Tawatec E. O. Diver MK II: A Dive Watch Tough Enough for Tactical Mission

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Tawatec E O Diver MK II Tactical Watch Review

Setting the Criteria for Good Dive Watch

Buying a diving watch is a real investment, so it pays to weigh the available models and their pros and cons carefully before making a purchase. The watch needs to be able to hold up to the stresses of diving. This is the foremost concern.

The best dive watch needs to be strong. In this tough watch review, I will discuss some important things to consider when it comes to finding the best dive watch and I’ll take a look at Tawatec’s E.O. Diver Mk II Tactical Watch.

A dive watch needs to be more than hardy. Each part needs to be resistant to the hazards of diving, and it needs to be readable while diving. That requires some kind of glowing watch face.

Many dive watches, including the E. O. Diver Mk II, use tritium as a light source to illuminate the hands, and you’ll soon find out why such technology proves to be superior.

What’s Good about Tawatec E.O. Diver MK II

The E. O. Diver Mk II from Tawatec is a Swiss-made watch that portrays itself as built to the specifications of divers who disarm underwater mines. While it’s debatable if this is the way to actually build the best dive watch, the Mk II certainly attempts to live up to the hype.

Tawatec’s E.O. Diver MK II uses an anti-magnetic case to protect itself against magnetic emissions from the watch interfering with such operations.

The watch has bright tritium markings on the hands and face. This makes it easy to read at night and underwater. It also has one of the largest faces in its class.

It is rated water resistant to 600 feet and certified resistant to 20 ATM of air pressure. The face has scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with an antireflective coating. The band is rubber and is 22 millimeters wide.

The watch and band are both black. The movement is a Swiss quartz assembly. The display is analog, of course. But if you’re interested in nothing but the best, you may want to check which watch emerged as the winner in our match-up of the the toughest analog watches.

TAWATEC E.O.Diver MK II Tactical watch glowing in the darkClose up view of TAWATEC EO Diver MK II Tactical watch

Weighing the Reviews

The Negatives

When it comes to whether or not this is actually the best dive watch for the money, the evidence is mixed. There are accounts online of build quality issues, particularly for the previous version of this watch.

Several users report that the bezel popped off after less than a year, and others say that the band that came with the first version was cheap and flimsy. Some even had trouble getting the manufacturer to honor the warranty.

The Positives

But besides the pockets of negative reviews (which I don’t rule out them being lemons), the reactions to the Mk II have all been positive so far.

Most owners who ran into problem with their watches (when they were still under warranty) share how the company was quick to respond. If they can be fixed, you simply send the watch over and they’ll fix it for you. If they can’t be fixed, you’ll get a replacement with not much hassle.

While I’m not saying anyone going for military watches has to from the military, I believe most are. Based on the reviews that many owners have shared, there is reasonable evidence to believe that this watch has the toughness that as demanded by military personnel.

So, if you’re looking to differentiate from the G-Shock military-inspired watches that almost every of your buddy is wearing, you now have a choice.

The Final Scoresheet

You have with you all the information that’s important to decide if this is the best dive watch you want to carry for your upcoming search and rescue (SAR) operation or diving adventure. I have my final scoresheet to make my decision but your scoresheet might be different from mine. Consider all the pros and cons, weigh all the things that are important and decide.

If you’re still unsure and you’ve a budget of less than $500, you may want to find out which models are considered as the best diving watches for $500 and less.

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