Is Traser P6506 Commander a Really Superior Military Watch?

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Traser P6506 Commander Military Titanium Watch Review

To our heroes in uniform, a military watch is an important piece of equipment. It needs to be tough and reliable, while not being so heavy that it obstructs the movement of the user.

The best military watch would combine all three elements with extra features like illumination. It’s important to research these watches carefully, because at the higher end, they can cost hundreds of dollars. That kind of price tag proves to be prohibitive to some.

But price aside, if the watch fails at a critical time, more is at stake than just the price of the watch. Losing the use of a watch can be critical when wandering around alone at night in the woods or when diving.

While G-Shock military-inspired watches may be the most popular among servicemen and women, Traser has recently emerged as increasingly attractive alternative, particularly among those who don’t wish to bump into someone else with the exact same watch.

Traser P6506 Commander Military Titanium watch is one of the more often talkabout alternative. How worthy as a tough watch contender it is? Let’s find out.

What Makes Traser P6506 a Great Watch

Designed for Servicemen and Women

Traser P6506 watch is aimed at military servicemen and women. It has a brushed titanium case that is 43 millimeters in width and a standard 22-millimeter nylon NATO band.

The dial window is sapphire crystal, which is scratch resistant and very durable. The movement is a Swiss Ronda 175 quartz. The watch is black with tritium illumination. It is rated water resistant to 600 feet.

It fulfills two of the necessary conditions for being the best military watch for its price range right away by using the durable materials of titanium and sapphire crystal. The potential weak point is the nylon strap, which might need replacement under prolonged rough use.

The Commander is also lightweight, another point in its favor. The tritium illumination is of good quality, staying lit for as long as it needs to during the night. If visibility in the dark is really important to you, you may want to consider Luminox 3180 Navy SEAL Colormark or Lumtec M55.

Trigalight illumination in Traser P 6506 Commander ForceTraser P 6506 Commander Force

It’s not an Ornamental Watch!

Being a military-grade watch, the Traser Commander needs to stand up to rough conditions and a variety of environments. This is not an ornamental watch, in either its design or its purpose. Buying this watch expecting luxurious wrist candy will lead to disappointment. But to rugged watch lovers, its rugged looks gives it a certain visual appeal.

It’s easy to make this watch into a daily user due to its toughness and versatility. It’s true that it is marketed as a watch for the military, but anyone who goes through a lot of potentially hazardous travel, like hikers, climbers, swimmers, or similar would benefit from the hardiness of the build quality.

In addition, the Commander’s illumination also makes it a good choice for anyone who needs a good nighttime watch, like photographers or hunters. I am not surprised to see that this watch as earned a reputation as the best military watch among actual military professionals.

The build quality is excellent. The features are no more and no less than what the military needs, and in particular the light weight makes it suitable for a plethora of missions.

A Final Look

This watch has won praises and recommendation from both military professionals and hobbyists or amateurs who spend a lot of time roughing it. Even more so is among those who need a reliable night watch.

Although it is not marketed as a diving watch, the Traser Commander is meant to be water resistant for 600 feet. I consider the Commander a strong jack of all trades watch. It’s not the best watch for diving, or navigation, or ornamentation, but good enough to do anything and strong enough to last for years with rough use anywhere on Earth,

So, do you think Traser P6506 Commander Titanium Watch is packed with all the right stuffs to be your battlefield gear? If you’re still unsure, be sure to check out which watches are most coveted among military professionals.

Photo courtesy of The US Army

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