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Recently, I have been receiving a lot of requests from fellow tough watch fanatics like yourself. With so many rugged watch models to look at, it may well be a fun experience. But… things become seriously hard when it comes to decision time.

Why? Simply because looking at these beautiful timepieces can easily get you carried away. Yet, there is no easy way to group or compare watches based on their features.

I personally took a lot of time in constructing the table that you are about to see. With the sheer amount of new tough watches being introduced into the market every now and then, I shall not claim my work to be perfect. But at least, I hope it makes it easier for people like yourself to find the perfect watch based on your need.

Share them with friends if you like what you see. Drop me a line if there is any improvement you can suggest to make this an even more awesome comparison table, gallery or whatever you want to call it.

  • $-$$$$ are approximate prices on These change frequently based on availability, special promotions, and more. But generally speaking: $ = under $50, $$ = $50 to $150, $$$ = $150 to $300, $$$$ = $300 to $500 and $$$$$ = $500+
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Watch ModelPriceAve. RatingMovementCase DiameterDial MaterialAnalog / DigitalBrandWater Resistance (m)Band MaterialBand Width
Smith & Wesson Men's SWW-11B GLOW Lawman Black Nylon Strap Watch
$3.5Japanese Quartz38.67MineralAnalogSmith & Wesson30Nylon26.18
Smith & Wesson Men's SWW-6063 The Civilian Black Leather Strap Watch
$3.9Japanese Quartz42.42MineralAnalogSmith & Wesson30Synthetic Leather22.32
Smith & Wesson Men's SWW-5982 Commando Black Nylon Strap Watch
$3.2Japanese Quartz44.32MineralAnalogSmith & Wesson30Nylon28.25
Smith & Wesson Men's SWW-045M SWAT Black Metal Strap Watch
$3.7Japanese Quartz42.37MineralAnalogSmith & Wesson30Stainless Steel19.91
Smith & Wesson Men's SWW-45 SWAT Black Rubber Strap Watch
$3.3Japanese Quartz40.51MineralAnalogSmith & Wesson30Rubber23.32
Smith & Wesson Men's SWW-455-EMT EMT Black Nylon Strap Watch
$3.3Japanese Quartz41.27MineralAnalogSmith & Wesson30Nylon27.14
Smith & Wesson Men's SWW-357-BSS Commander Tritium H3 Black Stainless Steel Strap Watch
$3.8Swiss Quartz45MineralAnalogSmith & Wesson200Stainless Steel23.35
Smith & Wesson Men's SWW-12T-R Soldier Tritium H3 Black Rubber Strap Watch
$4Swiss Quartz41.19MineralAnalogSmith & Wesson100Nylon27
Smith & Wesson Men's SWW-5900 Flight Deck Black Rubber Strap Watch
$4.3Japanese Quartz44.84MineralAnalogSmith & Wesson30Rubber25.39
Smith & Wesson Men's SWW-357-SS Aviator Tritium H3 Stainless Steel Strap Watch
$3.8Swiss Quartz43.16MineralAnalogSmith & Wesson200Stainless Steel21.54
SHARK Mens LED Date Day Black Sport Military Stainless Steel Alarm Quartz Wrist Watch SH105
$4.1Quartz45MineralAnalog and DigitalShark30Stainless Steel22
Timex Men's T49612 Expedition Trail Series Shock Digital Compass
Invicta Men's 2770 "Force" Collection Stainless Steel and Leather "Lefty" Military Watch
$4.4Japanese Quartz46MineralAnalogInvicta100Pig Skin Leather22
5.11 Tactical® Field Ops Watch
German Military Titanium Watch. GPW Day Date Red Minute Hand Black NATO Rubber Strap Sapphire Crystal 200M WR
$4Swiss Quartz42.50SapphireAnalogGPW200Rubber22
Timex Men's T49820DH Expedition Military Classic All-Black Nylon Strap Watch
$3.7Analog Quartz45MineralAnalogTimex100Nylon20
