Traser P5900: The Best Entry-Level Tritium Illuminated Watch

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G-Shock military-inpsired watches may dominate the recommendation list of tough military watches. But recently, I’ve discovered what appeared to be the industry’s best kept secret.

A small company of 80 employees with strong root in the making of luminous paint, has been making fantastic tactical military watches. It goes under the label of traser H3.

Given the sheer smallness of the company definitely raises plenty of doubt back in the mind of tough watch afficionados. But don’t rule them out or you’ll not know what you’re missing. Especially when you’re looking for an excellent military watch!

Inventor of Gaseous Tritium Light Source (GTLS)

Trigalight is what this invention better known for. It is one of the most advanced illumination technologies found today’s watches.

Compared to the standard illumination, Trigalight has at least few advantages. First, it needs no battery or external sources of energy to operate. This takes your worry off recharging and servicing. Second, it operates naturally unlike some that requires button push to trigger. Third, it glows permanently at 100x brighter than normal illumination and it has a guaranteed lifespan of 10 years.

You won’t believe it, will you? I did not and only changed my conviction after seeing it with my own eyes. But for the sake of curiousity, you can visit the following page to compare the luminosity brightness of watches when powered by Trigalight compared to non-Trigalight illumination.

If there is anything impressive about the traser watches, it has to be their illumination power more than anything else.

If your job requires you to stay underground for prolonged period of time, this is probably the only technology that is good enough for your case. From underground miners to marine conservation diver, this is probably the solution that we’ve all been waiting for!

Traser trigalight brightness comparisonTraser Trigalight color chart

Best Entry-Level Tritium Watch

For someone who’s looking for a watch that offers no-nonsense vision in the dark, Tritium illumination is definitely what you want to be looking at. But there is one problem and it’s a major one.

Tritium watches are not cheap! Take for example Lum-Tec M55. It costs no less than $500.

Compare that with traser P5900 Type 3. It costs no more than a quarter of the Lum-Tec M55. But of course, aside from the illumination feature, don’t expect the traser P5900 to take on M55 in any way.

As an entry-level model, traser P5900 is only equipped with mineral crystal and polyester case. Any rugged watch enthusiast understands that this is not the best material to make a tough watch.

If you’ve just destroyed your watch during an assignment and don’t wish to see the same fate with your next watch, then you may want to skip watches made of such materials. You need to go for watches made of tougher sapphire crystal and more durable stainless steel or titanium materials.

Is traser P5900 Your Choice?

When you’re weighing your options, make sure you’re clear about the choices. traser P5900 is just an entry-level watch that comes with no bells and whistles found in more expensive watches.

If you need a watch that works flawlessly in the dark and you have small budget allocated for that, this might be about the best you can get at its low price point.

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