White G-Shock Collection: Tough & Beautiful in White

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The color white carries with it many good or positive meanings. It is a color that symbolizes purity, perfection and simplicity. If you love white watches and you are a fanatic about tough watches, then you would definitely be looking for white G-Shock watches.

Rather than going through each G-Shock model and try to find out if the white model is available, it is good to approach your search from different direction. Bottom up. Top down. Or whatever you may call it.

I have handpicked 3 best-selling white G-Shock models. My criteria for picking the G-Shock white winner is simple. The construction of the list is made up three steps. First, I have drawn a list of all the white G-Shock models that are available on the market today. In total, there are close to 30 white G-Shock watches. Once I have the list ready, the second step is to hunt for customer reviews and ratings for each model. Next to each white G-Shock model in the list, I list down its average rating, number of feedbacks and break down the positive and negative feedback. At this stage, the task is to filter only the watches with good reviews. At the end of the second stage, the list is down to 15. The third and final stage is to introduce the price factor. All the white G-Shock watches that make it to this last stage are generally popular. So, the final stage is to let the price decide which model is the best value for money. Below is the final list of the Top 10 G-Shock white watches.


At the top of the list is the G8900DGK-7. G-Shock G8900DGK-7 is one of the most recently released limited edition watches in celebration of G-Shock’s 30th Anniversary. This watch is another fine collaboration from G-Shock and Steve Williams-founded DGK (a.k.a. Dirty Ghetto Kids). Steve Williams is a street skateboarder and he is among the world’s most influential skaters. The G8900DGK-7 features a white resin band with a hint of purple accents on its casing. The color combination and neutral face design makes it one of the most beautiful white G-Shock watches that I have ever seen. At the time of its launch, the MSRP of this G-Shock white master time piece G8900DGK-7 was $130. But given its limited availability, my last check at Amazon seems to indicate that this G-Shock white watch model is now retailing at a price much higher than its MSRP.

I’m not talking only the best white G-Shock watch out there. I bet you can find any other white watch from any other brands that can match the stunning beauty of the DW6900NB-7. The DW6900NB-7 is high on simplicity and it looks casually stylish. The face dial of the DW6900NB-7 is black in color, giving it the most beautiful contrast between the white resin and black dial.

#2: G-Shock White GA110C-7A

The GA110C-7A is a G-Shock white watch that belongs to the Classic X-Large G series. If you are looking for a watch that is big, sturdy but minus to clumsy look, the GA110C-7A is your option. But despite its great design and appearance, the low down of the GA110C-7A is its poor dial contrast. A mixture of black, white monotone and grey color decorate the strap and casing of the GA110C-7A. The LED illumination that is part of the GA110C-7A has also received poor marks from users who have bought this watch.

#3: G8900A-7

If you have been frustrated that all the watches have so far been too small to fit into your wrist, try G-Shock G8900A-7. The G8900A-7 is a G-Shock white model that is built using the large case 8900 series. The diameter of G8900A-7 is 55mm or 20% larger than the 46mm of normal wrist watches. But if your current G-Shock watches are fitting well into your wrist, you might want to take note of the size of this watch. Not everyone would feel comfortable wearing the G8900A-7, but if you do, good for you. The G8900A-7 is an awesome creation from the guys at G-Shock.

Whoever says tough watches cannot be white, they must have not seen the white G-Shock collection from Casio G-Shock. If you are still craving for more tough white watches, Casio has recently added white into their G-Shock military inspired series.

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