Casio G-Shock GWA1000D-1A vs GWA1000-1A

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Casio G-Shock GWA1000D-1A vs GWA1000-1A. What difference set the two watches apart from each other? With GWA1000D-1A costing 20% more expensive than GWA1000-1A ($600 vs $500), it is the most logical question that anyone would ask.

Why is the steep price difference between them? What do I pay for the kind of bucks? Is it worth my money?


Both models, GWA1000D-1A and GWA1000-1A belongs to the G-Shock Aviation family. What this means is that design for both watches is tailored for the special needs of the Aviators and they are both assured to be capable of withstanding the powerful force of gravity.

Don’t get me wrong here. Being designed for aviators does not mean that we, non-aviators should not consider this watch for purchasing. They are both great watches and if you love the style and you think that they have all the features that you need, please go ahead.

Just that you need to be fully aware that this would mean that you might not be fully getting the full worth of the special design, unless you regularly take it to the sky for some parachuting or sky-diving.

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Stainless Steel vs Resin Band

Feature-wise, both watches share the same identical specification. The only difference that set the watches apart is only in the band. GWA1000D-1A features Black Stainless Steel wrist band while GWA1000-1A features Black Resin band. Yes, that’s the only difference between the two watch and this is the only reason for the $100 price difference between them.

If you have been a Casio G-Shock fan long enough and own a few in your personal G-Shock gallery, then you would immediately know your preference.

Stainless Steel or Resin band, you definitely have your own experience with them and how they differ. But for a newbie who just started opening their world to the awesomeness of G-Shock, you need to first understand the fundamental difference between the two material when they are used as watch strap band.

G-Shock is best known as top notch tough watches producer. Throughout the years, they have been using specially formulated resin to produce highly comfortable and durable watch strap.

The material used is urethane resin but with a mixture ratio that is determined by their strict standards in order to produce rubber-like material that is neither too soft or too hard. Something that is too soft would be high on the comfortable scale but low on the shock resistance scale.

Something that is too hard would be the reverse. That is why finding the right balance between the two is the essence and that’s what G-Shock has been always good at. (Click here if you are interested to learn more about G-Shock resin band quality)

While G-Shock’s resin band is recognized as probably the best out there, it still comes with its own limitation. The resin chemical composition still makes it vulnerable to degradation when it is regularly exposed to acidic condition, one that usually comes from body sweat and humidity in the region that you’re staying at.

In places where humidity is low, a carefully maintained G-Shock resin band typically last between 4-6 years while in places where humidity is high, you can expect it to be 2 years lesser.

The issue encountered in resin type of band does not apply to Stainless Steel based watch strap. Stainless Steel band is also generally more comfortable for daily usage than the resin band. If you need further justification for the additional $100, Stainless Steel being more fashionable is probably the other reason you can add to the list.

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It’s Your Preference

Now that you know the difference between GWA1000D-1A and GWA1000-1A, ask yourself what is your preference and usage pattern and decide if you’re going with GWA1000D-1A with the extra $100 or you’re going to save the money with GWA1000-1A and probably get another watch for your girlfriend.

Oh by the way, if you’re a hardcore G-Shock fanatic and looking for the Japanese version of GWA1000D-1AJF or GWA1000-1A, they are sold in Amazon, but be warned of its price though. But make sure you know your stuff well before heading to these secondary or collectors market as their prices fluctuate over time. In addition, you need to be extra cautious to ensure the genuinity of the watch and its seller.

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    I am interested in purchasing a GWA 1000D-1A with the stainless steel band and need some direction as to where to obtain it.

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