highly durable GW200RB-1The classic GW200 series

Way back in 2001, the Frogman model introduced for that year was the GW200 series. The basic model carries the serial number GW200-2.

This simply means that the case design is numbered as 200 and the original variant of this series come in blue color (‘2’). Subsequently, many variants of the GW200 model were introduced.

Some of them with face dial enhancements while some were just color variants of the basic model. This series include a G-Shock military inspired model labeled as GW200MS-1.

1995 Collection: DW8200

The Complete Line-up of DW8200 Family
Frogman DW8200-1ADigital G-Shock DW8200K-8Digital Frogman DW8200WC-7ATMilitary-inspired DW8200MS-8TThe cool DW8200AC-9T
Tough Frogman DW8200NK-2Cool Frogman DW8200F-4Classic DW8200BK-1DW8200NT2-4DW8200B-9A

Going back earlier in time, the second generation of G-Shock born in the Frogman family was the DW8200 model. Due to the popularity of the DW8200 model, it continued to be in production for few subsequent years after it was introduced.

There are also many variation of colors, but most of them if not all of them are no longer in production today. Nonetheless, some people still claim their DW8200 models to be still perfectly functioning with some of them still fetching collectible prices in the market.

1993 First Ever Frogman Collection: DW6300

The G-Shock Frogman Pioneer
The very first generation of G-Shock frogman - DW6300-1A

Exactly one decade after the first G-Shock was introduced, the first G-Shock Frogman watch was born.

It was labeled with DW6300 serial number. It is not clear to me how popular exactly this first generation was. There is not too much information available about this Frogman series.

Image credit Glenn Harper
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Casio G-Shock GF8230A-4 Review

2013 is the year when Casio’s flagship and highly popular G-Shock line of watches turn 30. Three decades is a long time. To consistently stay on top of the game for such a long period of time is truly a non-easy feat. That is why Casio has decided to hold a year-long 30th anniversary celebration that kicked off in September 2012. Among the few limited anniversary edition announced during the initial kick off was G-Shock GF8230A-4. But just what makes this model so special?

Own a Piece of History

First of all, to begin with, inspiration of this commemorative G-Shock GF8230A-4 model is inspired by G-Shock Master of G series. To be exact, it is a specially enhanced variation of the FROGMAN GF8250-2 model, one of G-Shock’s toughest watches and most popular model. One notable difference is the color tone of the GF8230A-4 which is entirely different from the earth tone colors that were made available for GF8250-2 model.

Looking for specific G-Shock model? Try our ultimate G-Shock collection database

GF8230A-4 comes in bold and striking combination of red and black. This is the signature color for all Casio’s G-Shock 30th Anniversary limited edition watches. Since only limited quanity of this model to be produced, this commemorative model has dual appeals.

First, it has the functionality appeal that makes the FROGMAN GF8230A-4 so well-loved. Second, it is seen as highly valuable from collectors’ perspective, just like all the rest of the G-Shock limited edition series.

Designed by one of the world’s renowned graffiti artist Eric Haze, the gloss red digital watch with gold mirror face projects strong and bold characters of those wearing it. Own a piece of G-Shock history with GF8230A-4 timepiece.

Feature Highlights of GF8230A-4

It’s a Frog! It’s made to survive on Land and on Water

Next, onto the features of GF8230A-4. Being part of the G-Shock Frogman line-up, this watch is designed to be an amphibious tough watch.

In laymen terms, this simply means a device that is designed to be operated and survived both on land and on water. So, if you are into water sports or spend significant amount of time in contact with the water, then you know what you’re looking at.

The GF8230A-4 has a dive timer which you would definitely find useful on your diving trip. Be it for leisure or professional diving. It is designed to withstand atmospheric pressure of up to 200M below the water surface.

By any means, there are not many watches out there that can offer you this kind of depth. On average, you would get in the range of 30-50M, unless you are talking about watches designed for professional diver. Don’t just take my word for it. Take a look at the video below to see the kind of testing that is being carried on each of the G-Shock watch for them to attain the ISO 200M label.

Let me know if you can find other watch brands that undergo such burgeoning test processs. I bet there will not be many.

To assist you in determining the weather information before you set out for the sea, GF8230A-4 comes with tide and moon graphs. This will let you know when the tide is low and it is high. So the next time before heading down the water, you can better prepare and equip yourself by simply turning to your wrist and glance at the information being displayed on your watch.

Bid farewell to battery replacement

Another remarkable feature of this watch is its Solar Powered rechargeable battery. This is probably the next best alternative to the convenience we enjoy in automatic watches. Being rechargeable means that (theoretically) we no longer need to head down to the store or open up the watch to replace its battery with a new one.

But take note that battery being an electronic device, no one can provide the guarantee that the battery will last forever. The lifespan of solar powered rechargeable batter is of course dependant on many factors and how well you maintain them. Just like any other rechargeable battery technology, expect defects and leakage over time.

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One advice that I always followed in taking care of my solar-powered G-Shock watches is to wear them on regular basis, just to make sure that you charge up the battery periodically, before the battery runs out completely.

If you live in tropical climate where you get to see sunshine all year long, this would not be a serious problem. However, if you live in non-tropical climate where you do not have sunshine luxury all year round, you need to pay particular attention.

For now, I’ll leave you with the technical specification of the G-Shock GF8230A-4.

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