Navy Seal Military Watches For Men Sport Quartz Wrist Watch Date Black Alarm Waterproof Army Steel
PriceN/AQuartz45N/AAnalog and DigitalMens watches ukkN/AStainless SteelN/A
TAG Heuer Men's WAH1010.BA0854 Formula 1 Grande Date Black Dial Watch
$4.2Swiss Quartz44Synthetic SapphireAnalogTag Heuer200Stainless Stell22
TAG Heuer Men's WAH1110.BA0858 Formula 1 Black Dial Watch
$4.5Swiss Quartz41SapphireAnalogTag Heuer200Stainless Steel20
TAG Heuer Men's CAU1110.BA0858 Formula 1 Black Dial Chronograph Steel Watch
$4.3Swiss Quartz42SapphireAnalogTag Heuer200Stainless Steel20
TAG Heuer Men's CAN1010BA0821 Aquaracer Chronograph Watch
$4Quartz44.5SapphireAnalogTag Heuer300Stainless Steel20
Tag Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph Black Dial Black Rubber Mens Watch CAU111A.FT6024
$4Quartz42SapphireAnalogTag Heuer200Stainless Steel coated with Black Titanium Carbide18
TAG Heuer Men's WAP1112BA0831 Aquaracer Blue Dial Watch
$4Quartz39SapphireAnalogTag Heuer300Stainless Steel20
TAG Heuer Men's WAP1111BA0831 Aquaracer Silver Dial Watch
$4.5Quartz39SapphireAnalogTag Heuer300Stainless Steel20
TAG Heuer Men's CV2A10BA0796 Carrera Automatic Chronograph Watch
$3.5Automatic Self-wind43.5SapphireAnalogTag Heuer100Stainless Steel21.6
TAG Heuer Men's WAP1110BA0831 Aquaracer Black Dial Watch
$4.4Quartz39SapphireAnalogTag Heuer330Stainless Steel19
TAG Heuer Men's Aquaracer Stainless Steel Watch WAN2111BA0822
$4.2Swiss Automatic41SapphireAnalogTag Heuer330Stainless Steel20
TAG Heuer Men's CAN1011BA0821 Aquaracer Blue Dial Watch
$4.6Quartz45SapphireAnalogTag Heuer330Stainless Steel20.50
TAG Heuer Men's CAF101F.BA0821 Aquaracer Quartz Silver Chronograph Dial Watch
$5Swiss Quartz44SapphireAnalogTag Heuer330Stainless Steel21
Jorg Gray 6500 Series Chronograph - As Worn By President Obama
$3.9Japanese Chronograph40SapphireAnalogJorg Gray100Leather25
Jorg Gray Non Commemorative Leather Chrono Black Dial Men's watch JG6500-NC
$3.8Japanese Quartz41MineralAnalogJorg Gray100Leather Calfskin11
Jorg Gray 9500 Men's Silver Swiss Chronograph Watch
$5Swiss44SapphireAnalogJorg Gray100Leather20
Orient Men's ER27008W Classic Automatic Watch
$4Japanese Automatic41MineralAnalogOrient30Leather Calfskin22
Orient ET0K003W Men's Cosmos White Dial Black Leather Strap Automatic Watch
$4.8Japanese Automatic40MineralAnalogOrient50Alligator Leather22
Orient Men's FDB08005W Esteem Open Heart Dial Watch
$3.6Automatic Self-wind41MineralAnalogOrient50Patent Leather22
Orient Men's FFD0F001W Vintage Power Reserve Meter Watch
$4.2Automatic Self-wind40SapphireAnalogOrient50Stainless Steel22
Orient Bambino Automatic Dress Watch with Black Dial ER24004B
$4.6Japanese Automatic40MineralAnalogOrient50Alligator Leather20
Orient Men's EM6500AM Ray Automatic Stainless Steel Orange Dial Watch
$4.5Japanese Automatic41.5MineralAnalogOrient100Stainless Steel22
Orient Men's CFM00005D Power Reserve Semi-Skeleton Blue Automatic Watch
$4.3Japanese Automatic44.5MineralAnalogOrient100Leather14
Traser H3 TYPE 6 TRITIUM Watch Military Spec P6500
Traser Commander Military Titanium Watch P6506A
$4Quartz43Synthetic SapphireAnalogTraser200NylonN/A
Traser CODE BLUE Watch TRITIUM Light Source P6508
Traser TYPE 3 TRITIUM Tactical Watch
$4.3Swiss Quartz37MineralAnalogTraser30CanvasN/A
Traser T4004.357.37.01 Chrono Big Date Pro Blue
Traser Type 3 Military Watch P5900 Series
$5Swiss Quartz37MineralAnalogTraser30Nylon18
Traser MIL-G Type 6 P6600
