Review of GW4000-1A vs GW4000D-1A

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The G-Shock GW4000-1A and GW4000D-1A are among the latest collection from Casio G-Shock Aviation series. The first question that would definitely come to mind when you compare the two models is what features, functionalities or capabilities contribute to the $100 different between the GW4000-1A and GW4000D-1A.


The Band Materials

Referring to our G-Shock serial number decryption method, you can easily tell that both GW4000-1A and GW4000D-1A are identical in almost every aspect except for their bands or straps.

Notice the additional letter ‘D’ on the latter model. This additional letter ‘D’ is used to indicate the band material used for the GW4000D-1A model. This letter is used for stainless steel band material type.

For the GW4000-1A, the band material used is the normal black resin that is the defacto type of material used in every G-Shock watch.

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The Price Difference

This band material difference attributes to the $100 MSRP difference between the GW4000-1A and GW4000D-1A. Again, the choice is entirely your preference to make.

Some guys like the heavier feel of the stainless steel material while enjoying what is supposed to be stronger durability. On the other hand, some guys prefer the black resin option because it is lighter but at the trade-off with durability.

Should You Wait?

If you are among the undecided because you want a durable watch but feel that a stainless steel G-Shock watch would be too heavy, you might want to put your patient to the test a bit longer.

At the time of this writing (January 2013), Casio has released a new GWA1000FC-2A. The GW1000FC-2A is supposed to be the jack of all trades as it combines both resin and stainless steel material together.

But do not take my word as a guarantee that Casio will repeat the feat for the GW4000-1A and GW4000D-1A though.

The Dial

Wait a minute. There is another difference between the GW4000-1A and GW4000D-1A, though I consider it more of a cosmetic rather than substantial.

The GW4000-1A features orange highlights to its dial face. It is claimed to be an additional safety feature as it allows you read the time reading more quickly and easily.

Unless you are a true aviator whose almost daily job is to make thousands of feet descends to the earth, I think this is a subtle feature. It differentiate the two, but it is not something that contributes to the $100 price difference.

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My 2-Cents Worth of Advice

If you need a tough watch right now and dislike the idea of waiting in uncertainty, then you need to decide for yourself what is best for you.

Unless you have specific problem or bad experience with G-Shock resin band, I would think it is wiser to save the $100 and go for the GW4000-1A rather than the more expensive GW4000D-1A alternative.


  1. Larry says:

    I just ordered a Casio GW4000-1A. I almost made myself crazy trying to pick what I wanted. It’s going to be my daily beater watch replacing my 14 year old Luminox (great watch, but too pricey in automatic for me) which died a month ago. I wanted to replace it with either solar or automatic and solar won out. I can’t wait for it to arrive!

  2. Marc says:

    I bought the gw4000-1a about a month ago and it didnt give me a problem about its resin band and I think it is also durable. I like also the orange accent it looks cool and the white accent looks professional.

    There is also white version with a resin band and same price to the orange version you can check it on ebay if you want white with resin.

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