Who are Suunto watches made for?

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Suunto watch reviews

A Watch that Catches Up with Time

Check the time. Don’t ask why – just do it. You checked your phone, didn’t you? Or, you would have, if you didn’t have the time in the upper-right corner of this screen.

This illustrates an important point about today’s world. Technologies (and computers in particular) have more or less taken over as our primary sources of information. For any type of information, from the time, to the weather, to the latest in physics, mathematics, and chemistry.

What does this mean for you? That you have the entire corpus of human knowledge at your fingertips.

Innovation is Key!

What does it mean for watchmakers? Well, for them, it means that they have to innovate – quickly and dramatically – in order to catch your eye for long enough to get you to see their products. This is in order to get you to react positively enough to buy it.

This is no small feat, considering watches have to contend with smartphones in terms of convenience and usability.


Obviously, when it comes computing horsepower, it’s pretty much impossible for a watch to beat out a computer. Nonetheless, there still exist few niches that will ensure the relevant existence of watches, at least for the near future.

That is what specialized watchmakers like Suunto has attempted to do. In order to maintain their competitive edges, they have introduced a great deal of toughness and smartness into their watches.

This Suunto watch review will highlight to you what features you can expect in the latest Suunto watches. More importantly, understand the specific purposes that each feature has been designed for.

The Alternatives to Timetelling

It’s interesting that watches are no longer primarily tools of time telling. They obviously serve that purpose, but they’ve taken on additional specialized features, as well. Before we discuss those, though, let’s take a look at the basic traits of tough watches that modern manufacturers have started focusing on.

Look Matters!

The first is visual appeal. In the past, only watches belonging to the most prized category like Rolex and Jaeger-LeCoultre has to beef up the aesthetic appeal of their watches and rugged watches used to be associated with the bulkies and uglies.

But this is quickly becoming a thing of the past and makers of rugged watches like Suunto seem to have grasped this trend.

That is why if you read Suunto watch reviews, you’ll hear customers rave about the way their Suunto watches look more than about how well they function.

Well, don’t be mistaken here. The fact that customers are loving the aesthetics of Suunto watches does not undermine the great features and functionalities of their watches.

To me, it simply speaks volume on how far they have attempted to make wristwatches appealing once again.

Survival of the Toughest

Another aspect of watches that’s received a lot of attention is durability. The toughest watches on the market used to be those made for the military, surfeits of which were released to the general public.

Every watch offered by the brand will be water resistant, shock resistant, bump resistant, and shatterproof.

This is watchmaker’s ways of providing you with a functional backup to your phone or computer, both of which are significantly more fragile than just about any watch.

Again, Suunto watch reviews are full of people mentioning the surprising degree to which Suunto watches can withstand damage. People have dropped them into water, hit them on the wall accidentally, and one review even mentioned a watch that had been slammed in a car door, and survived.

Designed with Dedication in Mind

While Casio G-Shock still remains as today’s undisputed tough watch champion, other makers have been making good progress when it comes to making their watches rugged.

Suunto is one such brand. Taking the game one step further, the brand has established good rapport with the sports community.

Three Suunto watch series that are highly popular among outdoor enthusiasts are the Suunto Core, Suunto Vector and Suunto Elementum.

But if you’re looking for a timepiece to assist your performance training, Suunto core watch reviews are not what you’d want to be looking at. Instead, you may want to focus on Suunto Ambit, Suunto Quest and Suunto M-Series Collection.

If you’re a diving enthusiast or professional diver and looking for a good dive computer, Suunto’s award-winning D-Series dive computer collection is something you need to seriously consider.

Intelligence & Access to Wealth of Information

Multi-purpose Assistant

These basics are more or less expected of watches built these days. Like we mentioned above, many watchmakers are equipping their timepieces with special functions that your phone doesn’t offer, and that other production companies don’t include on every model.

These are typically geared towards the more outdoorsy folk. Features include altimeters (which detect your height above sea level), barometers (which measure air pressure and are useful for determining the probability of rain or storm) and compasses. In some advanced models, even GPS and tide clocks that tell divers and surfers when low and high tides are looming or leaving.

While none of this sounds useful to the average user off the bat, most people who buy a watch equipped with these extras not only enjoy them, but become rather dependent on them. It’s almost the same way we become dependent on the feed of information we get from our technology.

Looking at Suunto watch reviews, you’ll notice that people who bought watches coincidentally equipped with these feaures – i.e., people who didn’t really want barometers or compasses but just happened to buy a model that featured one – actually use them quite frequently.

I’ve ever met one woman who spoke strongly about the Suunto watch that she had. She went on to describe how she’d check her Suunto watch’s barometer before going out to work, as it would be an easy way for her to tell if she would later need her Tylenol for her joint pain. And then there is another Suunto watch owners who mentioned how he eventually used the compass on his watch far more than he’d initially anticipated, as it made it significantly easier for him to find his way around his home town on foot.

Where Suunto Stands

At the end of the day, relevance of watches as timekeepers are being eroded with the emergence of smart mobile devices. But, that doesn’t make watches themselves obsolete.

Suunto have innovated in all the right ways. They are making tougher, smarter, more versatile timepieces that do far more than just keep track of the day and hour.

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