Is Smith & Wesson SWW-12T-R Tough Enough to Survive a Mission?

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Smith and Wesson SWW-12T-R Tactical Watch Review

Although Smith & Wesson is mainly known for its firearms and personal protection equipment, it also makes a variety of watches.

While these watches are often used by military and law enforcement personnel, they are equally appropriate for civilians who appreciate the style and many features of military watches. Anyone seeking the best military watch should consider the Smith & Wesson Men’s SWW-12T-R Watch.

What You Get with Smith & Wesson SWW-12T-R

Dial Design

When seeking the best watch for military use, you must look for many features. Many of these are included in the Smith & Wesson Men’s SWW-12T-R Watch. For example, it comes equipped with titanium light source. This makes it extremely easy to read in even the darkest conditions.

The hands are green titanium and there are also orange titanium markers at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 hours. This watch is designed to provide glow for 20 years. Visibility in darkness is of practical value in many situations, whether you’re in the military or coming home late at night and want to check the time in a dark area.

It Delivers where It Matters Most

The watch is also well designed for its primary function, to tell time. It has a Swiss quartz movement and displays for hours, minutes and seconds.

Another essential component of a military watch is durability under a variety of conditions. This watch has a sturdy stainless steel case back and is protected by hardened glass that is scratch resistant.

Water & Rust Resistant

In addition, the watch is water resistant to 330 feet or 100 meters, which makes it suitable not only for showers and swimming but also recreational scuba diving. Mind you that water resistance is not water-proof and this watch has not been designed with professional divers in mind. If you need a high performing watch for your diving adventure, you might want to check out which are the best diving watches.

It’s also resistant to oil and most corrosive and harmful materials, which makes it a good watch for anyone who works in an environment where exposure to dirt, grease or chemicals is unavoidable.

SWW-12T-R H3 Black Rubber Strap Watch Powered by swiss tritiumSmith & wesson military watch

Ruggedly Stylish

The Smith & Wesson Men’s SWW-12T-R Watch also has a stylish appearance, which is enhanced by the black rubber strap. This is a watch that will be appreciated by anyone who likes military style or even sports watches.

The display type is the traditional analog style, which is good for people who prefer to look at a clock face rather than digital readouts. The watch comes with a limited one-year warranty that protects the buyer in case of defect or certain types of damage.

Key Considerations

When seeking the best military watch, you have to consider many factors, including your budget. This is one of Smith & Wesson’s more reasonably priced military watches. Yet, it provides quite a few impressive features.

Its high visibility in the dark, water resistance and durability are features loved and required by field personnel in need of a tough watch.

But let’s be real. For the price range that SWW-12T-R is fetching, you can’t expect perfection. If you’re seeking a timepiece that is accurate to the millisecond this may not be the ideal choice.

While its accuracy is fine for casual use, the main appeal of the watch is its durability, water resistance and sleek appearance.

If you really need a tough, low maintenance and yet accurate watch, you may want to consider the likes of G-Shock Frogman watches that are usually equipped with atomic timekeeping functionality.

Is Smith & Wesson SWW-12T-R Worth Your Bucks?

If you’re seeking the best watch for military use, there are many different choices. The quality of a watch must be considered in relation to its price and how it compares to similar products.

Smith & Wesson has been a trusted brand name since the 19th century, which is another factor that makes this watch appealing to many consumers. The Smith & Wesson Men’s SWW-12T-R Watch is a military watch that provides good value for anyone seeking a durable and highly versatile watch.

Do you think Smith & Wesson SWW-12T-R has the toughness and features that you need in a tough watch? If not and you’re looking for watches suitable for military use, why not check out our list of best military watches. Find out where this watch stands among its peers.

Photo courtesy of The U.S. Army

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