G-Shock Limited Edition Collection

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Casio G-shock limited edition collection

In a crowded market such as the watch market, the key to a brand loyalty is the personal connection that a brand can establish with its fans or customer base. For Casio, the way they establish this connection with the fans is to offer G-Shock Limited edition of watches.

What makes G-Shock Limited edition so unique in this regard is their partnership with external parties in coming up with their limited edition series. Throughout the G-Shock’s decades of history, they have fostered numerous collaboration from the likes of environmental organization to designer label to TV show.

This has attracted exodus of collectors who among them, see values in anything that is limited. In addition, this provides Casio the opportunity to tie their customers into coming back for more.


Over the years, G-Shock has collaborated with designer names such as US-based Stussy, UK-based Illest to Japanese-inspired UK label Passarella, to produce their highly sought after G-Shock limited collection. Their collaborator list include charitable organizations, sports club, graffiti artists to British Royal Air Force (RAF). GWA1000RAF-1A, the birthchild of collaboration between G-Shock x British’s RAF, has won numerous praises and it is one of the highly sought after model after its release in 2012.

Every 5-years, G-Shock special anniversary would be made available and sold only for a limited quantity and period. While a G-Shock watch may last you for years (or even a lifetime) if taken care well, 5 years is a reasonably good time to add a new addition to your wardrobe collection. Depending how you see it. Other than owning a piece of their loved brand, many fans justify their G-Shock limited edition purchase by seeing it as an investment rather than spending.

Major Anniversary Edition

To celebrate three decades of journey, Casio is kicking off the year-long 30th Anniversary celebration by releasing a total of 6 G-Shock limited edition models: GWFT1030A-1, DW6930A-4, G9330A-4, GF8230A-4, GA110EH-8A and GLX150X-7.

They are all awesome models that incorporate design enhancements from past highly popular models. GWFT1030A-1 leads the pack with design incorporation from hugely popular FROGMAN series and comes with Multi-band 6 Atomic Timekeeping. This particular model comes with hefty price tag and retails at more than $1,500 in US.

Then there is the GA110EH-8A model that is the result of collaboration between Casio and New York based World’s famous graffiti artist, Eric Haze, who happens to work on the G-Shock 25th Anniversary project previously.

This model has all the elements to showcase a strong personality of whoever wearing it. The white casing with red contrast at the foreground makes it a boldly stylish watch to wear.

If GWFT1030A-1 price makes it unaffordable for many, GA110EH-8A certainly gives every fan a reason to smile. Its low retail price makes it highly sought after by many fans around the world.

However, it appears that tough watches fans are snapping up this model fast and availability of this watch has somewhat become a rarity. Due to this, my last price check in Amazon shows the cheapest selling price for this model to be considerably higher than its MSRP.

In October 2012, Casio announced a new addition to their G-Shock limited edition collection for the year. As if the impressive initial 7 models of the 30th Anniversary line-up is not enough to spoil G-Shock fans and collectors worldwide with choices, they introduced GDF-100BTN-1 model.

The latest release is a product that is the result of another fine collaboration between G-Shock and Burton, the world’s acclaimed snowboard maker. According to them, this special model is still part of the build up to next year’s three decade celebration.

The GDF-100BTN-1 is powered by two special sensors, one for measuring air pressure and the other for temperature reading. This makes it among the most desired gear to support one’s outdoor adventure and activity.

What makes this watch all the more special is the mix of black and ice blue body, from the watch strap to the watch face. It is rare to see a watch with such great functionality to feature such a fine mix of colors.

In my prediction, this will appeal not only to G-Shock fans but also to casual watch seekers. I’d expect this watch to be popular and selling out fast. Barely 2-months after its announcement, the Japan-made model of GDF-100BTN-1JR is already fetching way higher than its MSRP.

Near the end of 2013, Casio announced what is labeled as a completely refined series. It is the MT-G series that we’re talking about. What better way to wrap the year-long 30th anniversary celebration other than to release one of the most exclusive G-Shock model. As part of the new MT-G collection, MTG-S1030BD-1A features a gold highlights and unique hint of red.

Mind you that only 1,000 units of MTG-S1030BD-1A are produced. If you own one, lucky you. You shall see what price it will fetch you in 1-year time.

A Form of Investment

As you can see, G-Shock limited edition watches are not only good looking but they are worth every consideration as an instrument haven. In every G-Shock family, from Classic to Master of G, you can find G-Shock limited edition watches.

If you are looking for more G-Shock ideas, make sure you check out our pick for the best white G-Shock watches.

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