Casio G-Shock 6900 Series

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We have earlier discussed about the Casio G-Shock serial numbering and how to decipher what each part of the serial number means.

This time round, we are going to present the Top 5 list of Best-Selling G-Shock 6900 series. I will talk in a while on what is our criteria for picking up the top 10 winner. But before going into the Top 10 list, there is a newcomer to the G-Shock 6900 family that I believe many of you would be thrilled to see.

It is none other than the GB6900AA-1. What is special about GB6900AA-1? Find out below.

Bluetooth-enabled GB6900AA-1: A technology whose time has come?

The G-Shock GB6900AA-1 is among the latest wave of breakthrough that G-Shock is offering to fans worldwide.

The worldwide dominance of Apple’s iPhone is undeniable. With hundreds of millions of smartphone users scattered across the globe, there is definitely going to be plenty of G-Shock fanatics who own an iPhone.

The race towards a truly wearable smart watch has just started and GB6900AA-1 is one small attempt in this direction. Using Bluetooth connectivity, it is able to communicate with the iPhone.

Expect the Basics

We are only at the beginning of a new computing era and honestly speaking, the features and capabilities of the watch is limited only the basics.

At the very least, GB6900AA-1 is able to notify you of incoming call or email. This alone, is cool, but only if you are among technology early adopters.

I’m not sure how big a deal it is to you to be able to receive call notification when you still have to go to the phone to pick up the call. I’m not sure how big a deal it is to you to know you have an incoming e-mail when you still have to go to the phone to read and reply to your e-mails.

If you find these features to be a big deal, then I’m sure you’d be thrilled with G-Shock’s latest innovation with the G-Shock GB6900AA-1.

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Before going into each of the G-Shock 6900 models, I will spell out the criteria used to pick up this exclusive club of the G-Shock 6900 collections.

There are 3 basic indicators that I used to rank the popularity of each watch. The first indicator is the number of customer reviews that are found online. More number of reviews means more people have bought and tried the watch. All the G-Shock 6900 watches are sorted by the number of reviews they have received.

This is an important foundation for the next indicator. The next indicator is the average rating for the watch. The average rating has to be at least 4 stars. Anything less than 4 stars will be eliminated from the list.

The third indicator that I’ve used is well, my personal flair or taste.

#1: DW6900-1V

Sitting on top of my G-Shock 6900 best seller chart is the G-Shock DW6900-1V. The DW6900-1V belongs to the G-Shock Classic family.

Based on the customers who have purchased the DW6900, one thing is clear. The single most important feature that makes DW6900-1V a best seller is its durability and well, price.

Compared to other G-Shock watches, the DW6900-1V is far from being the most sophisticated in terms of features.

This G-Shock 6900 classic watch is not the most beautiful G-Shock available (If you’re looking for G-Shock watches that look great, try the G-Shock Limited Edition collection).

You can get the DW6900-1V from many authorized G-Shock retailers, but Amazon is where you would most likely find the best deal. Other than its low price, positive feedback from customers who have purchased the DW6900-1V from Amazon is the Free and fast shipping time.

#2: GW6900-1

Do your own survey around and I think you would eventually end up agreeing with me that DW6900 is one of the most loved and best selling G-Shock 6900 watch, probably of all time.

However, when it comes to features and functionalities, it is still bare to the basic. The G-Shock GW6900-1 is a step-up improvement when it comes to feature. From the look and feel, it is not immediately clear how the GW6900-1 differs from the former.

Both GW6900-1 and its sibling model are built using the same case design. The additional features found inside the GW6900-1 are the Solar charging and Atomic timekeeping.

With solar charging, you can say goodbye to battery replacement. Once fully charge, the battery on the GW6900-1 can typically last between 6-9 months before the next charge.

With atomic timekeeping, it ensures that your watch is automatically synchronized every night when the chip inside the GW6900-1 picks up from one of the 6 global atomic transmitting stations.

#3: DW6900NB-7

The third best seller from G-Shock 6900 series is the DW6900NB-7. Again, by going back to our decrypting methodology, we can immediately tell from the serial number that DW6900NB-7 is going to be alike to DW6900-1V in almost every aspect except for two things.

First, the additional ‘NB’ label is used to indicate that DW6900NB-7 is using different dial. This difference turns out to be the mirror metallic dial used in DW6900NB-7.

Second, the last digit ‘7’ is used to indicate that this model is a G-Shock white watch. Aside from this, features and functionalities of the two watches are the same.

#4: DW6900MS-1

Next down my list of best selling G-Shock 6900 watches is the G-Shock DW6900MS-1 model.

Similarly, DW6900MS-1 is a cosmetic modification of the DW6900-1V. The DW6900MS-1 is a G-Shock military inspired series.

This sounds logical because there are large number of military personnel choose G-Shock because of its ruggedness and toughness. Unlike the original shiny resin band, the band used in DW6900MS-1 is stealth with black finishing that is also applied to the watch case.

Another subtle cosmetic modification found in the DW6900MS-1 is in the big ‘G’ button found on the watch. The button is ion plated and instead of silver finishing, it is made to black finishing.

If you are specifically looking for military watches, be sure to check out our pick for the best military watches. Find out if this watch makes it to be among the finest.

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#5: DW6900CB-1

Fifth on the chart is the DW6900CB-1 model. If the DW6900MS-1 draws its inspiration from military fashion suit, the DW6900CB-1 is aesthetically design to give you more casual but yet bold look.

G-Shock DW6900MS-1 still retains the resin band, but it is now combined with gold face. Black and gold makes such a perfect combination which makes this G-Shock 6900 black & gold watch such a beauty. Sufficient contrast between the two colors make it easy to read the time on your DW6900CB-1 watch.

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