Suunto Ambit2: An Athlete’s Performance Propeller

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Suunto, the manufacturer behind some of the most trusted sports watches and diving instruments unveil the Ambit2, their latest sports watch.

As trusted as the brand is, Suunto does not stand alone in the development of sports watches, and faces quite a bit of competition from consumers. So what does the Ambit2 do, and how does it stand apart from the competition?

Who is it For

Though designed as a tough watch primarily intended for divers in mind, the Ambit2 covers a variety of outdoor activities, and is readily embraced by athletes of different backgrounds and nature enthusiasts alike.

Whether experienced or new to mountain sports, swimming or diving, the learning curve with the Ambit2 is pretty forgiving. If a user has used modern sports watches before or not, they’ll be instructed properly and will find little in the way of trouble in operating this model.

Suunto Ambit2 Reviews


For runners and hikers, the Ambit2 ready to assist with the charting of trails with ease. An uplink to GPS services makes for simple location of known paths from your starting point down to your destination with precision. Unlike other watches in the same vein, the Ambit2 is known for its speed in this area, requiring only seconds to establish a connection with nearly no presence of lag.

In addition to the efficiency of the GPS, many Suunto watch reviews highlight how conservative this watch is in how it allocates battery power. Few sports watches can last as long at the Amibt2 does with its GPS in constant use. This is especially useful for the inexperienced hiker, or those entering new territory who need to continually check their placement on the trail.

Time display in Suunto Ambit2 GPS Heart Rate MonitorAltimeter reading in Suunto Ambit2 GPS Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor

Another useful aspect for the athletic user is the heart rate monitor. Like others, this heart rate monitor is there to help users keep track of their heart rate throughout their run or hike, and provides statistical data that can track progress.

The chest strap included fits under the pectorals and allows for the tracking of intensity of movement, alerts around target zones, and can be applied to a range of physical activities.

The chest strap and the sports monitoring functions work best with the many applications that are available for download. For example a calorie counter that many users of Suunto’s watches would probably utilize on a separate device. They can now be found and used to their full functionality with the Ambit2.

Picture of white Suunto Ambit2 GPS Heart Rate MonitorSide view of Suunto Ambit2 GPS Heart Rate Monitor


Connecting a home computer is hassle free. Connecting with a sync cable allows for the upload of user data as well as the download of numerous applications and customization features that turns the Ambit2 into the user’s very own unique device.

The initial connection to a computer is a streamlined process that doesn’t require much in the way of human input to set up properly. It does not, unfortunately, support Linux OS users. They will have to seek third-party support to access the same functionality.

Summary of Pros Summary of Cons
  • Extended use due to efficient battery
  • ExtenSyncing with a PC is fast and reliable, and charges during the process
  • ExtenResponsive GPS that efficiently tracks movement and plots courses
  • ExtenRelatively light
  • ExtenSleek design
  • ExtenAll features applicable for running, hiking, cycling, swimming, and other mountain sports
  • ExtenWide selection of apps
  • ExtenMain display is customizable by use of apps and intended purpose of the user
  • ExtenChest strap is subtle, and adjustable to a rather large size
  • Although the light design is nice for some, especially those with slimmer wrists, users of a bigger build may find the watch to feel a bit fragile to them
  • The strap is somewhat short, which may constrict some users
  • Importing data from non Suunto devices is frustrating, and many more forgo to importing process entirely
  • Data lock in with Suunto designated site
  • No support for open-source operating systems

In Summary

Finally, Suunto Ambit2 has to be among the most ‘intelligent’ watch designed for runners and sports enthusiasts. This flagship model from Suunto proves to be one of the brand’s most popular model and there is good reason for that.

So, what do you think? Do you think this will make the perfect watch to propel your fitness and performance level?

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