Can You Resist a Tissot T-Race Chronograph Watch?

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Tissot T-Race Chronograph Gent Watch Review

Tissot has generally focused its efforts on the moderately high-end watch market. For the most part, their various offerings have succeeded in making them a major force in this niche.

Seeing that this Swiss company’s been in business since 1853, this shouldn’t be a surprise. One good example of what they typically offer is the Tissot T-Race Chronograph Gent. This particular Swiss-made watch gets its inspiration from motorcycle racing and it shows in both its features and its styling.

It’s yet another offering in their quest to make the best chronograph watch. How does it live up to what is expected of it based on the Tissot’s brand reputation? Read on to find out.

Getting Down to the Basics

To get an idea of what it has to offer, I’ll mention its basic features first. As a chronograph watch, it includes a 60-second timer, a 1/10 second timer, and a 30-minute timer.

Under the hood, the T-Race uses some of the finest Swiss quartz movement to supply some highly accurate timekeeping. Holding all of this in is a sapphire crystal cover and stainless steel case.

The result is a watch that can handle rough sports and long exposure to water in the form of swimming or bathing. Specifically, it’s rated to 330 feet under water. This would only exclude things like scuba diving and other activities with similar high water pressures.

If you’re into car racing, you’d definitely have heard of Danica Patrick, one of the greatest female racer. If a Tissot T-Race is tough enough to survive when worn on Danica Patrick’s wrist, what does it say to most ordinary folks like you and me? I leave it to you to figure it out.

Based on the various tough watch reviews talking about Tissot T-Race Chronograph watch, owners often rave about the superior scratch resistance due to the use sapphire crystal. This isn’t a big surprise since sapphires are only surpassed by diamonds in hardness.

A Beautiful Design Masterpiece

Appearance-wise, this watch is clearly made for men. It has a strong mechanical look to it with a black and rose gold color combination. The rose or pinkish-gold edges are provided by the stainless steel case.

The watch face is a bit unusual in that the second hand of the main dial acts as the 60-second timer. In addition, there are three smaller dials on the face. The one at the bottom is the actual second hand for everyday timekeeping. Above this dial, the 30-minute timer and 1/10-second timer sit side-by-side.

Amusingly, these two dials are each highlighted in rose gold. This creates a vague silhouette of a motorcycle. Also, the watch crystal is framed by a black ring with slanted markings that hints at a motorcycle brake disc.

The T-Race also provides a date display on the right-hand side next to the control buttons. Basically, it has all the normal features of a popular chronograph watch.

Side dial view of Tissot T-sport chronograph watchClutch design of Tissot T048.417.27.057.06 T-Sport PVD Black Rubber Strap Watch

Not for Those with Small Wrists

I would have to say the biggest downside to this watch is the wristband. To be sure, for a rubber wristband, it is heavy, durable, and comfortable. The problem is that it doesn’t rely on the common buckle-type latch that’s easily adjustable.

Instead, it possesses a double-hinged clasp that can’t be adjusted by itself. If you have an exceptionally small wrist, to fit the wristband to your wrist, you have to do a little surgery on it.

The clasp detaches so that you can cut the band down to size by removing clearly defined segments. This extra chore can be a little annoying. What’s worse, though, is that there’s no going back.

If, for some reason, the wristband needs to be bigger in the future, you’ll have to get another band. It’s obviously not the best chronograph watch feature around.

The Verdict

Overall, the Tissot T-Race Chronograph fits the bill for a general-purpose watch. It’s very stylish for tough watch standard and maybe it can hold its own against the much more expensive Rolex in a formal setting.

If gorgeous design alone is not enough, this popular choronograph watch has the quality ruggedness and features you’d want in a sports watch in its price-range. With its good looks, though, you’d probably be loathed to use it for such things.

Still undecided? You may want to find out which tough analog watches are most recommended for price range similar to the Tissot T-Race Chronograph.

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