Hamilton HML-H69419363 Khaki Field Green: One of the Finer Choice for Military Men and Women

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Hamilton Watch Company is a maker of fine watches popping onto the scene in 1892.

However, they did not make their big splash until World War I, when the company started developing wristwatches for soldiers to use in the field.

Keeping proper time was crucial to ground soldiers and to battle strategies, and no watchmaker was as reliable as Hamilton in the trenches.

Their excellent craftsmanship propelled the American-based brand to new heights in the second World War and beyond.

And today, Hamilton still creates top-shelf military wrist watches, such as the Hamilton Khaki Field Green Dial.

Is Hamilton Khaki Field Green a Top Military Watch?

Hamilton Khaki Field Green Dial Highlights

One cool aspect about the Hamilton Khaki Field Green Dial is that you can actually shop for a variety of styles and colors.

The classic green dial with greenish-brown (khaki) band and stainless steel case is a superb-looking watch, but there are also options with brown or black leather.

For the classic green dial, which we will speak about in this review, it has that classic military, in-the-field look about it.

The green band and green dial play very well, looking much like an Army uniform.

So, right off the bat, the watch impresses with its aesthetics.

Another area where the Khaki Field Green Dial stands out is in its quality construction.

Those looking for the best tough watch out there may appreciate a military watch.

The hand movements are mechanical, so you know the time will be reliable.

Using the age-old movement methods, there are no batteries or solar issues to worry about.

The tough-as-nails sapphire crystal face also protects the watch from scratches and cracks with a material that is much stronger than typical quartz.

It is also a lot clearer, like comparing acrylic to basic glass, so the watch visibility is at a premium, even under direct sunlight.

The Hamilton Khaki Field Green Dial was also constructed to take a beating.

Through the mud and the muck and the water, this watch will still continue to work.

It is water resistant up to 50 meters, and you won’t get any type of sand or grit inside of the watch case itself.

Image of Hamilton Khaki Field Green Military WatchDimension of Hamilton Khaki HML-H69419363 Military Watch

Pros and Cons You Have to Consider

Hamilton has been doing things the right way for over a century, but every popular wristwatch on the market has its highs and lows.

Even the best touch watch money can buy has its pros and cons. In this respect, the Khaki Field Green Dial is no different.


Its pros are really prominent. First and foremost, the watch is everything you would expect from the best military watch.

It is sleek in size while still having the heft of a quality piece of machinery.

It is water resistant, has a scratch resistant surface, and the movement of the watch keeps time about as well as anything on the market.

So, if you have to be back at barracks by 0600, you know you will never be late on account of your watch.


Where the Khaki Green Dial could use some more work, perhaps, is in its overall construction and appeal.

The khaki band is nice, and the leather options are also nice, but this is a watch that’s just aching for a stainless steel band.

This might be impractical if the actual use for the watch is military based, but it sure would look better in all stainless with that dark green face.

It’s also a little on the simple side. Having a calendar or some type of timer or alarm feature would really set this watch off.

Even a compass would be a great addition for a military watch.


Is the Hamilton Khaki Field Green Dial the best tough watch on the market? It’s up to you to make that particular call.

The general information about the quality, strength and accuracy of the watch above is to allow you to make a more informed decision.

Whatever you decide to do, just remember to research the watch in question before purchasing.

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