$4.3Swiss Quartz45MineralAnalogTraser200Nylon22
Traser Red Combat Watch
PriceN/ASwiss Quartz45Synthetic SapphireAnalogTraser200Nylon22
Traser Men's Professional watch P6504
$4.6Swiss Quartz45MineralAnalogTraser200Rubber20
Traser Big Date Alarm Watch T4004
$3Swiss Quartz40MineralAnalogTraser100Stainless SteelN/A
Traser Classic Basic Watch with Leather Strap
$3.4Swiss Quartz40QuartzAnalogTraser100MetalN/A
Citizen Men's BM8180-03E "Eco-Drive" Canvas Strap Watch
$4.5Japanese Quartz37MineralAnalogCitizen Eco-Drive100Canvas18
Citizen Men's BL5250-02L Titanium Eco-Drive Watch with Leather Band
$4.3Japanese Quartz43.90TitaniumAnalogCitizen Eco-Drive200Pig Skin Leather20
Citizen Men's BM8242-08E "Eco-Drive" Gold-Tone Stainless Steel and Leather Strap Watch
$4.5Japanese Quartz36MineralAnalogCitizen Eco-Drive10Pig Skin Leather20
Citizen Men's BJ7000-52E "Nighthawk" Stainless Steel Eco-Drive Watch
$4.7Japanese Quartz41MineralAnalogCitizen200Stainless Steel22
Citizen Men's AT0200-05E Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Watch with Canvass Band
$4.3Swiss Quartz41MineralAnalogCitizzen Eco-Drive100Canvas21
Citizen Men's BM7170-53L Titanium Eco-Drive Watch
$4.6Japanese Quartz42SapphireAnalogCitizen Eco-Drive100Titanium26
Citizen Men's BM8475-26E "Eco-Drive" Stainless Steel and Synthetic Leather Strap Watch
$4.3Japanese Quartz42MineralAnalogCitizen Eco-Drive100Synthetic Leather22
Citizen Men's AT0810-55X Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Sport Watch
$4.7Japanese Quartz43MineralAnalogCitizen Eco-Drive100Stainless Steel22
Citizen Men's AT4004-52E "Perpetual Chrono A-T" Two-Tone Stainless Steel Watch
$4.7Japanese Quartz42SapphireAnalogCitizen200Stainless Steel24
Citizen Men's JY8035-04E "Navihawk" Stainless Steel Eco-Drive Watch
$4.6Japanese Quartz48MineralAnalogCitizen Eco-Drive200Polyurethane22
Citizen Men's BL5400-52A Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Sport Watch
$4.7Japanese Quartz48MineralAnalogCitizen Eco-Drive100Stainless Steel23
Citizen Men's CA0467-11H Eco-Drive "Primo" Chronograph Sport Watch
$4.8Japanese Quartz46MineralAnalogCitizen Eco-Drive100Synthetic Leather23
Citizen Men's AT0810-12E "Eco-Drive" Stainless Steel and Leather Watch
$4.3Japanese Quartz43MineralAnalogCitizen Eco-Drive100Pig Skin Leather22
Victorinox Swiss Army Men's 241436 Maverick Stainless Steel Black Dial Watch
$4.2Swiss Quartz43Anti-reflective SapphireAnalogVictorinox100Stainless Steel21
Victorinox Swiss Army Men's 241499 Silver Dial Chronograph Watch
$4.4Quartz40Anit-reflective SapphireAnalogVictorinox100Stainless Steel20
Victorinox Swiss Army Men's 241494 Black Dial Chronograph Watch
$4.3Quartz41Anti-reflective SapphireAnalogVictorinox100Stainless Steel21
Victorinox Swiss Army Chrono Classic Mens Watch 241443
$4.3Quartz45SapphireAnalogVictorinox100Stainless SteelN/A
Victorinox Swiss Army Men's 241473 Black Dial Watch
$4.7Quartz40SapphireAnalogVictorinox100Stainless Steel20
Victorinox Swiss Army Men's 241444 Chron Classic Black Chronograph Dial Watch
$4.3Quartz45SapphireAnalogVictorinox100Leather Calfskin22
Victorinox Swiss Army Men's 241431 Maverick Black Dial Watch
Victorinox Swiss Army Infantry Vintage Quartz Men's Watch 241309
$4.6Quartz38SapphireAnalogVictorinox100Pig Skin Leather14
Lum-Tec M55 Luminous Swiss Quartz Men's Watch
$2Swiss Quartz44SapphireAnalogLum-Tec300Leather, Rubber and Stainless Steel24
Lum-Tec M57 Luminous Swiss Quartz Men's Watch
$4Swiss Quartz44SapphireAnalogLum-Tec300Leather, Rubber and Stainless Steel24
