Suunto Vector Wristop Computer:The Reliable Personal Assistant for Sports Enthusiasts

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A wristwatch is a reflection of the character of the person wearing it, and that same logic defines the high-performance, rugged timepieces worn by outdoor enthusiasts.

If you refer to the various Suunto watch reviews, you will learn that the brand Suunto has represented this ideal for over a decade. The brand is well-reputed for creating the best tough watch designs in a market where adopters of professional outdoor gear only accept the finest items.

A Take on Suunto Vector

It’s a Wristop Computer

Made popular by active outdoor types, by explorers and adventurers, the Suunto Vector Wristop computer, a watch by any other name, confirms the iconic Finnish manufacturer’s position as an industry leader in outdoor wristwatch technology by packing all kinds of sensors into compact packages.

Rivals in the class of best outdoor watch have always been known for integrating these kinds of navigational features into their sports watch products, but the Vector takes this approach to the next level.

The durable black case of the watch includes an altimeter capable of tracking vertical progress, relaying height updates all the way up to 29,500-ft. A precision barometer function gauges barometric pressure, adding temperature to the data to predict weather changes.

Getting lost while scaling heights or checking the weather is unlikely thanks to the built-in compass, a directional aid that relays cardinal points and a north to south orientation arrow.

I think these exhaustive features alone are enough to rank the Vector as a leader in the best outdoor watch category, but there’s more to see. There’s a mass of toughness wrapping a host of technological innovations, and the sum of the features are tied together by the popular Suunto logo.

Suunto Vector Wristop Computer Review in yellow colorPicture of Suunto vector wristop computer in orange color

It’s a Smart Outdoor Companion

All of the functionality and technical prowess stated thus far is supported by an invaluable range of user-defined features. I took note of the 24-hour memory faculty, the capacity to record altitude data and store barometric readings.

An altitude ascent alarm can be programmed to alert a climber when a certain height has been reached. The compass enables extensive navigation accessibility by allowing the wearer of the Suunto Vector to take over and set a bearing.

Follow that bearing into unknown territory and you’ll never get lost. A leveling bubble and a declination adjustment feature on the Vector complete the enhanced navigational role of the wristwatch, opening the gateway to finite navigational precision by adding a facility to set the difference between true north and magnetic north.

Picture of red Suunto vector wristop computerPicture of black Suunto vector wristop computer

Notably Bright LED

The case of the watch is made from a composite plastic that’s designed to be impact-resistant and waterproof to 30-meters, a handy extra within the best tough watch category.

The case does feel a little over-sized on my arm, but it’s still comfortable to wear. One noticeable point that caught my attention from the first was the super-bright backlight, an electro-luminescent vision aid that manages to bring a pale light to a small room.

I can only imagine how bright this would be in a tent. The case sports a stainless steel band, and the entire assembly of the watch, including the strap, somehow manages to avoid feeling bulky though it is substantial in appearance compare to standard timepieces.

Finally, the Vector Wristop Computer excels as a timepiece. The watch displays the time in the 12-hour or 24-hour format, adding a stopwatch, a countdown timer, three alarms and a calendar to the list.

Some fine-tuning issues aside, this explorer timepiece is a member of the best outdoor watch class. Some of the measuring sensors do require calibration from time-to-time, and the battery quits after one year, likely due to the backlight, but the mass of features and the rugged build go far in backing the Vector as the best tough watch candidate, a timepiece engineered for adventurers.

My 2-Cents Worth

When it comes to true outdoor watch specialist, there are only few brands to consider. Casio G-Shock is definitely one name to consider but if you are turned off by the ‘big and bulky’ look of the G-Shock and you are looking for a great outdoor watch that still works great, Suunto Vector is something you want to seriously consider.

It has all the computing capabilities required to qualify as your most handy outdoor assistant. It is not a cheap investment I have to say. But if you are looking for an assistant that never fails when you need it most for your outdoor expedition trips, I would definitely consider Suunto Vector as among my top choices.

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