G-Shock GBX6900B: The Smart & Energy Efficient

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True to the popular Casio G-Shock name, the GBX6900B-1 is a blend of toughness and multi-functionality aimed at outdoor enthusiasts.

An injection of mobile technology elevates this member of the elite best sports watch category past comparable wristwatches by integrating Bluetooth 4.0 technology, delivering features normally only found on high-end smartphones.

Does G-Shock GBX6900B-1 Live Up to Its Expectation?

The G-shock 6900 Bluetooth Edition promotes the typical rugged styling of the Casio brand, placing emphasis on the chunky case and the matte black finish.

The robust design is supported by a similarly toughened band of the same dark coloring, a ridged band that affirms the manufacturer intention to rule the best tough watch market.

The ridges continue around the circumference of the case, protecting the four recessed buttons from impact. These shiny metal studs are labeled with common functions so that you can access the correct mode with no fuss or fumble.

I found myself fascinated by flipping through the various modes of operation and the subsequent changes of the sharp digital figures in the split-pane display.

Side view of G-Shock GBX6900B-1Picture of back case of G-Shock GBX6900B-1

The market for the class of best tough watch is dominated by high-end watches packed with features that blur the lines of classification. After all, the G-Shock 6900 Bluetooth Edition is a precision timepiece, but it’s also a small computer packed into a toughened watch chassis.

The computer-like features include the popular Bluetooth 4.0 wireless standard, a means of communicating with modern electronics containing the same level of wireless connectivity. The watch has the capability to pair with a phone, delivering the convenience of notifications on your wrist.

I know some of the scratches on my phone are from constantly removing it from my pocket to check emails, but this entrant in the best sports watch list sits on my wrist, relaying notification of emails and alerts for incoming calls. A phone finder function even locates your lost cellphone when it goes wandering.

Multi-functional watches have been stacking new features on top of each other for some years now. But the Bluetooth connectivity as implemented in the G-Shock GBX6900B-1 raises the game. It adds mobile innovations to G-Shock durability, to environment defeating features such as water resistance to an impressive 200-meters.

This is a powerful plus in the best tough watch column, and it really makes me feel like I’m strapping a small computer to my wrist. I’ve been able to control smart phone feature and even reverse the wireless marvel by setting modes on the watch from my phone.

Those modes include the already mentioned phone finder feature, a countdown timer and a stopwatch, 5 alarms, a world time facility that contains 100 cities and 35 time zone, and the Casio reputation for precision time-keeping.

All of these features employ the split-pane face well, but I did find the display a touch hard to read under certain lighting. That’s when I activated the super illuminator backlight and discovered excellent night viewing. This G-Shock contestant for best sports watch is checking all the boxes in a positive manner.

The battery life of the G-Shock 6900 Bluetooth Edition watch is estimated to last for around 2-years, a factor influenced by low-energy Bluetooth 4.0 as developed for mobile devices.

There are more features to discover in mastering this watch, for example, a vibration alarm and BLE sync time adjustments, but I personally enjoy the peace of mind offered by the solid design of the body and band.

It may be waterproof to 200-meters, but I’ve been guilty of using this feature to become lazy, keeping the G-Shock on when showering. Take your G-Shock GBX6900B-1 further, to the ocean and a diving adventure or a surfing vacation.

In Summary

The race for the ‘smart watch’ throne is widely open. Samsung has made a headstart through its line of Galaxy Gear but has so far seen little acceptance from the mass market. Pebble is another early racer in the race but as of today, it is nothing more than just geeky toys.

I see G-Shock GBX6900B-1 as a radically different approach compared the two. Is it the better approach? Only time will tell.

But if you are looking for one of the ‘smartest’ G-Shock to work alongside your iOS or Android devices, I bet this will be a model that is hard to resist.

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