Lum-Tec Bull45 A15 MDV Luminous Chronograph Watch
$4Japanese Quartz45SapphireAnalogLum-Tec100Special Molded Anti-static Rubber Strap26
Lum-Tec V Series V2 Luminous MDV Technology Automatic men's watch
$4Swiss Quartz44SapphireAnalogLum-Tec100Leather and Rubber22
Lum-Tec Super Combat B1 Luminouos Men's Watch
PriceN/ASwiss Quartz45SapphireAnalogLum-Tec100Nylon NATO and Leather24
Lum-Tec M56 Luminous Swiss Quartz Men's Watch
PriceN/ASwiss Quartz44SapphireAnalogLum-Tec300Stainles Steel<br />Rubber</br />Leather24
Lum-Tec Lumzilla LZ5 MDV Technology Luminous Chronograph Watch
PriceN/ASwiss Quartz48SapphireAnalogLum-Tec100Leather26
Lum-Tec LTV6 Mens V-Series Automatic Watch
PriceN/ASwiss Quartz44SapphireAnalogLum-Tec100Stainless Steel22
Lum-Tec M36 Chronograph Men's Watch
PriceN/ASwiss Quartz44SapphireAnalogLum-Tec100Leather24
Lum-Tec M59 Luminous Swiss Quartz Men's Watch
$5Swiss Quartz44SapphireAnalogLum-Tec300Leather<br />Rubber<br />Stainless Steel24
Lum-Tec M48 Chronograph Luminous Men's Watch
PriceN/AJapanese Quartz44SapphireAnalogLum-Tec100Leather<br />Rubber<br />Stainless Steel24
Lum-Tec Combat B7 Carbon Fiber Automatic Luminous Watch
PriceN/ASwiss Quartz43SapphireAnalogLum-Tec100Nylon NATO and Leather22
Lum-Tec M60 Luminous Swiss Quartz Men's Watch
$4Swiss Ronda 515.24H44SapphireAnalogLum-Tec300Leather<br />Rubber<br />Stainless Steel24
Seiko Men's SNK809 "Seiko 5" Automatic Watch with Black Canvas Strap
$4.1Japanese Automatic37HardlexAnalogSeiko30Canvas18
Seiko Men's SNN241 Stainless Steel Watch with Leather Band
$4.6Japanese Quartz43HardlexAnalogSeiko100Leather22
Seiko Men's SGG709 Titanium Watch
$4.4Japanese Quartz37HardlexAnalogSeiko50Titanium20
Seiko Men's SKS401 Analog Display Japanese Quartz Silver Watch
$4.7Japanese Quartz42HardlexAnalogSeiko100Stainless Steel20
Seiko Men's SNK793 "Seiko 5" Stainless Steel Blue Dial Automatic Watch
$4.1Japanese Automatic38HardlexAnalogSeiko30Stainless Steel17
Seiko Men's SNN079P2 Cloth Strap Watch
$4.2Japanese Quartz40HardlexAnalogSeiko100Cloth20
Seiko Men's SSC081 Adventure-Solar Classic Casual Watch
$4.5Japanese Quartz41HardlexAnalogSeiko100Leather Calfskin21
Seiko Men's SKA366 Stainless Steel Two-Tone Kinetic Dress Watch
$4.7Date39HardlexAnalogSeiko100Stainless Steel20.5
Seiko Men's SNK805 Seiko 5 Automatic Green Canvas Strap Casual Watch
$4.2Japanese Automatic36MineralAnalogSeiko30Cloth18
Seiko Men's SNDC33 Classic Black Leather Black Chronograph Dial Watch
$4.4Japanese Quartz40HardlexAnalogSeiko100Leather Calfskin20
Seiko Men's SNK807 Seiko 5 Automatic Blue Canvas Strap Watch
$4.1Japanese Automatic37HardlexAnalogSeiko30Canvas17
Seiko Men's SNA411 Flight Alarm Chronograph Watch
$4.4Japanese Quartz44HardlexAnalogSeiko200Stainless Steel21
Seiko Men's SNE039 Stainless Steel Solar Watch
$4.4Japanese Quartz37HardlexAnalogSeiko30Stainless Steel19
Seiko Men's SNE042 Stainless Steel Solar Watch
$4.7Japanese Quartz36HardlexAnalogSeiko30Stainless Steel18
MARATHON WW194013 Men's Navigator Date Black Watch
$4.5Swiss Quartz42.80AcrylicAnalogMarathon67Nylon20
MARATHON WW194003 Men's General Purpose Mechanical Black Watch
$4Swiss Quartz34AcrylicAnalogMarathon30Nylon16
MARATHON WW194013 Men's Navigator Date Black Watch
$4.5Swiss Quartz42.80AcrylicAnalogMarathon67Nylon20
MARATHON WW194001 Men's Navigator Pilot's Black Watch
$4Swiss Quartz41AcrylicAnalogMarathon67Nylon20

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