The Ultimate Line-up of Casio G-Shock Aviation Collection

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In a watch lies a 5-motor Though Movement that is encased within a watch body that is made to be extraordinarily tough. So tough that it can withstand even the most powerful force on earth. That force is none other than the earth’s gravitational pull.

That toughness is a hallmark that defines any of Casio G-Shock Aviation series watch.

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Designed for High Flyers

The G-Shock Aviation watch is designed with elites like yourself in mind. It is designed with those who see heights as challenge to conquer and sky is the only limit.

It is designed for Aviators enjoy the feeling of descent from hundreds or thousands of feet above the ground. Whether you are parachuting, sky diving or bungee jumping.

The Aviators’ Game

If you’ve been up the air often enough, you know how exhilarating the feeling can be. But you also know the kind of pressure exerted on your body as you dive from sky back to the earth ground.

If you’re looking for a watch that you can carry with you on your next aviation adventure, there are not many watches out there that can withstand such extreme condition. If you carry just any ordinary watches, chances are they will no longer work when you reach the ground. The pressure is just so tremendous.

Measure of Toughness

The G-Shock Aviation family is designed with accomplished and bold personalities like you in mind. The hand movement of a watch belonging to the aviation family has been specifically designed to permit high speed movement even under powerful gravitational forces, making it among the just few watches that can be worn in the hands of an aviator.

Each G-Shock Aviation watch undergoes the most strenous test that you can imagine. Each watch is tested using special equipment that puts them under pressure that is even higher than human endurance limit.

Most aviator watches will be labeled as Triple-G Resist. Triple stands for the 3 most extreme forces that aviators will normally have to go through.

First is the gravitational forces which requires little explanation. Whether you are a sky-diver, acrobatic / fighter jet pilot or astronaut, contending with gravitational forces will be your everyday task.

For Those Who Love Simplicity

Second is the centrifugal force. This is the force that you have to endure when say your plane is making a dramatic u-turn.

Third is the vibrational force. If you are a sky-diver, you know what the experience is like when your body resistance is rubbing against the air fricition as you make your way down to earth.

If you think that the gravitational endurance is all a G-Shock Aviation watch has to offer, then you are mistaken. As part of the G-Shock brand identity, each watch is stylishly designed to give a rugged, masculine and sporty look. And the best part of the entire thing?

G-Shock Aviation watches are not dirt cheap, but they are not expensive if you consider the features, capabilities and toughness. The MSRP for watches in this series range from as low as ~$300 to as high as $600 or more.

The Smartest Aviation Series

Tough Solar + Atomic Timekeeping

Physical toughness has always been the core of any G-Shock watch, from the Frogman series to the Master of G. Casio G-Shock hoped to raise the bar further by introducing ‘soft features’ that promise to make your watch even tougher.

The tough solar feature that is now found in increasing number of models is impressive. It is designed to be so efficient that it can convert even illumination from fluorescent lighting into electric power.

Another feature that sets tough watches from G-Shock apart from the rest of their peers is the atomic timekeeping.

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Time drifting and accuracy may not be a problem that commonly plagues automatic watches. But if you demand extreme accuracy without having to do anything about it, self-adjusting capability of the atomic timekeeping technology is Casio’s answer for you.

Keep in mind that not all G-Shock Aviation series watches are equipped with these features. If you are looking at older models, you are not going to find these features on them. If you are looking at more recent models, there is a high chance that they come with these features.

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