Seiko Men’s SSC021: A Popular Solar Chronograph Dive Watch

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Finding an acceptable divers watch in recent years has come at a compromise for most consumers. We want the ablity to have it all, yet it almost seems that you pay too much for a lack of functions or pay too little for the thrills of diving to destroy your time piece.

The Seiko SSC021 Solar Diver Chronograph watch brings many facets of quality to many anxious divers and Seiko loyal connoisseurs.

But what specifically about this watch has helped it gain a reputation as one of the best dive watches around? Given the legendary status that the Seiko BFK SKA371 has earned, the bar is certainly set high for Seiko SSC021 to clear. How does it fare? Let’s see and find out.

A Look at Seiko Men’s SSC021

Features You can Expect

Released in mid 2011, the Seiko SSC021 is easily recognizable from its big hands, bold appearance and quality of craftsmanship. The SSC021’s dimensions including a 44 mm diameter stainless steel casing, 14 mm case thickness and ion plated bezel give the describe the detail of robustness.

To be considered as the best tough watch, the SSC021 is ISO diving rated for up to 200 bar underwater pressure and the ion coating helps keep up the cosmetic integrity of the dial markings. The main reason all divers should consider owning this watch in their collection is for its large dial. It’s as attractive as its helpfulness underwater.

The markings are legible with hour markers resembling pearls. Also both hands visible to clearly read time accurately which brings a new level of attraction and attention to this watch. This watch is solar-powered with the second-hand acting as an end of life indicator when the watch is found low on charge.

Keeping the best dive watches in direct sunlight or artificial light will prevent the watch from having an abrupt stop and exact movements from quartz technology keep the second-hand to precise movements.

Features You’ll Love

The best tough watch owners all agree that one of the major benefits of the SSC021 is its usability. It’s considered a great day-to-day sports watch that sits comfortably upon the wrist without any shift or slack from the bands provided.

Many consumers find the solar option a nice touch, for it allows them to continue using the watch without concern of frequent battery replacement. One of the standout features the Seiko SSC021 is the luminous display for clear night and underwater viewing.

These features all pay tribute to Seiko’s reputation for strong craftsmanship. no detail spared in the design of the SSC021.

Great but not Flawless

There are many positive attributes of the Seiko SSC021 watch, however these do not come without a few issues customers have found unsettling about the time piece. The wrist strap is the biggest point of discomfort for most customers.

The nylon band material is uncomfortable and undesirable to wear. What many patrons of the SSC021 have done was replace the original plastic band with cloth or metallic bands to restore their faith in one of the best dive watches available.

Some consumers believe Seiko not adding a sapphire crystal to the dial’s design was uncharacteristic, but this shortcoming doesn’t discount the overall quality of the diver’s watch.

Other small issues such as scratched glass over time, trouble reading the date dial at the 3 PM position and a few sample watches having the bezel not matching with marks on the dial are all valid concerns to keep in mind.

The Final Score

All in all, I would consider the Seiko Mens’s SSC021 as among the finely made tough watch that many divers find it a worthy consideration. The removal of major issues about the plastic strap discomfort include buying alternative selections.

So, do you think this is the perfect dive watch that you’ve been looking for? If not and $200 is your budget limit, which watch would you consider? Do check out our pick of the best tough analog watches under $200.

Image credit: Hamed Saber

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