Seiko SNP007 Coutura Kinetic Perpetual Watch: A Truly Timeless Timekeeping Beauty

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By having over a century to focus on making quality timepieces, it should be no surprise that Seiko has a sterling reputation among watch aficionados.

Since 1892, the company has led in both craftsmanship and in developing new technologies to incorporate into their products.

They caught everyone off-guard back in 1969 with the first quartz watch.

Just 17 years after this breakthrough, Seiko debuted the first experimental version of their kinetic drive.

This technology has since matured and is at the heart of many of their models like the Seiko Men’s SNP007 Coutura Kinetic Perpetual watch.

Seiko SNP007: A Timeless Beauty

Highlights of Seiko SNP007

I’ll start the description of the SNP007 by giving you a little idea of how kinetic power works.

The use of a watch wearer’s movements to supply the power for a watch actually goes back to the 1770s.

Basically, a tiny pendulum would swing while a person walked, winding a mechanical spring.

It wasn’t until 1986 that this concept was updated by Seiko to be used towards rotating a generator that charges a capacitor.

In the SNP007, this capability has reached the level where the watch can store a charge up to four years without usage.

It does this by ceasing all physical movements after it’s sat for 24 hours without disturbance, limiting itself to only electronic actions.

When you take it out of storage, just give a few quick jerks and it not only begins running, it jumps to the correct time and date displays.

A few of its other technical attributes I should mention include a quartz movement, stainless steel case and band, and water resistance to a depth of 330 feet, so it’s practically the best tough watch to feature kinetic power.

Close up view of Seiko SNP007Dimension of Seiko 007 Coutura Kinetic Perpetual Watch

Thw Watch Design

With regards to its design, the Seiko SNP007 exudes a pretty manly sensibility.

The watch face is black to provide a dramatic contrast to a body of stainless steel, the best tough watch material around.

As a man’s watch, it has some substantial dimensions like a 44 mm diameter by 12 mm thick case and a 24.5 mm wide wristband. The watch face contains an asymmetrical layout.

Along with the standard analog hands for the current time, the months readout dial is at bottom near the six-o’clock position with a smaller dial off to the right that displays the hours in a 24-hour format.

At the top lies the day’s date and over by the nine-o’clock position, a display shows the years removed from the last leap year.

I’ll add that this model uses a perpetual calender that’s good until the year 2100.

Sealing all this in and the water out is a tough sapphire crystal glass.

Not the Best, but one of the Finer Investment You can Get

Obviously, the kinetic power drive of the SNP007 is its coolest feature.

Wedded to Seiko’s commitment to quality, you can count on it for reliable power.

Then again, this type of mechanism will be more expensive than a standard battery if it needs replacing after the warranty expires.

The watch does have some other soft spots, too. The rugged, industrial style of it is a bit stale and predictable.

The auxiliary 24-hour dial and post-leap year counter are superfluous and can make reading the watch hands difficult.

Some owners have also mentioned that it’s bulky and heavy. Of course, this should be expected for a man’s watch that belongs in the best analog watch category.

Seiko is well-known for making reputable watches that are also affordable.

The SNP007 Coutura Kinetic Perpetual watch has both a cutting-edge power system and a few pointless additions.

In the end, it’s your call whether it has what you want or just isn’t quite the right one.

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