What Tough Watches are Fine Enough for Military Personnel?

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Why continue staring in frustration at your tired old jewelry? Beautiful and dazzling, men’s Military watches are a superb means to make a social status statement about yourself. Consumers take advantage of the loveliness and physical appearance of these men’s Military watches.

Look for the right gender and material from the different listed items to get what you desire. In addition, men’s vintage Military watches can be purchased from all over the globe.

Discover all the ideas and facts about the best military watches and what makes them the best in the world. In this article we are going to focus purely on selected brands that are considered as the best of the best.

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Who Make the Finest Military Watches?

ArmourLite ISOBrite T100

ISOBrite is the first T100 lightweight polycarbonate watch. Plenty of good reasons make this the most superb military watch. First and foremost, it is powered by lithium battery that needs replacing no sooner than 10-years. Simply, this means that you can forget about going to the watch repair shop for any battery replacement.

I’ve had few watches that last more than 10-years, but they are exceptional watches. Honestly speaking, I’d consider a watch that can last for 10 years to be good enough investment. From the way I see it, the Armourlite ISO100 is a virtual automatic watch that requires no battery replacement during its entire life.

The case itself is made of sapphire crystal. Compared to the cheaper acrylic or mineral crystal, sapphire crystal gives a guarantee of toughness. Being tough means you can expect it to survive bumps and bangs where acrylic and mineral crystal counterparts will not.

One feature that owners of ArmourLite ISO100 like to rave about is its superior illumination brightness. A check with all other watches that I have (G-Shock GWA1000FC-1A and Luminox 3083 are amongst them) confirm such claims. A quick check on how this is achieved attributes to the use of radioluminescence (compared to bioluminescence).

Best military watches from armorlite isobrite t100 ISO100Armorlite ISO100 tritium radioluminescence

There is nothing new with the technology though. Just that it’s used less commonly in watches. It’s a technique used in most ‘EXIT’ sign. With this technique, brighter glow is achieved simply by injecting more Tritium gas.

Oh by the way, the brighter glow is not the only thing that makes ISOBrite T100 so loved among owners. The mixed use of green and orange colors make it really stand out among other watches. But do keep in mind that the orange markers are notably less bright compared to the green. So, if you notice this on your ISOBrite T100, don’t panic. It’s not a defect. It’s meant to be that way.

It is definitely not just the brightest watch available but also one of the best when it comes to style and looks. The color of the case and dial is black while the numbers are white making it much easier to tell time in just a glimpse.

I would have given the Armourlite ISOBrite T100 a perfect 5 stars if not for its waterproofness. This watch is specified as 200WR. However, I took it on a dive to 30 ft under and it had condensation issue. Damn, I thought! 24-hours later, before I was about to contact the customer service, I saw the condensation disappeared. So, if you’re looking for a dive watch for your scuba diving adventure, this might not be for you.

Given its aesthetically nice features, the ArmourLite watch is very sturdy and reliable. Its main selling point though is its beauty. It is one of the best looking military watches out there. Having one on your wrist will truly have a lot of heads turning your way.

Marathon Military Divers LGP Wristwatch JSAR

Everybody gets excited in getting their hands with this new watch model, not only because it is an authentic military watch intended for dive, search and rescue. The watch itself is completely luminous making it possible to tell time even if you’re under water.

The toughness of the watch is simply amazing. Otherwise, it would not have made it to the US Army product supplier list. The sapphire crystal makes it super resistant against scratches and other physical damages. Special features such as the uni-directional bezel which is equivalent to 120 clicks.

Zooming in on Marathon WW194018Marathon military sar watch WW194018

Being water resistant at range of 300 meters below sea level makes it the ideal watch for diving, search and rescue (SAR) operations. Is this enough? To get an idea, the U.S.A.F. Combat Diver course provides training to depths of 130 feet. So, whether 300 meters is enough, it depends on your needs. For most people, it is more than good.

Marathon Military Divers LGP Wristwatch is one of the best military watches in the market. With a lot of rave reviews online, the Marathon Military Divers watch proves to be a must-have for anyone who wants to own a military watch.

Luminox 3081

The Luminox Light Technology makes this new watch model always visible and is very easy to tell time. The technology Luminox uses provides 24/7 luminosity, no matter the conditions, for more than 25 years. The new Luminox 3081 is made with mineral crystal making it the ideal watch for diving and the added feature of carbon reinforced polymer gives every user full comfort and satisfaction

Most other watch models use luminescent paint that has to be powered by a light source and fades very quickly, or a “push to light” system, where you have push a button for battery-driven illumination.

Luminox, however, uses proprietary technology, in the past reserved for the military, that makes Luminox watches stand out, literally. Each Luminox watch features tiny gas lights, which are always lit, on the hands, hour markers and when necessary, bezels. As a result of this unique technology, Luminox watches are always readable at a glance, no matter the conditions.

If you want to feel that “military vibe” when you wear a watch, the Luminox 3081 is a great watch for you. It represents exactly what a military watch should be. Its advanced technology also serves as a great advantage compared to other watches. It is technologically advanced and also beautifully designed. Its durability is also one of its strong points.

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All three of the watches featured here are great military watches that will absolutely be worth every dollar. The choice is yours to make. If you want to have a military watch that you can wear anytime and be proud of what you wear on your wrist, then you can’t go wrong with any of these three.

Now that you’ve seen some of the finest military watches that are currently available, what do you think of them? Have you made your pick? If you are still searching for more tough watches ideas, check out what rugged analog watch options are available for $200 and less.

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