The watch that Danica Patrick is wearing on her wrist

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Danica Patrick began her racing career at the age of 10, when she began go-carting. From there, her experiences with racing have continued to grow, showcasing her amazing ability behind the wheel.

Danica Patrick has become known worldwide for her feats in racing, including the designation that she earned in 2005 when she became the first woman to lead a lap of the Indianapolis 500. Her abilities also helped her in 2009, when she finished 3rd, which is the best finish that any female driver has ever achieved in this prestigious race.

Probably the Best Female Racer

In 2010, Danica broadened her horizons by making the jump to Nascar racing, where she was able to finish higher than any other woman in history at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. While Danica has a rather rocky season in her rookie Sprint Cup Series, she does not let it bother her. Her goal right now is to learn, and continue to improve her skills so that she can once again reach the superstar status she earned in other forms of racing.

Even with her disappointing finishes as of late, this has not stopped her from garnering some great sponsorships, one of which is the pioneering watchmaker Tissot. Tissot was founded in 1853, and has become widely respected as a creator of high tech timepieces that incorporate advanced functionality and special materials into their watches to create some of the highest quality pieces available. The difference between this company and other prestigious watchmakers is that Tissot strives to provide their high quality luxury at a price that is significantly more affordable than any of the other Swiss watch brands available.

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The Tough Watch on Patrick’s Wrist

Patrick has been a brand ambassador for Tissot for quite some time, and they continually provide her with classic designs that can handle the rigors of racing, while still maintaining their quality and timekeeping abilities. Danica’s most recent Tissot watch is the Tissot PRC 200, a classically designed timepiece that combines elegance and sportiness effortlessly.

The Tissot PRC 200 is a limited edition watch that features counters and a tachymeter that belie its more athletic nature. However, the white leather strap and elegant dial give this watch an elegance that makes it equally fitting at the hottest gala as it is behind the wheel of a racecar. The watch also incorporates Danica’s car number 7 along with her logo on the back of the case. This engraved design also features Super-LumiNova® properties that ensure that it will shine in even the darkest of conditions.

This Tissot watch also features a scratch resistant sapphire crystal, a quartz movement, and is water resistant up to 200 m/660 ft. There are also orange details such as the number 7 and other accents that pay homage to Danica’s racing colors so there can be no doubt that this watch was made just for her. There are only 4,999 of the Tissot PRC 200 available, so you might find it a bit difficult to get one of your own.

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