G-Shock GA110EH-8A Reviews

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G-Shock and Eric Haze, began their collaboration in 1999. G-Shock is one of the best known name in the watch industry while Eric Haze is one of the most accomplished and acclaimed artist among his peers.

Not all marriages are made in heaven, particularly marriages involving two giants in their own rights. But when they do get it right, you can expect great surprises. G-Shock GA110EH-8A is one such surprise that came out of the working marriage between G-Shock and Eric Haze.

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Following their past successful collaboration, G-Shock has again commissioned Eric Haze to work on their 30th Anniversary limited edition of watches. Such arrangement happens during G-Shock’s 25th Anniversary celebration and it happens again.

This is only possible for one single reason. G-Shock fans worldwide are loving it and they crave for more of such masterpieces to be designed and produced.

Inspired by Highly Successful X-Large G Series

The core design of G-Shock GA110EH-8A is inspired based on G-Shock’s GA110 X-Large G series. G-Shock GA110 is massively popular among men for one simple reason. The casing of the watch sports a powerful look.

It would make everyone wearing this tough watch appear as mighty as storm trooper. While the appearance of the watch makes it look powerful, its weight is surprisingly light and comfortable on the wrist.

Tasked to remake the G-Shock GA110 model, Eric Haze borrowed elements that made his previous G-Shock watches appealing. One of the element that makes Haze’s previous works stood out is the color.

Adroit blend of red and white has become a hallmark of Haze’s works. This is again incorporated into the G-Shock GA110EH-8A model. And the result? Fantastic. The combination of black, red and white have perfectly complimented each other to build the light, astonishing look of this watch

Perfect White and Red Combination

With G-Shock GA110EH-8A, we now have a watch that looks heavily masculine and bold in colors. While there are few G-Shock watches with white strap, I would consider this to be among the best that I’ve seen so far.

I know a few friends who happened to be big G-Shock fans and have purchased this watch. They absolutely love every bit of this watch. I am envious about the compliments they are getting for this watch they are wearing.

For several times now, I’ve almost jumped into the decision of buying G-Shock GA110EH-8A. However, the one thing that keeps me away is its rather complex functionalities. Based on feedbacks for the GA110, it takes some time and significant effort in trying to figure out and get used to the rich functionalities that the watch has to offer.

The Casio G-Shock GA110EH-8A timepiece is reinvigorating colors from previous Haze models, the 30th Anniversary watch has an iridescent gray finish with red accents, allowing his signature star icon logo to pop off of the watchband. The multi-colored design treatment continues on the dial with elements of red, black and white, enhancing the distinct 3-dimensional effect of the layered dial. It is magnetic and shock resistant and 200 meters water resistant. The band is matte grey made of resin and the dial code is analog or digital. The combination of black, red and white have perfectly complimented each other to build the light, astonishing look of this watch.

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Your Pick

The GA110EH-8A is a no brainer pick only if you are a fan of white G-Shock and you look to G-Shock limited releases as investment. Or maybe your GA110 X-Large G series has just failed and you’re looking for its replacement.

We all know the toughness that G-Shock promises. Ultimately, it is a choice that only you yourself can make the shot.

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