Luminox Sentry 0200 – Impressive Entry Level Tough Watch?

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A man’s watch is a small accessory that makes a large impression on anyone he meets. It is a status symbol, and for this reason, he should never sport a watch that lacks in luxury or name.

Wearers can never go wrong with Luminox, a timeless brand dating back 25 years. Used by divers, law enforcement, Navy SEALs, and active sportsmen, the Swiss-made brand has become the standard for illuminated, easy-to-read watches.

With Luminox’s Sentry 0200 series of fine watches, wearers will look stylish, sporty, and high class. This Luminox 0200 review will help you decide whether the line of watches is for you, and if so, the particular model that suits you best.

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The Features

The Luminox 0200 series is a line of practical watches that offers both luxury and features. Using Luminox Light Technology, these watches are equipped with borosilicate glass capsules that provide continuous luminosity for up to 25 years.

Unlike other watches, they do not require any button pressing to light up, allowing the wearer a great degree of freedom. This is particularly useful in conditions requiring hands-free devices, such as driving and rock climbing.

All Luminox watches are Swiss-made. This means that when you’re buying a Luminox, you can be ascertained of its quality. And because most Luminox collections are designed to be used by military organization worldwide (notably U.S., Germany and Switzerland), they are expected to withstand harsh environments. Needless to say, Luminox military watches are water and shock resistant, with the degree of resistance varying based on the watch model.

The 0200 series is specifically designed for land use. It offers time and date functions with Swiss quartz movement. It is water resistant to a depth of 100 meters, and a pressure of 10 atm.

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Closer view of Luminox land sentry 0201 black specialBack view of luminox 0201

It also features a rotating one-way diver function for diving enthusiasts or deep sea swimmers. The case is made of carbon reinforced polymer, and the black buckle strap is composed of durable silicone.

The three models (0201.SL, 0201.BO and 0215.SL) in this series are identical in every aspect and function except for color and text font. For color lovers, red and light green options are available, and for others, a blackout option as well.

The Reviews

From user testimonials, the Luminox 0200 series is an entry level series that is light, is durable, and functions well. Its luminescent properties are fantastic, and users have no issues viewing the time in the dark.

It is comfortable, and unlike many watches with large, protruding crowns, it does not dig into the wrist. However, some users have found that the knob, which adjusts the time and date, is rather large and comes out if caught on clothing.

This causes the date and time to change, hurting its reliability. Many others have experienced defective units, which questions the effectiveness of Luminox’s quality control. Some users have mentioned the watch line’s intolerance to moisture as simple as sweat, which causes it to stop functioning.

It has been suggested that because this is one of Luminox’s entry level watches, it is more prone to quality issues, and customers are advised to explore warranty options before making their purchases.

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The Final Look

To recap this Luminox 0200 review, the Luminox 0200 series of watches is an excellent entry level line, and not only looks sleek, but also performs its job satisfactorily. Each model has the appearance of a sturdy, high quality watch, and is manufactured by a well-reputed company known for their tough watches offering.

It comes in a variety of colors, so customers can choose the watch that looks the best on them. However, customers should realize the tier of this watch line, and realize that it does not offer the quality that Luminox’s higher lines offer, or the luxury of a Rolex.

It also does not offer protection in extreme conditions. These are features usually found in Luminox’s more specialized lines. Finally, because of its quality control issues, customers should be wary of choosing this watch if it does not come with a warranty.

All issues aside, for all wearers alike, the 0200 series is a good entry-level rugged watch. If you need a hard core watch to support your extreme lifestyle, this Luminox series might not make the cut.

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