What does Citizen BJ8050-08E have to Offer?

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Citizen BJ8050-08E offers a distinct, sturdy, and environmentally-conscious watch. But does it have what it takes to make an excellent addition to your collection? Let’s take a dive and find out.

Zooming In on Citizen BJ8050-08E Prfoessional Dive Watch

The watch provides divers with a dependable and designed for mixed gas diving. Complete with a 6mm bezel formed of non-reflective curved crystal. The watch provides an economical option perfect for beginner as well as advanced divers.

When deciding on a divers watch, you need to consider several components — water resistance, luminosity, bezel design, materials, dial contrast and the reputation of the manufacturer.

Water Resistance

The Citizen BJ8050-08E features water resistance up to 300 meters. That is approximately 1000 feet.

This excellent coverage makes it suitable for most beginning to intermediate divers. The only exception to this rule is if you plan to make extremely deep dives with specialized equipment and suits, such as when using the Atmospheric Diving System.

Most deep divers max out at about 20 to 40 meters, so the 300 meter tolerance should pose no issues.


You need a watch the provides good viewing underwater. The Citizen Eco-Drive BJ8050-08E provides a non-reflective crystal and luminous accents to provide a clear, easy to read display.

The incandescent light provides quick charging capabilities in outdoor, cloudy, and sunny conditions. The total charge time ranges from 9 hours to 105 hours depending on the degree of available sunlight.

While the watch charges quickly, in consistently cloudy conditions, it may not be possible to completely charge a worn down battery in sufficient time for practical use. So my advice is not to let the battery run out before you take it out for charging.

Citizen BJ8050-08E side viewCitizen BJ8050-08E in outdoor

Bezel Design and Watch Structure

The bezel consists of a unidirectional rotating time-elapsed structure that makes it difficult to lose your timing unless you physically rotate the bezel. The case diameter comes in at 46mm. It is made of stainless steel and complete with a screw-down crown to prevent leakage.

The dial comes in black and the watch faceplate consists of anti-reflective mineral crystal. The hour markings provide clear readability in all conditions whether on land or water.


The watch consists of a non-custom interface for the band. This means you won’t be able to trade out the equipped band with a new band unless you either purchase a separate adapter or getting a custom band made.

Since the band is made of rubber, over time, it’s possible that the rubber could wear out. This means you must contact the manufacturer for a new band.

The band length is suitable for a mens wrist and comes with a buckle type clasp that while sturdy, could become damaged with time.

Eco-Drives Technology

Citizen watch reviews are beginning to take notice of the new Eco-Drive technology implemented with new watches. These watches use light power stemming from natural to artificial light to power and run the watch.

In normal use, you shouldn’t notice your watch running low on battery and this eliminates the need to purchase replacement batteries. However, if you only take your watch out once or twice a year, it’s possible it won’t get enough light to effectively power the watch.

Powered completely by natural light, you never have to worry about costly and timely battery replacements.

Citizen BJ8050-08E Eco-diver in brand new boxCitizen BJ8050-08E zoom in view


Reviews of the watch show favorable outcomes with most customers appreciating the multi-faceted use of the watch from construction, to deep diving and even as the occasional dress watch.

The watch measures up to the most brutal treatments and comes in at a 18mm thickness, with a large faceplate for easy readability. Initially, the bezel may provide some resistance to turning, but once broken in the bezel provides a reliable and smooth action.

The stainless steel case provides protection from the elements and makes it a contender for more expensive competitors’ watches. While the watch does provide a high level of durability, some customers complain that the watch sits too high off the wrist and seems a bulky for practical use. However, this is also a typical feature of any divers watch and results from the need to withstand 300 meters of depth.

In Summary

If you’re looking for a superb tough watch that requires low maintenance, Citizen BJ8050-08E is one that you’d consider.

If budget is your top priority, I believe there will not be too many options that can rival this watch. If you’re looking for serious contenders within similar price range, take a look at the Battle for Tough Analog Watch Supremacy in $200 category.

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