Suunto Ambit3: What You Need to Reach Your Peak Performance

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The Suunto Ambit3 is a tough GPS watch with big ambitions. Not content to track my route while I’m gamely stumbling forward on my morning jog, the attractive device can also monitor my heart rate.

The recorded data fills the face of the wristwatch on an intuitive graphical interface while Bluetooth smarts simultaneously transmit the same information to a smartphone for further analysis.

This rich feature-set is packed inside a 50-mm case with an aluminum bezel.

Protection of those sensitive electronic components, sensors and microprocessors, is promptly delivered by a tough polyamide case and a reinforced mineral crystal lens, crucial design materials to seek out when looking for the best tough watch.

Propel Your Peak Performance with Suunto Ambit3

Noteworthy Mentions

Amateur runners will get a kick out of the many functions of the Suunto Ambit3, but the wristwatch only finds its true purpose when strapped to the arm of a serious athlete.

A runner preparing for a triathlon will enjoy the sharp, large numerals displayed on the rounded case of the watch.

Five studs manage all of those fitness features, relaying a string of invaluable data.

Suunto watch reviews quote the Ambit3 as an evolutionary move up from the previous model, but I see the addition of Bluetooth connectivity as an essential component when considering the number of activity trackers currently flooding the fitness market.

But back to the features and functions of what could be a contender for the best tough watch for an aspiring athlete.

The watch includes a smart heart sensor belt, a device capable of accurately measuring my heart rate while walking, cycling, or swimming.

It pairs quickly with the wristwatch, but I noticed it can move away from the chest area when activities stretch the muscles across the abdomen.

Image of Suunto Ambit3 displaying altitude informationPicture of Suunto Ambit3 showing heart rate monitor information

What Does Suunto Ambit3 Has to Offer?

Suunto watch reviews tend to focus on the GPS component of these high-performance watches, but the addition of a Bluetooth wireless component demands a slight change in focus.

The Ambit3 can pair to a smartphone or compatible tablet, transferring body metrics to the phone App for analysis.

This includes graphed observations of heartbeat changes, the accurate mapping of the run through GPS monitoring, and smart notifications.

Unfortunately, Android users are out of luck as the App is only available for Apple products.

Some of the other features built into the Apps feel a touch gimmicky to my mind, but they could be fun to play around with during and after the run.

Imagine creating a 3D map accompanied by a Suunto movie for the ultimate opportunity to relive the race to fitness.

Finally, the best tough watch category demands some leeway when introducing new designs to the fitness market.

The Suunto Ambit3 achieves this goal with remarkable grace by introducing several different models with affordable price tags.

The Ambit3 Sport offers a reinforced dial while the Ambit3 Sport Sapphire replaces the mineral crystal design with Sapphire glass.

Suunto watch reviews have also noted the introduction of the king of the range, the Sunto Ambit3 Peak, a watch that integrates all of the above features with a barometric alimeter for scaling those challenging mountains.

The Peak model also races to the fore of the group by incorporating longer battery life, 50-hours in comparison to the 25-hours of the Sport model.

A beautiful display with large numerals and multiple sports-related modes listed in intuitive order, the Suunto Ambit3 lineup is a tempting all-rounder for any serious athlete and aspiring amateur adventurer.

The wristwatches include an improved heart rate belt and enough customization options to tailor the functions of the waterproof device for everything from climbing a challenging mountain face to doing laps at the local pool.

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