Suunto Core: Made for the Most Avid Sportsmen

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For avid outdoorsmen, the ultimate search for the best outdoor watch can seem daunting, but the Suunto Core All Black watch can make that search worthwhile.

Whether one is looking for a barometer, an altimeter, or a compass, this best tough watch is a rewarding purchase.

Suunto Core All Black Reviews

Feature Highlights

The Suunto Core All Black has many key features that make it one of highest watches on the best tough watch list available on the market today.

This incredible watch offers a barometer, an altimeter, a compass, temperature reading, up to date storm alerts, sunrise and sunset times, a snorkeling depth meter, a variety of watch, date and time functions, replaceable battery and a multilingual format making it user friendly throughout the world.

Touted as among the best outdoor watch in many Suunto watch reviews, Suunto Core All-black comes with many pros within its features.

The watch offers users a water resistant outdoor watch up to 30 m, a 12 month battery lifespan when the watch is used in strictly time mode, an electro luminescent back light option, back light option that is configurable with the press of one button or any button, timers in the form of stop watch and countdown, a daily alarm clock, dual time display, button lock, matrix display type and a low battery indicator.

The best tough watch is also available in multiple language formats making it a great choice worldwide.

Side view of Suunto Core Sport WatchClose up view of Suunto Core Sport Watch

Rich Feature-Set

The digital compass function of the best outdoor watch, the Suunto Core All Black Watch, features a degrees direction scale, a north indicator needle, bearing lock with orienting indicator, globally balanced, and compass accuracy within 5 degrees.

The free diving function of the watch allows divers to snorkel safely up to 10 m with the watch. The altimeter of the watch has an altitude graph, barometric altitude, air pressure based total ascent and descent, and a range of -500 – 9000 m. The altimeter and barometer features of the watch are actually directly linked together.

The watch’s weather feature tells sea level pressure, has a weather trend indicator, accurate temperature readings, sunrise and sunset times, storm alerts and a weather log of up to 7 days.

Back view of Suunto CorePopular Suunto core in black

Minor Letdowns

Although the Suunto Core All Black Watch features a long list of pros, there are a couple different cons that come along with the watch. One of the biggest cons associated with the Suunto Core All Black Watch is that the display is a bit dark on the watch.

This can be a nuisance when trying to quickly view the display on the watch while outside in the sunlight. Another con associated with the watch is that it can seem quite overwhelming to new users.

This is a result of the multiple features that the watch offers. The initial ease of use for new users is also a bit more difficult than some other watches. Although the storm alerts in the weather function on the watch are quite reliable and up to date, some other watches allow for weather logs that are more than 7 days.

In Summary

The Suunto Core All Black Watch comes with many different pros and cons. The ultimate decision on the product that avid outdoorsmen decide to purchase solely relies on personal preference of the individual in the market for the watch.

This watch has many different features that outdoorsmen search for, but operation of the watch can be a bit difficult until an individual becomes familiar with the watch.

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