Pyle Sport Watch: A Great Bargain for Snorkelling Enthusiasts

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I recently purchased this watch for my underwater adventures and was pleasantly surprised by the features that it provided. When I made the purchase, I was in the market for a watch that would continue to work even when deep under the sea.

Since this watch is rather affordable and offers water resistance as deep as 330 feet, I figured I would give it a try. In this review, I will attempt to offer potential watch buyers guidance for deciding if this is the best tough watch for them.

Is Pyle Sports Watch any Good?

Watch buyers looking for a versatile watch will be excited to learn about the Pyle Sports Snorkeling Master Watch. Unlike other deep-sea watches on the market, this one is clearly designed specifically with divers in mind.

The watch’s electro-luminescence helps divers see underwater by giving them an extra source of light. Additionally, the watch has a strong backlight that can easily be seen when under the water.

This can make it easier when doing a deep-sea dive to make sure that a diver does not stay under the water for too long. This way, divers can protect themselves from accidentally running out of air while making a dive.

Where it has recieved rave reviews

In my experience with this watch, I found that its best features were those associated directly with diving. The watch’s manufacturer clearly went out of its way to ensure that the watch includes many functions that help with deep dives.

For example, the watch has a function that lets divers measure the duration of the dive just before going under the water. The watch also can give divers feedback on whether they are diving too deep by giving a warning signal when a maximum depth is reached.

Pyle Sports Snorkeling Watch in greenPyle Sports Snorkeling Master Watch in blue red color

I tried this feature out personally, and I can verify that it works with incredible accuracy. I also liked how the watch measures the water’s temperature to give additional feedback to me as I dive deeper under the water.

This can help divers stay out of pockets of cold water that can lead to harm if divers do not remove themselves from the area quickly. This can also help with divers who like to explore areas of active volcanic activity where water temperatures might be too high to support life.

Where it could have fared better

One thing that I did not like about the watch was how it only goes to 330 feet. I know of many cheap watches that are rated for depths in excess of 500 feet.

Perhaps in the next edition Pyle Sports will consider making this a bit stronger if it really plans to consider itself as the best tough watch. Another thing that I did not like about the watch was its green glow in color.

While this may have been cool 50 years ago, it certainly isn’t that great in today’s world of color displays. I hope to see changes to this made as the watchmaker continues to improve its product.


Pyle sports snorkeling master watch has been the better watches I have used underwater to date. I have been quite satisfied with its performance, despite its shortcomings.

Its tracking features go beyond what I’ve had the opportunity to present in this review, and I love how it automatically alerts a diver when ascending at a rate greater than 6 meters per second.

As its name suggests, it is a watch that has been designed for snorkelling more than serious diving. If you are a professional diver, the features found in this watch might not make the cut and you might want to check out our professional dive watch champions instead. But if you only have $500 budget to splurge, our pick of the best dive watch under $500 might be more suitable.

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