A Take on Hamilton Men’s Khaki Field Black Dial Watch H70555533

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Recently, I was looking for a good watch and came upon the Hamilton Men’s H70555533 Khaki Field Black Dial Watch. I was pleasantly surprised by the wide array of features that were included with this watch.

From the time that I first opened it, I was impressed by its outstandingly beautiful appearance and elegant mixture of both metal and leather. In this review, I will be honest about my experience with the Hamilton Men’s watch. I will discuss both the pros and cons of the watch so that you may use this to decide if the watch is right for you.

A Close Look at Hamilton Men’s H70555533 Khaki

A Beauty to Behold

When watch buyers generally purchase a new watch, it is usually because they want a watch that they can use for a wide range of purposes. One of these reasons is generally to be used on formal occasions such as executive work in an office or for an important family event.

One of my favorite parts about this tough watch is that it looks good both formally and casually. I am able to wear this watch both to work and after work while I walk through the park. The watch looks beautiful, and has gotten many positive comments from both colleagues and friends alike. It is one of the best tough watches that is suitable for a wide range of uses.

Key Specifications

The brown leather band that goes around the wrist is comfortable and can be adjusted to different hand sizes by using a steel buckle. The actual material of the leather band is calfskin, which is a comfortable relief from the typical leather materials used on most watches.

The band is 22 mm wide, which is wide enough to support the watch while still feeling comfortable on the wrist. The actual watch itself has a round, steel design that encompasses an elegant black background.

For those with poor vision, the large font used for the clock’s letters helps even those with poor vision to see the time correctly. The watch even tells what the date is, to keep watch owners on track.

Side image of Hamilton Mens H70555533 Khaki Field WatchBack casing view of Hamilton Mens H70555533 Khaki Field Black Dial Watch

Weighing the Good and Bad

The Good

This watch is perfect for those that need a versatile watch that works for a wide variety of purposes. The smooth leather on the exterior helps make it look good for casual occasions, while the steel still makes it appropriate for more formal uses.

The watch is also easy to adjust, and time can be changed by simply turning the wheel. This is a nice relief from the more difficult digital watches that are very popular today.

It is the best tough analog watch even for working outside. This tough watch also comes in an elegant container which means that they can still look beautiful even when not in use. The watch also comes with an authentic warranty that ensures the watch is created by the genuine manufacturer.

The Bad

This watch was so good that it is difficult to come up with a list of disadvantages. However, there are some that have to be mentioned.

While the main attraction of the watch is its simplicity, this may not be suitable for every tough watch afficionado. If you need something that works more than just the basic function of timekeeping, the Hamilton H70555533 lacks in this regard.

Another letdown of this watch is more on the aesthetics rather than its functionality. The watch sports a very visible stitching.

Some owners love it but others are not so fond of it. Personally, I think a finer stitching would make this watch even more awesome.

But again, it is something that’s got to do with personal preference rather than product flaw.

Is this for You?

This watch is recommended for those that need a watch that is useful for a wide range of occasions. If you plan to use your watch both at work and at home can rest assured that this watch can be used for both purposes.

It is a good rugged analog watch for those that need their watch to hold up even through rough use. It is a tough watch built for watch owners that want to look stylish, while still serving its purpose and continuing to tell time.

So, do you think it is the perfect watch that you’re looking for? If not and you are pondering which watch makes the best buy, do check out our pick of the best tough analog watches you can get for $500 or less.

Image credit: Dennis Jarvis

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